How to Open Temp files(.tmp, .temp) on Android and PC? 2024 Tutorial

How to open Temp files on Android

We find a file with an extension like .tmp, or .temp while surfing files and folders on file manager. But what kind of files are they? We'll look at it later.

But, you can't open this file easily. You'll need a specific file manager or temp file opener app on Android OS.

Don't worry we'll see each and every step and method to open the Temporary files on Android and Windows. So, Let's get started with this tutorial!

    How to Locate and Open Temp Files on Android?

    There are many types of temporary files, here in this guide, we're only opening 2 types.

    But first, locate those files in your Internal or external storage.

    Locate Temporary files

    What is the location of system temp files and application-specific temporary files? You'll find the system temp files under path - Android > data > local > tmp

    For App-specific temporary file location, check this path - Android > data > com.[application_name].[App_dev_name] > Cache > [Temp_folder]

    It is not necessary that for every app, you'll find the temp folder under the cache directory.

    Open the Temporary files

    I. General temp files - These files are general temporary files that are created to support any application program. They are used while performing any task of the program.

    You can open and edit them by using a simple text viewer or notepad. Just Rename the .tmp file with the extension .txt, that's it!

    II. Corrupted Temp files - As we've seen temporary files are created by Programs, but sometimes Android OS creates/converts/corrupts general files like JPG, PNG, or MP4 into temp files.

    Those files are not actual temporary files, these files are just corrupted files by the Android system.

    You can open them easily according to their original file type. Rename the file with its original extension like .jpeg, .png, .mp3, .mkv, .mp4, etc.

    For this task, you'll need a File manager. Open the corrupted file with any advanced file manager like X-plore, FX File Manager, ES File Explorer, etc.

    Otherwise, you can try 3rd party temp file opener apps available on the Google Play store. Download it and open the file with that app. It also works like a charm!

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    How to access Temp Internet files on your Android device?

    You can access the temporary internet files from the cache folder of your internet browser data directory.

    In my case, I'm using an Android 13. I'm not able to use the temporary Internet files 

    1. First, open the Internal storage using any special privilege file explorers like X-Plore, or ES File explorer

    internet temporary files folder android

    2. Follow this path - Internal storage > data > com. opera.browser (you_browser_folder) > cache

    3. You'll find the temporary files under that cache folder

    If your device has Android version 10+, it is most likely that you'll not be able to access those files even though you can see the Cache folder.

    How to locate Facebook temp files on the Android system?

    Due to the restriction by Android 11 for accessing internal files of apps and systems, we don't have privileges to open those directories.

    But, we can use 3rd party file managers like ES file manager or X-plore. Now once you have installed any other file manager, please follow the below steps:

    1. Open the X-Plore and follow the path - Android > data > com.facebook.katana > Cache

    Xplore - Facebook app temp file location

    2. You'll find the fb_temp folder, which is the subdirectory that contains all the Facebook temporary files.

    How to open the .tmp file in Excel?

    When we try to open the .tmp file in Microsoft Excel, it doesn't open in Excel. Then you can try this method, which we're going to share with you.

    First, Right-click on the file and select "Open with" Excel. Check whether it is accessible with Excel.

    Sometimes it throws an error message like "it is corrupted, located on a server that is not responding".

    Excel error message - Temp file on Excel

    Leave it. Rename it with any Excel-supported file extension i.e. remove the file extension .tmp and add .xls.

    Now, try to open it. Still facing the issue in the opening, then it means the Temp file is not supported for Excel.

    You can't open it with Excel. You can try to open it with Word with the same method.

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    How to Convert the .tmp file to .mp4 android?

    As I said earlier, these temporary files are modified by the Android system. You can easily convert it into mp3 or mp4 according to its original file type.

    • Install any multipurpose File manager, and locate the file on the file manager.
    • Now, navigate to that file and rename the file with its real file extension.
    • That means If the original file extension is MP4 then remove the .temp or .tmp and add '.mp4'.

    It will rename the file and convert the file into its original file type i.e. mp4. This is how you can convert the .tmp file to .mp4 on your Android device.

    .tmp file recovery - How to recover the .tmp file?

    How do I recover temporary files on Android? Yes, you can recover the .tmp file on Android and Windows systems. You just need to know the purpose of the file which means, why the file was created?

    If it is created by a program or application, then it is created to store data and you can do anything with this file.

    If the file is generated from other files like photos and media files, then it's not an actual temporary file.

    It is corrupted by your operating system due to some misfunctioning or any other reason and you can recover those files easily.

    Read the previous method to recover the .tmp file from .mp4. You'll get an idea about how to recover the temporary files.


    How to play a .tmp video file on Android?

    As explained earlier, first convert the .tmps file into a video file format like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, or WMV as per the original file type of the file.

    If you don't know the original file type of the video file, then try each and every file type mentioned. It will work!

    How long do they stay on an Android device?

    Some files get deleted after use. But, most of the files will remain forever in your data storage directory of the Android system.

    How do I open the Whatsapp temporary files in Android?

    WhatsApp generated temporary files like Backup, cache, message DB, etc. You'll find the Whatsapp temp files under Android/data/<Application_folder>/cache and Android/media/com.Whatsapp/Whatsapp/Databases

    Now, delete the cache and database files. In the database folder, you can delete everything except the latest database backup.