3 ways to Bold or Italicize text on any Android?

We all love to beautify and make our android look cool. Bolding and Italicizing the Text is one of the things to decorate and make your android theme look cool. How to use italics on android?

Follow the given tutorial to make your android device Font Italics and Bold or change the font style according to your choice.

    How to Italicize or Bold the text on an Android device?

    If your OS theme has an option, you can make your font Italics and Bold using your OS Settings(Especially on some Samsung phones). If not, then you can try the following options.

    1. Install the app called zFont from Google Playstore.

    2. Open it and scroll down till you find the Stylish section.

    3. Open it and check for any Italic or Bold font. (you can refer to the given screenshot)

    Italics font on zFont for android

    4. Now, select that font and Download it.

    5. Select the Set option, which will pop up in the window with a list of different devices.

    6. Select the appropriate device model OEM like Samsung or Oppo, etc.

    7. Select the Theme Font option and then follow the instructions

    8. After that, restart your device to apply the changes.

    If the previous method doesn't work, then you can try the following steps

    1. Select the Support dai characters option(after step 6 of the previous method) and install the font.

    2. Now, head toward your android settings and select Language and region to Myanmar.

    3. Now, you will find the Support dai characters option under Display & Brightness, select and apply it.

    4. It will change your font with the selected font! Enjoy your Italics or Bold font.

    Italicize Samsung phone

    Italicizing Samsung has the same method as explained earlier. You just need to select the device model as Samsung.

    Then follow the given Instructions, different OEMs have different steps to Italicize the Text.

    How to Italicize on the android keyboard?

    How to type in Italics on the keyboard? - Italicizing the text on an android keyboard is quite hard to do. 

    You can't do it directly using the android keyboard. It doesn't allow you to make text bold or italic.

    Some android applications support Italicizing or making text Bold using an Android keyboard. You can try these steps -

    1. Press and hold the Text and then select the More option.
    2. Choose Bold, Italics, or Strikethrough options.

    You have to do it using other applications, either you can do it using the 3rd party keyboards or else use Word processing apps like MS Office Word mobile or Google docs.

    Italicize text using Google Docs on android

    Italicizing the text is used by Google Docs is one of the best ways to Italicize your text and use it anywhere you want. You can use it on Social media like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Even Text Messages also. 

    Google's Messages and Apple's iMessage both apps support Italicized and Bold text.

    1. Just open your Google Docs or any other word processor
    2. Type any Keyword or text you want to Italicize
    3. Select that text or sentence
    4. Now, choose the Italics option from the Menu

    Dang! You have converted standard Text into Italic Text, You can copy and use it anywhere you want.

    How to Italicize emojis on android?

    Italicizing the emojis doesn't make sense, but you can download Font Emoji packs.

    Use zFont on your android device and apply the Emoji pack which is slightly tilted like Italic letters.

    Then Select Set it and restart your device.

    How to type in Italics or Bold on WhatsApp?

    If you've changed your smartphone's font into Italics, it will only be visible on your smartphone. You can't send your text message in Italics on WhatsApp.

    To send a WhatsApp message with Italics, you've typed '_' before and after the word or sentence, e.g. _Italics_ will result in Italics.

    Just like Italics, you can type Bold letters with '*' character, just put it before and after the word. e.g. *BOLD* will result in BOLD.

    How to type in Italics on Instagram?

    If you're from those seeking an Italics option on Instagram, then there is one bad message for you. Instagram doesn't have such an option that will make text Bold or Italics.

    You'll need to generate italics from the online Italic text generator tool, then you can use or Type that generated Italics in the Instagram story, Post, Reel description, etc.

    One of the best Italics text generator tools is Lingojam. It will create different types of Italic characters.

    Conclusion on Italicizing Android

    Italicizing or Making the text Bold on android is quite tricky on android, you'll need to do it using 3rd party application. 

    You can't do it using Android's In-Built feature. If your launcher or theme allows it, then only you can make your Text looks like Italic text.

    We've given a detailed article on how to Bold or Italicize text and different ways if you fail to do it using 3rd party app called zFont.

    If you've any suggestions or Queries regarding tutorials, please let us know through the comment section.

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