3 Ways to use Visa or Mastercard Gift cards on steam! 2023 Guide

Can you use visa gift cards on steam

Can you use Visa Gift cards on Steam? Yes, you can use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on Steam to buy anything!

There are some people who claim that it doesn't work anymore. But, those are false claims. We tried it on our end and it got added to Steam for us.

Still, you get issues while adding your Gift card in Steam Payment methods, please refer Fix guide section of this Tutorial.

We've also shared techniques on how to use a Visa or Mastercard gift card, and how to transfer money and add it to a steam account or Wallet in this tutorial.

    Can we use a Visa Gift card on Steam?

    First of all, we'll check the Steam policy on the usage of the Visa Gift card. As per Steam Payment policy, you can use Credit/Debit cards, Prepaid cards, promotional codes (Steam Gift cards or Redeem codes), PayPal, etc.

    It is clearly mentioned that Steam supports Prepaid cards, and Visa Gift card falls under the Prepaid Gift Card category.

    How to use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on steam?

    Adding the Payment method to the Steam platform isn't very headache-giving work.

    But, if you want to add or use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on steam, you may face difficulties.

    So, this post can help you to add and use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on Steam.

    I. Use a Visa or Mastercard gift card on the steam website

    1. First, log in to your Steam account and head toward the My Account section

    Use a visa gift card on steam website

    2. Under Account details, add your payment details to this account to add funds from the Visa gift card

    Can you use visa gift cards on steam?

    3. Select the Visa or Mastercard under Please select a payment method & fill in the Gift card details form, then submit it

    4. Now first, Register your Visa or Mastercard gift card by just putting in the requested details

    Register your Visa gift card

    5. You'll receive the Steam money Points/Tokens in your Steam account

    Add money to steam wallet

    6. Go back to the Account details section and select the "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet" option. This will add money to your Steam account

    Can you use visa gift cards on steam?

    7. Choose the Amount that you want to Redeem from the Visa or Mastercard gift card

    II. Use a visa gift card on the Steam Mobile app

    If you are using Steam in the Android app, then you can go for the following steps.

    1. Open the Steam Android app and follow the path (Store>Account Details) under the Hamburger menu

    Use a visa gift card on steam app

    2. Select the "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet" option from the Accounts details page

    Use a visa gift card on steam app

    3. Add the amount that you want

    If you want to know, how to add a Credit card to steam. We've also written an article on that.

    An alternative way to use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on steam

    If the previous method isn't working for your case, then you can use it. There are two other ways to use a Visa or Mastercard gift card on Steam.

    Method 1: Using 3rd party tools:

    1. First download the Paid2cash app and register on the account

    2. Then select the scan option to scan the Visa or Mastercard Gift card

    3. It will scan the gift card and then choose a payment method

    For more details continue with this article - How to exchange a google play gift card for steam?

    Method 2: Exchanging the Visa or Mastercard Gift card with the Steam gift card

    There is another simplest way to reuse your Visa or Mastercard Gift card and add the money to your Steam wallet!

    Here, you've to Visit Walmart, Target, or any Gift card retailer(Online or offline) and purchase a Steam Gift card using Visa or Mastercard Gift Card as your Payment method.

    All major Gift card retailers accept Visa or Mastercard Gift cards as their Payment methods. It's that simple to do!

    How to use multiple Visa or Mastercard Gift cards on steam?

    We can only add one card to the steam account at a time. We can't use them simultaneously.

    Instead, we can try to add Funds to the Steam wallet using the first Visa Gift card and then we'll remove that Gift card to add a new Gift card to fund the Steam wallet again.

    In this way, we'll add money to the Steam wallet from countless Prepaid Gift cards and we can use that combined money to buy anything from the Steam store.

    How to verify a Visa or Mastercard gift card on Steam

    Visa or Mastercard gift card on steam verification is the same as Credit card verification on Steam. Just like you add and perform the Verification for Credit cards, you've to do it in the same manner as the Gift card.

    Most people experience visa or Mastercard gift card declined errors after adding the gift card. The reason behind the decline is the Empty balance on the gift card.

    Try to add at least US$ 5 to your Visa or Mastercard gift card and then add it to Steam. So, while the Verification process you will not face issues.

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    [FIX] - Visa or Mastercard gift card not working on steam

    If you're facing while adding a Visa or Mastercard gift card, verifying a Visa or Mastercard gift card on Steam, or Visa or Mastercard gift card declined, you probably have to do the following things. 

    There are a few fixes that you can use to resolve Visa or Mastercard gift card issues. This may help you to fix the issues.

    1. Use an Activated Prepaid Gift card

    First, check whether the Gift card is activated or not. Mostly, people try to add Prepaid gift cards without activating them.

    2. Put the correct Card details

    You haven't entered the correct details under the Payment details on Steam. Try to add the Zip code of your city which is registered with your Gift card.

    Check and make it correct, then try to use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card.

    3. Check if the Card is expired or Redeemed before

    Check that the Visa or Mastercard Gift card is expired or Redeemed? You can't use expired or previously redeemed Gift cards on the Steam platform.

    4. Use the Mastercard option with a Visa Gift card

    This could be Game changer move for you. It may fix the Visa Gift card not working issues in Steam.

    Just try to add a Visa Gift card with the Mastercard option as the Gift card payment gateway method selected.

    Just like Steam, we can also use Visa gift cards on another gaming platform - Xbox.

    Still not able to use your Visa Gift card, please refer to the alternative methods which we've explained in this tutorial.


    How to use a Visa or Mastercard gift card on Ubisoft?

    How to use a Visa or Mastercard gift card on Ubisoft? Wait, does Ubisoft supports Visa or Mastercard gift cards? Ubisoft supports Debit or Credit cards as payment methods.

    If Debit and Credit cards are supported, then consider that gift cards will also going to support inside Ubisoft.

    Can you use a Vanilla Visa Gift card on Steam?

    Steam does support Vanilla Visa Gift cards to add to a Steam wallet or Account.

    What Prepaid Gift cards does Steam accept?

    Steam accepts a wide variety of Prepaid Gift cards like PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Vanilla, Discover, and many more.

    If you want a detailed guide on how to use all types of gift cards on Steam, refer to this article as it covers all topics on the use of Visa or Mastercard gift cards on Steam.

    Does steam accept debit cards?

    Steam accepts a wide variety of cards like Credit cards, Gift cards, Steam cards, etc. Just like these cards, you can also use a Debit card on Steam to make game purchases.

    Can you use a target visa or Mastercard gift card on steam?

    Steam supports almost all popular Debit, Credit, and Gift cards. Target Visa or Mastercard gift cards are also supported on the Steam platform whether it is Received or manually added.

    Can I use a Prepaid Visa or Mastercard card on Steam?

    Yes. You can use a Prepaid visa or Mastercard card, as it is also a Prepaid card like Debit and Credit cards. So, we can use Visa or Mastercard Prepaid cards Steam.

    Can you use Vanilla Prepaid Card Online?

    Vanilla manufactures several types of Prepaid cards like Gift cards, Debit cards, and Credit cards. All the vanilla prepaid cards are usable online. You can use them on multiple platforms like Steam, Amazon, Paypal, etc.


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can add and use a Visa or Mastercard gift card to your Steam account. You'll just need to follow the given steps.

    This guide also contains Detailed explanations & Fixes for Visa or Mastercard gift cards not working on the steam problem.

    If you've any queries regarding using Visa or Mastercard gift cards on Steam, you can contact us through the comment box. So, we can help you to solve your problem!