How to Transfer Google Play balance or credit to PayPal, Bank, or Google pay wallet?

How to transfer Google Play balance or Credit to Bank account, Amazon, PayPal or Paytm

Do you have a Google Play balance in your Google Play account and want to know How to Transfer Google Play balance or Credit to your Bank account, Paypal, and UPI like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paytm

Most people use Google opinion rewards and after Google Play balance reaches its threshold credit amount, they transfer this money to Google Play balance. Which they can use to make a purchase of any app or in-app feature.

But very less people know, how can we transfer play balance funds to their bank and UPI accounts.

I have shared this detailed guide about How to transfer Google Play balance or Credit to your Amazon, Paypal, or Paytm.

    How to transfer Google Play balance to a Bank account or Google Pay

    There are many ways to transfer the Google play balance to a bank account, PayPal, or any other wallet.

    Method 1:

    For android devices, follow the below steps.

    1. Open the Google play store and select Payments & subscriptions.
    2. Then under Payments & subscriptions, choose Payment Methods.
    3. then after that, you'll find Google play balance with your current money option.
    4. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw or transfer to your bank account and confirm the payment.
    5. At last, select the Transfer button.

    For the web version of google play store on Desktop devices, follow these steps

    1. Open and sign up into the google play store.
    2. Open the Payments section from accounts & settings.
    3. then open google play balance and click on the transfer google play balance button.
    4. Enter the amount and proceed.
    5. Click on the Transfer button to send you Google play money to your bank account through Google play the web version.

    If still, you are not able to transfer the google play balance, then try 2nd method. It will defiantly help you.

    Method 2:

    1) First of all, search query Transfer google play balance or Google play balance transfer on the Google Play store & Download any app you want (I'll suggest you, download an app that has high ratings). Register with a new account.

    How to transfer Google Play balance or Credit to Bank or Paypal

    2) Select the amount that you want to transfer and Tap on the EXCHANGE button.

    Enter the amount you want ot transfer

    3) Select the Payout method as Local Bank Transfer to transfer money into your bank.

    4) If you want to send money to Paytm, Google Pay, or Phone pe, select the relevant option from the dropdown.

    select payout method as Bank transfer select payout method as UPI transfer

    5) Now select the payment method as Google Play balance from the option is shown in the screenshot.

    Pay using Google Play balance

    6) Now it will process the payment and You will receive the payment within 3 to 30 days. I will not suggest you, send money more than ₹500 or 10 US$ at a time.

    Google Play balance payment received

    For the US residents

    For the United States, we have the option to send Google Play Balance or credit through email in the play store.

    We can buy and send Gift cards to another account with google play credit.

    1) Just open the Play store and tap on the hamburger menu. There will be an option called "Send gifts".

    2) Now Open that and you can send 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 $USD using email.

    If this method doesn't work for you, then you can send money using the EXCHANGE Rewards app method which I explained earlier in this post.

    Transfer Google Play balance or credit for US, Canada & UK

    Here I'll suggest you, install the Cashout app. It works pretty well for US people.

    Disclaimer: - All of these methods Actually work, But do it at your risk! We have received money using all the techniques, as We have shared all Screenshots! Also, keep in mind that you will not get all of the amounts. The App will deduct some money!

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    How to transfer Google Play balance to Amazon?

    As we have explained how to transfer google play balance previously, you can also send it to Amazon. You can use Google Play balance or credit to purchase an Amazon Kindle book, Amazon Prime & Music subscription.

    But you can't purchase any physical amazon products. Amazon only allows users to purchase any product using either cash or by using E-payments.

    If you want to buy any Amazon subscription using Google Play balance, follow the steps.

    1) Open Amazon Prime, Kindle, or Music app. Select the app the feature or the Premium that you want to buy.

    2) Proceed to pay and enter Google Play sift card redeem code there. Done!

    Open on the below link and register to get the first 3-month Free subscription.


    We have also written other methods to use google play gift cards on amazon, refer to them also.

    Transfer Google Play balance to PayPal

    Most people say that transferring Google play balance or credit to Paypal is an Impossible task to do. But I've one method that actually works!

    But keep it in your mind that you can't transfer money from Google Play balance to Paypal directly. 

    First, we'll need to transfer the money to UPI or Bank account. Then we can send it to our Paypal account.

    1) First of all, follow the previous method to send money from the Play balance to any UPI or bank account.

    2) Now If you have transferred money to your Bank account then Open the Paypal app, link this bank account, and add the money to Paypal.

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    How to use Google Play balance?

    Google Play balance is the best way to purchase premium features, In-game Cash, or to do In-app purchases.

    Here are some ways to use Google Play Balance:

    1. You can use it to purchase any Game or app from Google Play Store. Just search the Game or app and Tap on Purchase.

    How to use Google Play balance?How to use Google Play balance?

    2. You can use it for In-app or In-game purchases. Some games and apps offer coins or cash that will let you keep continue using that app's functionality.

    3. As we know Youtube is Google's product. So, we can also use Google play balance to purchase Movies or buy any subscription on Youtube.

    Otherwise, you can transfer your amount to your Bank account, PayPal Account, Google Pay, or any other digital wallet like Paytm.

    How to transfer Google Play Balance to iPhone?

    First of all, make it clear where to transfer the money? You can either transfer it to Digital balance or to any iPhone wallet app?

    You can easily transfer to digital wallets like Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon pay, Paypal. 

    1. First, get an android phone.

    2. Transfer it to a Bank account using the Android app that we have mentioned in this article.

    3. Then transfer it from a bank account to your iPhone's Paypal or any other Wallet app.

    How to transfer Google Play Balance to another google account?

    Actually, you can't transfer your Google Play Balance to another account directly like PayPal and others.

    If you have a Child account for Google Play Balance, then you can transfer its amount directly to another account (Parent account).

    It's because children can't manage their Payments and amount transactions, so Google has given rights to account holders to transfer amounts to their accounts.

    So, what you have to do here is Change your google account Birthdate or Age and transfer the money to your account. 

    1. Open your Google account on the Web browser and Change your age to 17.

    2. Now Google Play store will recognize you as a child and will grant permission to transfer the Google play balance or credit.

    3. Login with another account or create a new account as a Family manager account. 

    4. Open Family Manager & Fill in all the accounts details. 

    5. Now open the Play store and select your account profile. Then select 'Manage Family members' from the Hemberger menu.

    6. Add the accounts and click Transfer Play Balance then fill in the details.

    That's it! It's a very simple process to do by using which you can actually transfer Google Play balance to another google account.

    Best way to spend google play credit

    What are the best ways to spend or use google play credit? Actually, you have dozens of ways to use your stuck Google Play balance or credit.

    1. Transfer Google play balance to a Bank account or Digital wallet - It is the best way to use your Google play balance. You can transfer your Credit or balance to Digital wallets like Paypal, Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. 

    2. Buy Google products & services - You can buy any of the google products & services like Movies, Music, Books, Apps, & Games using a Play balance or credit.

    3. Convert Google play balance into Gift Card - You can convert play balance to Gift card and send it by using Email.

    For each method, we have shared a tutorial for that in this article, you can refer to this as well.

    Can I Transfer Google Play balance or Credit money to a bank, Digital wallet like Paypal, Google Pay, or Paytm?

    Yes. You can Transfer the Google Play balance or credit money to any bank or Digital wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or Paypal. For the method, follow the given steps in this article.

    Why can't I use my google play balance?

    You can use Google play balance from your account or by transferring it to your bank or PayPal account or any other digital wallet.

    Here in this article, we have given a tutorial on how to transfer google play balance to PayPal, Bank, or any other Digital Wallet.

    Also, we've explained a tutorial on How to use google play balance in different ways on various platforms.

    Can I use a google play gift card on amazon?

    The answer is NO. But if you have a gift card Balance in your Google Play account then you can use it to purchase anything on Amazon as we have shared a guide on that also.

    Can I withdraw my Google Play Balance?

    Technically, No! You can't withdraw your Google Play balance. But you can transfer this amount to a bank account or any other digital wallet.

    Just use the app that we have used in this guide and then you can withdraw my Google Play balance.

    Final words

    If You are tired of finding out "How to transfer Google Play balance or Credit to Bank account or any UPI like Google pay, Phone pe, PayTM, Amazon or Paypal". Then the methods and tips we have mentioned will help you!

    Just make sure that you are not sending more than 500 INR or 10 USD at a time. Otherwise, it will take more than 30 Days to receive to your bank or UPI account.

    You will receive the deducted amount from the actual Google Play balance. Google and an app deduct some money from the total amount. They will deduct around 30-40% amount of the total.

    Please read the description of each payment amount, and how much they are deducting?

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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