What is OBB file - how to install OBB file?

how to install OBB file?
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Android has a more user base as compared to iOS because it is customizable and an open-source Operating system. So, any mobile manufacturer can use Android to power their mobile devices. 

Due to its customizable nature, we can install apps from different sources other than the Google Play store. Other 3rd party app stores like Amazon app store, Apkpure, etc. or we can achieve it by installing manually. Here's the Apk comes into the picture.

Every application is made up of many files but the APK and OBB are the 2 main files. Basically, APK is the Android application package that is used to access the data from the OBB file in the android application. But what is OBB file and how we can install it on our android devices?

What is OBB file?

OBB is a file that is used as the data file or resource file for the android application. Apk fetches the resources like images, graphics, or sounds that are required for the app from the Data file. The OBB file stands for Oblique Binary Blob.

OBB file is a necessary file for the application and it needs to be put within the installed Apks data folders. Every application creates some folders like data, media, obb, and obj when it gets installed on an android device.

Pre-requisites to install OBB file

To install of OBB file, we required some application tools and files. Pre-requisites are as follows

1. Any File manager

2. Apk and OBB file

3. Zip extractor (if the OBB file is zipped)

How to install the OBB file?

To install the OBB file, you have to install Apk first in your android application. So, Download Apk and OBB file from any source that you want. Refer to the screenshot of the file manager to paste the OBB file.

1. Open File manager and install Apk file.

how to install OBB file

2. Go to settings and search for "Unknown Sources". Open and Enable it to install the apk file.

how to install OBB file

3. Open the folder where the OBB file is stored or downloaded. Copy it and paste it to the following path.

    Main storage -> Android -> obb -> com.[manufacturer_name].[Game_name]. -> [Paste it here]

how to install OBB file

4. Now run the application and Enjoy your app or Game!

Conclusion on how to install OBB file

We often download android apps and games from the Google play store for our daily use. But some apps aren't available on the google play store. So we download it from any other sources. Sometimes we need Apk and OBB file to install the application and sometimes not!

Some people don't have an idea about "how to install OBB file" or "How to set OBB for specific android application"! By using the described techniques, they can easily set and install the OBB file.

If you have any queries or if you are facing any issues during installing the OBB file, Comment down below I'm here to solve it!

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