About Us

The Tech Review is all about educating people on the Usage and Management of

  • Money transfer applications(with tips & tricks)
  • Different Payment cards like Gift cards, Debit & Credit Cards
  • PayPal platform
  • Cryptocurrencies

Online & using Mobile apps in a more precise manner.

As we've enough knowledge about the Financial Topics of Gift cards, Debit-Credit cards, Money-Transfers, and PayPal.

I'm personally a PayPal user, and I'm mostly involved with Online transactions from customers, we use PayPal & Pioneer as our Primary way to accept payments.

We mostly focus on writing How-to, Issue fixing guides, Reviews, Tips & Tricks types of posts...

Author: Sanket bhosale:

My name is Sanket Bhosale and I am the founder of The Tech Review, OS Tech Review, and Home Automation BOT. I am Software Engg. by profession and Blogger by passion. Currently working in MNC.

My interest is in writing articles on Technology, IT & its applications, Cryptocurrencies, and SEO. I Have 2+ years of experience in the Blogging industry.

Support staff: Swapnil Bhosale

Swapnil Bhosale is my elder brother. He is M.Tech Passout from BITs Pilani University.

Works professionally as Mechanical Engineer(Quality Engineer) and also supports me to research & write more about Blog posts.

His Interest is in Technology, Stock & Crypto Trading, and learning new things.

If you have any queries regarding the Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact me at¬†[email protected]