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The Tech Review is all about educating people on the Paypal and Gift card-related tutorials and guides.

Right now, we're mainly focusing on the following categories:

  • PayPal┬áplatform for Seller and buyers
  • Different Payment cards like Gift cards - Retail gift cards and Prepaid Gift Cards

Online & using Mobile apps in a more precise manner.

We've enough knowledge about the Financial Topics of Gift cards and PayPal.

I'm personally a PayPal user, and I'm mostly involved with Online transactions with customers. We use PayPal & Pioneer as our Primary way to accept payments.

We mostly write about How-to, Issue fixing guides, Reviews, Tips, and tricks types of posts.

What quality we offer!!!

R&D - We do research and experience the specific product or service before writing any guide or post.

Fresh content - We update our every article at least every 3 months. So, our readers can get fresh information about technology.

Guest post - We accept guest posts from other bloggers, Contributors, and freelance writers. So, our audience can experience quality and useful information.

Author: Sanket bhosale:

My name is Sanket Bhosale and I am the founder of The Tech Review, OS Tech Review, and Home Automation BOT. I am a Software Engg. by profession and Blogger by passion. Currently working in MNC.

My interest is in writing articles on Technology, IT & its applications, Fin-Tech, Gaming, Cryptocurrencies, and SEO. I Have 2+ years of experience in the Blogging industry.

Support staff: Swapnil Bhosale

Swapnil Bhosale is my elder brother. He is M.Tech Passout from BITs Pilani University.

Works professionally as a Mechanical Engineer(Quality Engineer) and also supports me in researching & writing more about Blog posts.

His Interest is in Technology, Stock and crypto Trading, and learning new things.

If you have any queries regarding the Site, Advertisement, or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at┬á[email protected]