How to add, remove, & change credit card to steam?

How to add, remove & change credit card to steam

Can you use a credit card on Steam or modify its details? Most people, ask this question. The answer is yes. We can add, remove and change a Credit card to Steam.

If you use a Credit card then do you know how to add it to your steam account? In this article, we're going to see How we can achieve this.

    How to add a Credit card to the steam website?

    The method for adding the gift card is very similar to adding any other cards like Visa gift card, Mastercard, or Debit cards.

    1. First, login in Steam website and open My Account.

    2. Under Account details and payment details to this account to add funds from the Credit card on your Steam account.

    add a Credit card to the steam

    3. Select the Credit card under Please select a payment method option & complete the rest of the Credit card details form. 

    select payment method as Credit card on steam

    4. Now, just put your Home address in the Billing address fields and select the Continue option.

    If you want to watch a tutorial in Video format,

    Add funds to your steam account

    1. Once you added the Credit card as a payment method, then you can add Funds to your Steam account.

    2. Here you will see different amount options like $5, $10, & $15, etc.

    3. Then follow the given instructions to finalize your fund addition.

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    How to use a steam wallet to buy games?

    After the adding credit card and money process is completed, you will have funds in your Steam wallet.

    1. Select any game which you wanted to buy with Steam wallet, Select Purchase for myself option.

    2. then you will be redirected to Add Payment method page if you haven't added it earlier.

    How to Remove or take off or Change a Credit card to the steam website??

    You have added the Credit card to steam also purchased the games. Now, you have to remove or change it with another card.

    1. First, open your Account details from the Account details menubar option.

    2. Now you'll get to the Account details page where you'll be able to see your Remaining balance and Card details.

    How to Remove credit card from steam

    3. Now select the Delete option in front of Visa ending in XXXX.

    Change Credit card on Steam

    4. Change and removing credit card process is similar, but you'll need to select the Edit instead of Delete option from Visa ending in XXXX.

    Our views on adding, removing, and changing a credit card on Steam

    This article is all about how to add a credit card to our steam account. Also if you want to delete or edit its details from your account.

    If you have any issues while adding, removing, or changing Credit cards on the Steam platform, remember us. We're always here to help you.

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