3 ways to Convert Amazon Gift card to Google Play! 2024 Guide

Someone sent you an Amazon gift card and you want to Convert the Amazon gift card or Gift balance to a Google Play balance? But don't know how to convert?

Don't worry! We've got a few tested and working techniques to transfer Amazon Gift card money to Google Play balance or wallets.

Keep in mind that it's an unofficial way to send Amazon Gift balance money to a Google Play account. So let's get started with the guide.

    How to Convert an Amazon Gift Card or Gift Balance to Google Play?

    Converting the Amazon Gift card into a Gift balance and using it to buy a Google Play Gift card or load it into Google Play doesn't work anymore.

    You can't buy a Google Play Gift card on Amazon using an Amazon Gift card or Gift card balance.

    The only option to convert an Amazon Gift card into Google Play is using the BitValve platform or a similar platform.

    Method 1: Exchange Amazon Gift card for Crypto – Bitvalve

    Here for this method, we'll be using BitValve to do conversion stuff. It's quite a fresh method, works well in April 2024.

    Step I - Exchange Amazon Gift card for Crypto

    So first, we'll Exchange the Amazon Gift card for Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

    We suggest you use the popular Gift card exchange for Crypto platforms like Paxful or BitValve.

    In this method, We're demonstrating Gift card exchange using BitValve

    BitValve provides a single platform for selling and buying Bitcoins using a Gift card or other payment methods.

    Also, it has a higher conversion rate as compared to others.

    1. Open the Bitvalve - Buying page and register with it

    2. Apply filters - Amazon Gift card as a Payment Method and Currency(as per your choice)

    bitvalve - buy page using amazon gift card

    3. Select the Cryptocurrency that you want to purchase

    4. Check for which crypto, you're getting the highest conversion rate(We'll suggest you go for Bitcoin)

    5. Compare and choose the dealer from the list who is giving a much better price and is reliable

    bitvalve - buy page using amazon gift card - Seller section

    6. Now, Enter the price and start a discussion with the seller

    7. You'll need to send a copy of the Amazon gift card to the mediator party(Which is BitValve in our case)

    8. Simultaneously seller will also release the funds

    It may take 15-20 minutes to exchange and receive the Crypto in your registered wallet depending on your seller.

    In my case, I'm getting 71-72 USD worth of Crypto money for a 100 USD Amazon gift card.

    Alternatively, you can use Paxful to do the same process.

    Sometimes, Paxful offers a much better BTC Rate than BitValve. So, compare both platforms and choose accordingly.

    After the successful transaction, we'll see the Bitcoin for the Google Play Gift card.

    Step II - Sell Crypto for PayPal, Cash, or Bank transfer

    Here at Bitvalve, your Amazon gift card will be sold immediately just like we bought our Bitcoin.

    1. Visit Bitvalve's sell crypto page

    2. Select the Crypto you have purchased and add other filters - any of the following payment methods & your Currency

    • Google Pay
    • PayPal
    • Google Play Gift card

    Google Play accepts the above payment mediums

    bitvalve - sell offer page using paypal

    3. Choose the seller according to lower conversion rate(e.g., in my case, I'm getting $0.5 conversion rate for PayPal)

    4. Provide BTC available in your BitValve wallet and hit Start Trade

    5. Follow the next steps like chatting with sellers, Sharing PayPal details, sending your Bitcoin, etc.

    bitvalve - sell offer page using paypal - highest price

    Compare the price with others and choose it accordingly. I've got way good conversion rate. I got 145 USD for 71.4 USD worth of BTC.

    So, I got $145 in my Paypal Wallet for a $100 Amazon Gift card exchange. Here, I just invested 1-2 hours.

    Once money gets added to your PayPal or Bank account, we'll use it to buy a Google Play Gift card or refill Google Play.

    1. Search for "Google Play recharge code" in the Amazon app or you can use Amazon Website.

    2. Now enter the amount ($, ₹, £, €, or any other currencies) that you want to transfer to Google Play.

    Google play recharge code

    3. Tap on Pay and select Amazon Gift Balance as a payment method.

    4. Copy and save the Redeem code to redeem in the Google Play account.

    An alternative way to buy a Google Play Gift card using Amazon Gift balance is to Find someone who wants to buy any Amazon product like Amazon Prime subscription, Kindle products, Food, groceries, or any product from Amazon.

    Buy that product and service for them, and request the money for that.

    Then you can use those funds to add to your Google Play Wallet or you can use it anywhere you want!

    Step 3: Redeem the purchased Google Play gift card

    Now, it's time to redeem the Google Play gift card that you've ordered through Amazon Gift Balance.

    1. Check the Google Play gift card from Orders and Copy its 16-digit redemption code

    2. Now open the Google Play Store and then select Payment methods

    3. Scroll down and there you'll find the Redeem code option

    4. Enter the copied code from the Amazon app

    You have successfully converted your Amazon Gift card to a Google Play account.

    Method 2: Sell gift cards - Zealcards

    You can resell the Gift card to 3rd party websites. There are plenty of websites that accept unused Amazon Gift cards and pay you money after the deduction of some money from the original price.

    There are some popular websites like ZealCards, Craigslist, buybackworld, etc. You can use any of them.

    We'll suggest Zealcards, as it offers high rates and is considerably trusted as compared to others.

    1. Go to the Zealcards website and register with it

    2. Select the Sell Gift card option on the dashboard

    3. Now, enter the gift card details like the Gift card brand name, & Amount and Select the Add Card button

    4. It will give your offer for different gift card redemption types like In-Mail & Online

    Zealcard redeem for Amazon Gift cards

    As of now, it's showing $75.00 for In-Mail & $65.00 for Online.

    Method 3: Sell gift cards - BuyBackworld

    This is the easiest and most trustworthy of all the given methods.

    We'll sell the Google Play Gift card on Amazon and then either we'll buy a new Amazon Gift card or use money directly to do shopping on Amazon.

    For this method, we'll use BuyBackworld for buying and selling the Gift cards. It is one of the best and most trusted platforms to sell your Gift cards. 

    They accept a variety of Gift cards like Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Prepaid Gift cards(Visa, Mastercard), etc.

    1. Open the BuyBackWorld Gift card selling page

    2. Now, enter the filter values like Gift card brand, balance value, and quantity

    3. Click on SELL IT NOW

    4. It will calculate and provide you an estimated price for your gift card, e.g., they offer $80 for $100 worth of Amazo Gift card

    BuyBackworld - sell Amazon Gift card

    You'll get around 80% of its original value. You can use other platforms like EJ Cards, Craigslist, etc.

    You can choose Paxful and BitValve to exchange the Google Play Gift cards. But, they will pay you in Cryptocurrency.

    On the same platform, you can buy an Amazon Gift card and then we'll use it to purchase on Amazon.

    Can I transfer Amazon credit to another account?

    If you're from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or any other country other than India. You can't transfer the money to a Bank or someone.

    But, if you're from India, you can try out the following method! US, UK & Canadian people please try out another method that we've explained.

    You can transfer Amazon pay balance credits to another account like a Bank account, or Google Play balance account.

    Just follow the steps that we've explained in this article.

    But if you are transferring Amazon balance credit to another Amazon account, you can achieve it through the Amazon Pay app.

    1. Open the Amazon Pay app and then select the Send Money option.

    2. Now select the contact no of another account to which you want to send money.

    Can I transfer amazon credit to another account?

    3. Enter the amount and Select Send money

    You've sent all the money to Another account. It works just like other Wallet apps. You just have to put some money into your account and then transfer it to another account.


    Can we use an Amazon Gift card on Google Play?

    You can't directly use an Amazon Gift card on Google Play to buy Google Play purchases. Neither Amazon nor Google Play Store allow us to do that.

    But, you can transfer money to your Bank account and then use it on the Google Play Store.

    This is possible and we have written a guide about how can your Amazon gift card/Gift balance to Google Play or Google Wallet!

    Can I use a Google Play Gift card on Amazon?

    You can use a Google Play gift card on Amazon with only these conditions.

    Some amounts will get deducted money and it's a time-consuming process to transfer money from a Google Play gift card to Amazon.

    Follow this article link to use a Google Play gift card on Amazon?

    Can I use a Google Play gift card on my iPhone?

    You can use a Google Play gift card on your iPhone. There are two different ways to do it.

    Either you convert your Google Play gift card to a Bank account balance or you can transfer your Redeem Google Play gift card into your Google Play account.

    Most probably iPhone doesn't support the Google Play store. But you can log in through the Google Play Store website OR Use an Android phone to transfer.

    For more details, you can refer to this article:

    How to Transfer Google Play balance or credit to PayPal, Bank, or Amazon?

    How do I redeem an Amazon gift card on Google Play?

    You can't redeem it directly. First, you'll need to redeem it on the Amazon App or on the Amazon website. Then convert this Amazon Gift money into a Google Play card.

    After that redeem your Google Play card and Have it in your Google Play account to purchase anything you want.