3 Ways to Use Google Pay to buy Steam games or Steam gift card! 2024 Guide

"Can I use Google Pay on Steam?" No, you can't use Google Pay on the Steam platform directly.

But, there is an alternative method, which can help you to pay using Google Pay for your Steam games.

There are some Payment methods available on Steam. Have a look at them also!

    What Payment methods does Steam accept?

    Steam doesn't accept Google Pay as a payment method on their store. So, what other payment methods we can use on Steam?

    Steam accepts Credit or Debit cards from all major Payment gateways like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, etc.

    You can use PayPal to buy Steam games. Steam accepts other payment modes like Skrill, Webmoney, etc.

    You can use a Steam gift card that you've purchased from online or offline retail stores like Walmart, target, etc.

    Steam also accepts Prepaid gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. You can refer to the below tutorials for more details:

    How to use a Visa or Mastercard Gift card on Steam?

    How to transfer the American Express Gift card balance to Steam?

    How can we use Google Pay to buy Steam games or Steam Gift cards?

    Since we can't use Google Pay to buy Steam games, we'll be using 3rd party platforms.

    There are plenty of Platforms from where you can buy Steam Gift cards and use them on Steam.

    Method 1: Using Recharge.com

    Recharge.com provides service worldwide, no matter whether you're from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, or UAE.

    You can purchase Gift cards or recharge your mobile carrier talk time top-up and mobile internet data plans. We've tried this service as well to check its validity.

    You can trust recharge.com blindly as its Trustpilot rating is 4.0 and there are so many positive reviews.

    Now, what are the steps to buy Steam cards?

    1. Register with recharge.com and navigate to the Steam Gift card buyout page

    2. Select the country name and currency of that country

    Recharge - Select the country, currency and Steam gift card amount

    3. Then, choose the Steam gift card value. You've 3 options - $10, $50, and $100.

    4. Tap the Buy Now button and it will take you to the Checkout page

    Recharge - Enter Email and Choose Google pay option

    5. Now, enter your Email address and select the Google Pay option from the Payment method list

    6. Click the Complete payment and then Select the Buy with GPay option it will open the Google Pay payment page

    7. Enter the required payment details to complete the transaction

    If you are not able to complete the purchase or don't want to go for this site, don't worry we've got 2 more ways to get you Steam gift cards.

    Method 2: Using Ding

    Ding is also one of the best and most trusted Gift cards and Top-up provider platforms.

    It sells $5, $10, $20, and $50 Steam gift cards and also accepts Payment in the form of Google Pay.

    So, you can consider Ding to buy Steam gift cards.

    Please follow the below steps to buy Steam gift cards from Ding using Google Pay:

    1. Register with Ding and select the Country name where you want to activate your Steam gift card

    2. Select the Gift Cards tab beneath the country option and choose the Steam from Gift Cards section

    3. Choose the Gift card amount and it will navigate you to the Order page

    4. Now Click the Checkout Separately button

    5. Choose the Google Pay option from the Payment methods and complete the transaction by providing the required Google Pay account details

    In most countries, Google Pay is not available as a payment method for Ding.

    But, if you're from the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, these countries you can use Google Pay as your primary payment method without any issue.

    Method 3: Using G2A

    G2A is also a renowned Gift card seller and is on top priority for gamers when it comes to buying gaming-related Gift cards like Xbox, PSN, Steam, etc.

    It is known as the Cheapest place to buy Steam and other gift cards.

    Because it compares gift card prices from different sellers and provides us the best price for the current time.

    1. Register with G2A and go back to Dashboard

    2. Now select the Buy Now option from the Steam gift card section

    3. Choose the Gift card amount and proceed

    4. It will suggest you cheapest place to purchase the Steam gift card

    5. Select the Add to Cart and choose the Continue to Payment option

    6. Choose the Google Pay payment option and select the Pay with Google Pay button

    Complete the remaining formalities and Once you purchase the Steam Gift card, they will mail you the Unique Steam Gift card code to your Email address.

    You can redeem that code into your Steam wallet and use that funds to buy Steam games from the Steam store.


    To summarise the entire guide, there are so many platforms available to buy Steam Gift cards.

    But the above three are the best of all others if you've only Google Pay as a Payment method.

    We've chosen those platforms considering things like the Security, Price, reliability, and easy-to-buy method.

    What is the Price difference between those platforms and which one is cheaper in terms of fees?

    Let's take an example if you want to buy a Steam gift card worth $10 US, the payable amount for each of the platforms will be as follows:

    Recharge.com - US$ 12.49 (10 for the Steam Gift card's price + 2.49 for the Service fee)

    Ding - US$ 11.39 (10 as a Steam Gift card price + 1.39 as a fee)

    G2A - US $ 10.94 (10 as a Steam Gift card price + 0.94 as a fee)

    These prices will change according to the demand and supply of gift cards. You may get it at a much higher price or much cheaper than the current price.

    Now, you're wise to decide by yourself!


    Can I use my debit card to buy a Steam card online?

    Almost all the platforms accept the Debit card as a Payment method to buy Steam cards.

    You can go with above platforms that we've explained in the above article. All the above platforms are trusted and cheapest.

    Does Steam accept Google Play cards?

    No, Steam will not accept Google Play gift cards for payment. But, we need the method to convert the Google Play cards, so we can use it for Steam or any purpose.