Secretly convert Google Play Gift card to use it on amazon in 2024!

Can I use a Google Play gift card on Amazon to purchase anything? Officially, it's not possible Neither Google nor Amazon commits that you can do that.

Wait, we have got an alternate solution for this problem!

There are some tricks, by using which we can Convert Google Play Gift card money into Amazon Gift cash or Gift card.

Sometimes, people want to use their remaining money after purchasing a specific app/game or accidentally add their money to the Google Play Store.

According to Google Play gift card termsgoogle doesn't allow you to use the Google Play gift card anywhere other than the Google Play store.

Key takeaways:

We can convert the Google Play gift card into something that can be used as currency to spend on Amazon.

    How to convert a Google Play gift card to use it on Amazon?

    For using the Google Play Gift card on Amazon, we have suggested three different ways to use it.

    We'll see each of these methods one by one. You can choose any one method in this tutorial.

    Method 1: Use the Resell method - Symlix 

    We came up with another trusted and high-conversion gift card resell platform called Symlix.

    Just like other platforms, here you can exchange your Gift card for a Crypto and for your local currency.

    We'll same platform to change our Google Play Gift card to make it usable on

    Step 1 - Convert Google Play Gift card into Crypto using Symlix

    1. Visit the Symlix crypto page and register with a new account 

    2. Enter the following filters and search

    • Currency - USD or any other
    • Payment method - Google Play gift card
    • Location - You can add your City/State or simply Country

    Symlix - convert Google play gift card to Crypto

    3. Select the Buy Button and provide the gift card amount

    4. Symlix will send the trade request to the next person

    Now, the escrow process will start - Here you need to add your Gift card to the platform, and the next person will add his crypto to the platform.

    Once both parties confirm the delivery, the held Crypto & Gift card will be released by Symlix.

    Keep your Crypto in your crypto wallet, we'll use it later to get our Amazon gift card.

    There are a few things you need to take care of while trading on Symlix -

    Always select your trader person who has more likes as shown in the above screenshot.

    Compare the offer with other traders and also, check the Last seen of the trader.

    Step 2 - Sell Crypto for an Amazon Gift Card

    Now, we've to sell the crypto for an Amazon gift card. We'll use the same platform to sell it.

    1. Visit the Symlix Sell crypto page

    2. Put the filters as shown in the following picture

    Symlix - sell Crypto for Amazon gift card filter

    3. Search and press the Sell button

    4. now, the rest of the process is the same(Escrow)

    You'll deposit Crypto and another trader will add Amazon Gift cards to the platform.

    You can also choose PayPal or bank transfer as a payment method to receive the money. Then, you can simply use that money to shop on Amazon.

    Method 2: List a Google Play Gift card on Facebook Marketplace

    You can list your Google Play Gift card for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. There are plenty of people who search for unused Google Play Gift cards on the Facebook marketplace.

    Facebook marketplace helps us to find someone nearby who wants to buy or sell something at a reasonable price.

    1. You can use the Facebook app or website to set up the selling

    List a Google Play Gift card on Facebook Marketplace

    2. Open the Facebook marketplace Selling page

    3. Now, filter out your location and select Create new listings

    4. then, choose the Listing type

    5. fill out Pics of the Google Play Gift card, Title, Price, and other details

    6. after all the details are filled out, hit the Publish button

    People will read your post and contact you for negotiation, offers & discounts. You can also boost your Listing post to get it sold quickly.

    It's kind of a slow-paced selling method. You can't sell your gift cards immediately.

    You'll need to wait to get it sold for your desired price. So, try the first method to complete your sale.


    Where can I spend a Google Play gift card?

    Google doesn't allow us to use Google Play gift cards on Amazon directly. You can use the method that we have mentioned in this post. 

    Or you can purchase anything that isn't a physical entity and is available on the Google Play Store.

    You can use Google Play to buy Apps, Games, In-App features, e-books, newsstand subscriptions, Songs, etc.

    Are there any restrictions on using Google Play Gift cards on Amazon?

    Yes, there are some restrictions on using Google Play Gift cards anywhere other than the Google Play store. You can't use it anywhere except the Google Play store.

    But, we have some techniques by which you can convert Google Play Store money to use it on Amazon or anywhere you want!

    Can you buy stuff online with a Google Play Card?

    Yes. You can buy different Apps, Games, in-app-related payments or features, etc. Also, you can use a Google Play gift card to buy Amazon Kindle E-Books on the Amazon Kindle app.

    You can use Google Play gift cards to buy any Google product. Like buying YouTube and YouTube music subscriptions or renting or buying Movies on YouTube movies.

    Final views

    In this tutorial, we've shared three different methods to transfer the Google Play gift card money to your Bank account. All methods are working fine as we've used all methods.

    Once you transfer your Google Play gift card balance from the Google Play store, you can use it on Amazon.

    So, we concluded 'Can you use a Google Play gift card on Amazon?'.

    The answer is you can't use it directly on Amazon. First, you'll need to transfer it to a Bank or Debit card to use it on Amazon.

    If you face any problem while transferring or using Google Play gift cards on Amazon, don't hesitate to contact us through the comment section as we are always there to help you.