Secretly convert Google Play Gift card to use it on amazon!

Can I use google play gift card on amazon
Google Play gift card is the property of Google, we are using it only for Educational purposes

Can I use a Google Play gift card on Amazon to purchase anything? Officially, it's not possible Neither Google nor Amazon commits that you can do that.

Wait, we have got an alternate solution for this problem!

There are some tricks, by using which we can Convert Google Play Gift card money into Amazon Gift cash or Gift card.

Sometimes, people want to use their remaining money after purchasing a specific app/game or accidentally add their money to the Google play store.

According to Google Play gift card terms, google doesn't allow you to use the google play gift card anywhere other than the Google Play store.

In this article, we'll see how can we convert and use Google Play gift cards on Amazon.

So don't waste time and get started with the tutorial!

    How to convert a google play gift card to use it on Amazon?

    For using the Google Play Gift card on Amazon, we have suggested three different ways to use it.

    We'll see each one of these one by one. You can choose any one method in this tutorial.

    Method 1: Use Resell method

    This is the easiest and most trustworthy of all the given methods. We'll sell the Google Play Gift card on Amazon and then either we'll buy a new Amazon Gift card or use money directly to do shopping on Amazon.

    For this method, we'll use BuyBackworld for buying and selling the Gift cards. It is one of the best and most trusted platforms to sell your Gift cards. 

    They accept a variety of Gift cards like Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Prepaid Gift cards(Visa, Mastercard), etc.

    Open the BuyBackWorld Gift card selling page

    Sell Google play gift card for Amazon

    Now, enter the filters values like Gift card brand, balance value, and quantity

    Click on SELL IT NOW

    You'll get around 75% of its original value. You can use other platforms like EJ Cards, Craigslist, etc.

    You can choose Paxful and BitValve also to exchange the Google Play Gift cards. But, they will pay you in Cryptocurrency.

    On the same platform, you can buy an Amazon Gift card and then we'll use it to purchase on Amazon.

    Method 2: Using the Google Play store Support method

    If you don't want to try the previous method as it takes too much fee and time to convert, then you can raise a support ticket to redeem your Google play gift card to Amazon.

    First of all, redeem your Google Play gift card to the Google Play store. After that follow these steps

    Before getting started change your age on your Google account to 14 years. So, Google will consider you as a Child/Minor account.

    1. Open the Google play store Account option & select Help and Feedback.

    Need more help

    2. Now select Contact Us under Need more help? section(as shown in picture)

    Need more help

    3. Then enter your reason as 'How do I get my Google Play gift card money back to my Parent account from my Child account?' in Let's get started.

    Can I use google play gift card on amazon

    4. Select the Tag Refund Play gift card Value under Confirm issue.

    Can I use google play gift card on amazon

    5. Now, select the Contact options. You can choose either Chat or Email at your convenience.

    After all the processes pass, you will get an email notification from the Google Play store team about whether they are returning your Google play gift card money.

    Once you get your Google gift card money into a bank account, you can use it on Amazon or add Money to your Amazon pay balance.

    The success rate of this method is very low; very few people have got their money back into their Bank account. So, provide the Legit reason.


    Where can I spend a google play gift card?

    Google doesn't allow us to use Google Play gift cards on Amazon directly. You can use the method that we have mentioned in this post. 

    Or you can purchase anything which isn't a physical entity and is available on the Google play store.

    You can use Google Play to buy Apps, Games, In-App features, e-books, newsstand subscriptions, Songs, etc.

    Are there any restrictions on using Google Play Gift cards on Amazon?

    Yes, there are some restrictions on using Google Play Gift cards anywhere than the Google Play store. You can't use it anywhere except the Google Play store.

    But, we have some techniques by which you can convert Google Play Store money to use it on Amazon or anywhere you want!

    Can you buy stuff online with a Google Play Card?

    Yes. You can buy different Apps, Games, In-app related payments or features, etc. Also, you can use a Google Play gift card to buy Amazon Kindle E-Books on the Amazon Kindle app.

    You can use Google Play gift cards to buy any Google product. Like buying Youtube and Youtube Music subscriptions or renting or buying Movies on Youtube movies.

    Final views

    In this tutorial, we've shared three different methods to transfer the Google Play gift card money to your Bank account. All methods are working fine as we've used all methods.

    Once you transfer your Google Play gift card balance from the Google Play store, you can use it on Amazon.

    So, we concluded that 'Can you use a google play gift card on Amazon?'. The answer is you can't use it directly on Amazon. First, you'll need to transfer it to Bank or Debit card to use it on Amazon.

    If you face any problem while transferring or using google play gift cards on Amazon, don't hesitate to contact us through the comment section as we are always there to help you.