How to Set up PayPal business account for art commissions in 2023?

Set up a PayPal business account for art commissions

As an artist, you want to sell your artwork online or run a business out of it. So, you'll need a Secure and easy-to-use payment platform that will accept the payment and send customers the Payment invoice.

Most people choose PayPal as the payment medium. Because it's easy to adapt to online business.

After choosing PayPal as the default payment option, one question that comes to mind is How to set up a PayPal business account for art commissions?

    How to set up a PayPal business account for art commissions?

    We can use any social media platform to promote our art to gain more art-related customers.

    Some people sell their artwork there. There we can create art pieces and post them to those platforms.

    If anyone likes that they approach the artist to make the same artwork for them. The artist delivers their product and asks him/her for art commissions.

    Artists can use any method to collect a commission from buyers. The most suitable way for commissions is PayPal Business

    Because can request money and give him/her an invoice for art commission!

    Step 1: Create a PayPal business account for art commissions

    1. Create a PayPal personal account & upgrade it to a PayPal Business account (We'll recommend you go with a Business account)

    2. To sign up or upgrade to a Business account, select on Upgrade account option from the account settings

    3. Now it will open the business account setup. Choose an Individual as you are an individual artist

    create PayPal business account for art commissions

    4. In Describe your business, select Art dealers and Galleries or Commercial Photography, Art, And Graphics as a Product or service keyword (You can choose any one)

    5. Choose P1109 - Other personal, cultural & recr... as Purpose code. Fill in other details and click on submit

    Tumblr - Set up PayPal for art commissions

    You have upgraded your Paypal account to a Business account successfully.

    Your next step is to set up PayPal payment methods using different features offered by Paypal Business.

    Step 2: Set up PayPal accept payment feature to receive art commissions

    To receive payment from your customers, just need to put your request payment link(PayPal.Me) anywhere on your website.

    Alternatively, you can add their details in Request payments from anyone as shown in the below screenshot.

    Request link for art commissions

    You can also generate a PayPal button and put it into your Website or online store.

    1. Once your commission is received, generate the invoice and send it to the payer

    2. To generate the Invoice, Click on an invoicing and then select Create an Invoice in the Manage Invoice section. Fill in the mandatory details(as per the screenshot)

    invoice for art commissions

    Now, you have successfully set up PayPal as a payment method for your art commissions!

    Is a PayPal Business account free?

    PayPal doesn't cost any Initial fee for a Business account. However, they do charge more fees for transactions and accept payments than Standard PayPal accounts.

    According to the data from Jotform about the Paypal business account feeIf your Transaction type is Online, then your percentage of the total transaction amount is 2.9% and the Fixed fee amount is US0.30.

    If your Transaction type is In-Store, then your percentage of the total transaction amount is 2.7% and there is no any Fixed fee amount.

    Different ways to accept payment for the Art commission?

    There are many ways to accept Payment for an art piece you deliver to your customers.

    You can accept payments through digital payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc.

    Out of these, PayPal Business is more advanced than others as it provides plenty of features like Invoicing, Creating estimates, Subscription plans, Donation button(to accept art donations), etc.

    A detailed method to accept payment for art through Paypal is explained in this article.


    Is PayPal good for artists?

    Yes, if you are an Independent and freelance artist Planning to choose Paypal for an art-related business.

    PayPal provides good features for artists according to the size of the Team. Individual Freelancers can also use PayPal to sell their art pieces and manage their billings with ease.

    Can I use PayPal to accept art commission payments from clients in other countries?

    You can use PayPal in almost all countries. So, once you set up PayPal for art commission, you'll be able to accept payments from all other countries too.

    How to use PayPal to sell digital art?

    You can sell Digital artwork on your website or blog and add your PayPal payment link or Button to your website or blog page.

    Like you set up an Art commission, in the same way, you can set up a business account to Accept payments for art commissions using PayPal.


    From the above post, we have figured out that. You can do anything you want which is needed for the Business payment method by using PayPal Business. It provides us Great support for its customers along with cool features. 

    So, to set up a PayPal business account for art commissions you can use the given methods. The Paypal Business version is free of cost.

    If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem!