How to set up PayPal for art commissions Tumblr, change font, block tags, get followers and more

Tumblr - how to change font, block tags, get followers and more

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a platform for bloggers, content creators, and Social networking people where they can post their different short blog posts, tumblelogs & pictures.

Tumblr enables Bloggers to make their private blogs and share their content. It also allows us to earn from blog posts, pics, and our artwork.

You can share text, pictures, quotes, links, chats, audio, and videos on Tumblr feed by just selecting the pencil icon.

Along with sharing multimedia, we can follow other media creators and also get followers on Tumblr. Just like other social media & blogging platforms, it also allows us to general features like changing themes, fonts & backgrounds, blocking, Log in-out feature, and a dashboard especially for bloggers.

Here I'll show the 2021's methods and settings with the latest enhancements that have been done on Tumblr.

How to set up PayPal for art commissions Tumblr?

We can use Tumblr to promote our art to gain more art-related customers. Some people sell their art on Tumblr. They just create some art piece and post here. 

If anyone likes that they approach the artist to make the same artwork for them. Artist delivers their product and asked him/her for art commissions.

Artists can use any method to collect a commission from buyers. The most suitable way for commissions is PayPal. Because can do request money and give him/her invoice of commission!

So, how can we set up PayPal for art commissions on Tumblr? 

1. Create a PayPal personal account if you are not doing any business otherwise go with PayPal Business account. (I'll recommend you to go with a Business account)

2. Just put your "Request money link" anywhere you want! 

3. As your commission received, Generate the invoice and send it to the payer.

How to log out of Tumblr?

Tumblr is a log-in and log-out-based system. It has a dashboard for post-management.

1. Select the account settings option and there you will see the Log Out option where you can log out from Tumblr.

How to logout on Tumblr

2. Same steps for android and iOS mobile app users.

How to change the font on Tumblr post?

Tumblr has some general settings that enable us to do some changes like Fonts, themes, background picture, keyboard settings, following settings, etc.

Tumblr has a variety of Fonts and font families for the blog posts. We can change or edit the blog post's font by using Theme editor.

1. First of all, Go to the Tumblr website and click on Edit appearance.

How to change font on Tumblr

2. Then select the Edit Theme option.

How to change font on Tumblr

3. Now search for Title Font and choose a font that you wanted to add to your Tumblr blog posts.

How to change font on Tumblr

How to block tags on Tumblr?

We often get some irrelevant and unwanted posts while surfing on Tumblr. There we need to filter & block tags to prevent content from showing up in the Tumblr feed.

Easiest Steps to block tags on Tumblr (Desktop as well as a mobile phone):


1. First open the Tumblr website and Head to the Account settings option(As shown in pictures).

How to block tags on Tumblr

2. Then choose Settings (gear icon).

How to block tags on Tumblr

3. Now it will open the settings page, where we have to filter the tags that have to block. Select the Filtered tags option only. Do not add tags on Filtered post content.

How to block tags on Tumblr

4. Now Add the tags that you want to block.

How to block tags on Tumblr

Android & iOS Mobile app:

1. Open Tumblr mobile app. Now open the account settings.

How to block tags on Tumblr

2. Then select the gear option (setting option) and then select the Account settings option as shown in the picture.

How to block tags on Tumblr

3. Now select the Filtering option from account settings.

How to block tags on Tumblr

4. Now add block tags in the Filtered Tags section. Done!

How to block tags on Tumblr

Alternatively, you can also block the post and its tags by using the google chrome extension. It more precise way of blocking tags on Tumblr. This plugin has a blacklist to block the specific tags and a White list to show posts from whitelisted tags.

Tumblr savior - block tags on Tumblr

Download Tumblr savior from the below links and add an extension to your browser. When you will open it. You'll see a blacklist and a white list. The blacklist represents a list of Tags that you have to block. And White list represents a list of Tag Posts that you want to show always.

It is available on widely used browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

You will get it from here - 

Tumblr savior

Google Chrome and MS Edge

Mozilla firefox

Here I have mentioned method is updated with the latest update of Tumblr 2021.

How to change Tumblr themes?

Tumblr is a well-established Social media and microblogging website. It offers few awesome themes like Dark Mode, Low contrast classic, cement, cybernetic, canary, ghost, vampire, pumpkin, and true blue. True blue is the most popular and default theme on Tumblr.

You can change it Through > Account settings > Change Palette. refer below image.

How to change Tumblr themes

For the Android & iOS mobile app, Open the Tumblr app and tap on the Account tab. After that select the Paint icon as shown in the picture. Then choose a theme which you want!

How to change themes on Tumblr

How to change Tumblr backgrounds?

Changing background can also be done on Tumblr. 

1. Go to the Tumblr website and click on Edit appearance.

How to change Tumblr backgrounds

2. Then select the Edit Theme option.

How to change Tumblr backgrounds

3. Now search for the Background color(it's just after Title font) and choose a background color that you wanted to add to your Tumblr blog posts. Here you will also get some other editing features like change font size, color, family, header, title, change the description and many more.

How to get followers on Tumblr?

Everyone wants to grow their social profile to get more and more Followers on their social media networks from Instagram, Facebook to Snapchat. Tumblr is no exception here!

Now we will see some tips to increase followers on Tumblr. Follow the given tips, so you will definitely get some boost in followers' growth.

1. Set up your account

Setting up your Tumblr account is the most important activity which has to be done after the account creation. You will need to set a Name, profile picture, add a description, and link in a proper way.

2. Customise profile appearance

Always use attractive themes and a combination of background & accent in your Tumblr blog. For example, we can use Black background and red accent which is more eye-catchy. 

It will help to gain more and more followers on your blog. You should have to focus on your Tumblr blog appearance to get more and more followers.

3. Follow to get followers

We can use this method to gain followers on Tumblr and as it is a proven method to increase followers. Tumblr has some rules and regulations. Tumblr allows us to follow 5000 for a single account and 200 per day.

So here we need to search our niche-related posts. Pick a random post and start following them. You can follow 200 people per day. Follow them until your following becomes 5000 as it is limit.

This will very beneficial to get followers. Let consider you followed 200 people per day. At least 10-30 people will follow you back. So you can end up with at least 500 Followers within a month.

Conclusion on How to set up PayPal for art commissions Tumblr, change font, block tags, get followers and more

Tumblr is the best application for social butterflies, bloggers & art lovers. They can promote their hobbies and business here.

By using Tumblr, bloggers can establish their blogs and micro-website. Tumblr offers so many blogging features and you can customize your website blog by Changing background, font color, font family, and custom headers.

Tumblr provides an in-build feature called "Safe mode" to block irrelevant posts. But it is not that effective so we need to use tag filtering which is used to Block tags post on Tumblr.

So, to set up PayPal for art commissions in Tumblr you can use the given methods.

If you have any queries regarding this article guide, feel free to ask in the comments. I will definitely help you to solve your problem.

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