How to update order status on PayPal?

How to update order status on PayPal

Most small business owners use PayPal as their payment-receiving medium. Paypal is a large application that has almost every feature that business owners need.

Multiple functionalities make it quite complex to use for some. Then, some questions arise just as didn't know how to update the order status on PayPal?

    What is a PayPal order status?

    What does PayPal order status mean? Basically, the PayPal order status is a delivery product summary or report which gets displayed, when the product is getting shipped.

    This report includes shipping details like shipping order status, tracking number, shipping by details, etc.

    What is updating the order status?

    Updating the order status literally means updating the tracking status. So, customers can track the shipment of the goods.

    How to update the order status on PayPal?

    Follow the below steps to update the order status on PayPal Website:

    1. Select All transactions under the Activity menu
    2. Then select any specific transaction
    3. After that, you'll find the Invoice with the transaction details page
    4. Here, you have to select Add tracking info option link
    5. Then it will open Add tracking information page, here you can change or update your order status to Shipped or Hold or Cancelled or In Process or Returned or Order processed.

    Updating the order status involves these steps, as you can access this option directly from your Invoice also.

    Updating the status of your service or virtual product sale has the same steps to follow, just open an online service or virtual product sale invoice which will include the Transaction details.

    Then you will need to navigate to Add tracking info page and then you can update your online service or virtual product sale order status.

    To confirm the order status on PayPal, you can follow the order status path given above. Follow the path and you can verify the order status is as per your need.

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    PayPal - Order processed vs shipped!

    In PayPal's order status option, Order processed vs shipped both are available to set as the order status. Both possess different meanings.

    In Basic terms, an Order processed means a customer's order is processed now and a certain team is working on that. It will get shipped as the team completes the work.

    In another hand, Shipped means the respective team has completed their work and they have dispatched/shipped/delivered the goods or services to the user or owner.

    You can change both the order status from add tracking info from the invoice of the product. As we've explained step-by-step tutorial on that.

    How to change the tracking number on PayPal?

    Tracking numbers are used to track your shipment and delivery of goods. It helps in resolving fake disputes raised by users. 

    The tracking number also shows the genuine behavior of the seller. It tells PayPal that you're not doing any scam or fraudulent activity with customers and PayPal.

    To add or change the tracking number on the PayPal website, you'll need to follow the given steps:

    1. Open the transaction details page as shown at top of the article
    2. Now, select Add tracking info
    3. It will open the tracking info page / Order status page and there you can add or update the tracking number.

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    How to update shipping info on PayPal?

    Updating the shipping address is not a tedious task to do. You can change or update your shipping address and other information within a few minutes.

    Follow the below steps to update your Shipping information on the PayPal website

    1. Navigate to your Profile and select My Personal Info or Personal Info.
    2. Select Update in front of your current shipping address.
    3. Then, Click on Edit on the address to change the shipping address.
    4. Add your new shipping address and tap on Save.

    After that, your shipping address will get saved and other stakeholders will get to about your delivery address.

    How do I mark an item as delivered on PayPal?

    Marking an item as delivered, comes under Changing the Order status on PayPal. So, if you want to mark an item as delivered, you should check it in Order status under tracking information.

    Here, you've to select Shipped, when you want to mark it as delivered. After that, your customer will get to know that you have shipped/delivered his/her order and then he'll release the payment for you.

    Why is PayPal holding my money after delivery?

    It is because when someone joins PayPal for the first time and performs the first transaction, Paypal blocks the payment for some time, due to less trust towards the new joiner.

    After the customer confirms the order is shipped, then he releases the pending payment.

    OR You can provide your KYC documents and other documents to PayPal, and get your Bank account verified using OTP from PayPal.

    Our opinion

    From the above article on updating the order status on the Paypal platform, we have concluded that updating the order status can be done within a few minutes.

    You can update your order status through a PayPal invoice, it will help you and your customers to track the products and goods.

    If you find the above tutorial difficult or facing issues while performing methods that we've covered in this tutorial, feel free to contact us through the Comment section.

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