PayPal Product or service keywords(MCC) complete list! 2024 guide

If you have started your Online business and searching for a Payment medium to accept payments from your Customers, followers, or any audience related to your Business, PayPal would be the best option for Online Business.

While setting up the PayPal business, The question comes here "What do I put for product or service keywords on PayPal?".

This guide is all about what you have to select under Product or service keywords on the PayPal Business account for your businesses like YouTube, Twitch, Streaming, Dropshipping, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Herbalife, and many others.

Also, we've shared the entire list of PayPal's Product or service keywords list(Updated till March 2024) which will be helpful for you to find your desired product or service keyword!

    What is a Product or Service keyword in PayPal?

    The Product or service keyword is the Category available on the PayPal Business account to identify a business type.

    The business owner can provide the Specific MCC codes to differentiate their Business type.

    PayPal's Product or Service keyword list

    If you are also a person who is searching for a PayPal product or service keyword list.

    As of now in 2024, there is a total of 205 Product or service keywords available for users to select while setting up a Paypal business account.

    PayPal recently updated its 'Product or service keywords' list. Previously, 259 keywords were available for use.

    They just merged and updated some keywords to reduce the confusion among business account owners.

    Please find the following PayPal Business account Product or service keyword list:


    • Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
    • Advertising Services
    • Affiliated Auto Rental
    • Agricultural Co-operatives
    • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair Shops
    • Antique Shops – Sales, Repairs, and Restoration Services
    • Aquariums, Seaquariums, Dolphinariums, and Zoos
    • Architectural, Engineering, and Surveying Services
    • Art Dealers and Galleries
    • Artist’s Supply and Craft Shops
    • Automotive Body Repair Shops
    • Automotive Paint Shops
    • Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores
    • Automotive Service Shops (Non-Dealer)
    • Automotive Tyre Stores


    • Bakeries
    • Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers
    • Beauty and Barber Shops
    • Bicycle Shops-Sales and Service
    • Billiard and Pool Establishments
    • Boat Dealers
    • Boat Rentals and Leasing
    • Bookshops
    • Bowling Alleys
    • Bus Lines
    • Business and Secretarial Schools
    • Business Services
    • Buying and Shopping Services and Clubs


    • Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services
    • Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
    • Camper, Recreational, and Utility Trailer Dealers
    • Candy, Nut, and Confectionery Stores
    • Car and Truck Dealers (New and Used) Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, and Leasing
    • Car and Truck Dealers (Used Only) Sales, Service, Repairs, Parts, and Leasing
    • Car Parks, Parking Metres and Garages
    • Car Rental Agency
    • Car Washes
    • Carpentry Contractors
    • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
    • Caterers
    • Chemicals and Allied Products
    • Child Care Services
    • Children’s and Infants’ Wear Stores
    • Cleaning, Maintenance, and Janitorial Services
    • Clothing Rental-Costumes, Uniforms, Formal Wear
    • Colleges, Universities, Professional Schools, and Junior Colleges
    • Commercial Equipment
    • Commercial Footwear
    • Commercial Photography, Art, and Graphics
    • Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Athletic Fields, and Sports Promoters
    • Computer Maintenance, Repair and Services
    • Computer Network/Information Services
    • Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Integrated Systems Design Services
    • Computer Software Stores
    • Computers and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software
    • Concrete Work Contractors
    • Construction Materials
    • Correspondence Schools
    • Cosmetic Stores
    • Counselling Services-Debt, Marriage, and Personal
    • Courier Services-Air and Ground, and Freight Forwarders


    • Dairy Products Stores
    • Dance Halls, Studios and Schools
    • Dentists and Orthodontists
    • Department Stores
    • Detective Agencies, Protective Services, and Security Services, including Armored Cars, and Guard Dogs
    • Digital Goods Media-Books, Movies, Music
    • Digital Goods-Applications (Excludes Games)
    • Digital Goods-Games
    • Direct Marketing-Insurance Services
    • Direct Marketing-Other Direct Marketers
    • Discount Stores
    • Drapery, Window Covering, and Upholstery Stores
    • Dry Cleaners


    • Eating Places and Restaurants
    • Electric Razor Stores-Sales and Service
    • Electrical and Small Appliance Repair Shops
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Electrical Parts and Equipment
    • Electronics Repair Shops
    • Electronics Stores
    • Elementary and Secondary Schools
    • Employment Agencies and Temporary Help Services
    • Equipment, Tool, Furniture, and Appliance Rental and Leasing
    • Exterminating and Disinfecting Services


    • Family Clothing Stores
    • Fast Food Restaurants
    • Fireplace, Fireplace Screens and Accessories Stores
    • Floor Covering Stores
    • Florists
    • Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners
    • Furniture, Home Furnishings, and Equipment Stores, Except Appliances
    • Furniture-Reupholstery, Repair, and Refinishing


    • General Contractors-Residential and Commercial
    • Government Services
    • Gift, Card, Novelty and Souvenir Shops
    • Glassware/Crystal Stores
    • Glass, Paint, and Wallpaper Stores


    • Hardware Stores
    • Hardware, Equipment and Supplies
    • Hearing Aids-Sales, Service, and Supply
    • Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning Contractors
    • Hobby, Toy, and Game Shops
    • Home Supply Warehouse Stores
    • Household Appliance Stores


    • Industrial Supplies
    • Information Retrieval Services
    • Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums


    • Kitchenware
    • Knives


    • Landscaping and Horticultural Services
    • Laundrette, Cleaning, and Garment Services
    • Laundries-Family and Commercial
    • Legal Services and Lawyers
    • Lodging-Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Central Reservation Services
    • Luggage and Leather Goods Stores
    • Lumber and Building Materials Stores


    • Management, Consulting, and Public Relations Services
    • Marinas, Marine Service, and Supplies
    • Masonry, Stonework, Tile Setting, Plastering and Insulation Contractors
    • Medical Services and Health Practitioners
    • Medical, Dental, Ophthalmic and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
    • Membership Organisations
    • Men’s and Boys’ Clothing and Accessories Stores
    • Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores
    • Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Uniforms and Commercial Clothing
    • Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Shops
    • Miscellaneous Automotive, Aircraft, and Farm Equipment Dealers
    • Miscellaneous Clothing and Accessory Shops
    • Miscellaneous Food Stores-Convenience Stores and Speciality Markets
    • Miscellaneous General Merchandise
    • Miscellaneous Home Furnishing Specialist Stores
    • Miscellaneous Personal Services
    • Miscellaneous Publishing and Printing
    • Miscellaneous Repair Shops and Related Services
    • Mobile Home Dealers
    • Motion Picture and Video Tape Production and Distribution
    • Motion Picture Theatres
    • Motor Freight Carriers and Trucking-Local and Long Distance, Moving and Storage Companies, and Local Delivery Services
    • Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle Rentals
    • Motor Homes Dealers
    • Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts
    • Motorcycle Shops and Dealers
    • Music Stores-Musical Instruments, Pianos, and Sheet Music


    • News Dealers and Newsstands
    • Nondurable Goods
    • Nurseries and Lawn and Garden Supply Stores


    • Office and Commercial Furniture
    • Opticians, Optical Goods, and Eyeglasses
    • Orthopaedic Goods-Prosthetic Devices
    • Other


    • Paints, Varnishes and Supplies
    • Pet Shops, Pet Foods, and Supplies Stores
    • Photofinishing Laboratories and Photo Developing
    • Photographic Studios
    • Photographic, Photocopy, Microfilm Equipment and Supplies
    • Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Goods
    • Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies
    • Property Agents and Managers-Rentals
    • Public Golf Courses
    • Public Warehousing and Storage-Farm Products, Refrigerated Goods, Household Goods, and Storage


    • Quick Copy, Reproduction, and Blueprinting Services


    • Record Stores
    • Recreation Services
    • Religious Goods Stores
    • Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work Contractors


    • Sewing, Needlework, Fabric and Piece Goods Stores
    • Shoe Repair Shops, Shoe Shine Parlours, and Hat Cleaning Shops
    • Shoe Stores
    • Snowmobile Dealers
    • Special Trade Contractors
    • Specialist Cleaning, Polishing and Sanitation Preparations
    • Sporting and Recreational Camps
    • Sporting Goods Stores
    • Sports and Riding Clothing Stores
    • Stamp and Coin Stores
    • Stationery Stores, Office, and School Supply Stores
    • Stenographic and Secretarial Support
    • Swimming Pools-Sales and Service


    • Tailors, Seamstresses, Mending, and Alterations
    • Taxicabs and Limousines
    • Telecommunication Equipment and Phone Sales
    • Telecommunication Services, including Local and Long Distance Calls, Credit Card Calls, Calls Through Use of Magnetic- Stripe-Reading Telephones, and Fax Services
    • Telegraph Services
    • Tent and Awning Shops Theatrical Producers (Except Motion Pictures) and Ticket Agencies
    • Timeshares
    • Tourist Attractions and Exhibits
    • Trailer Park and Camp Sites
    • Transportation Services
    • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
    • Truck and Utility Trailer Rentals
    • Typesetting, Plate Making and Related Services
    • Typewriter Stores-Sales, Rentals, and Service
    • Tyre Retreading and Repair Shops


    • Used Merchandise and Secondhand Stores
    • Utilities-Electric, Petrol, Water, and Sanitary


    • Variety Stores
    • Veterinary Services
    • Video Amusement Game Supplies
    • Vocational and Trade Schools


    • Watch, Clock, and Jewellery Repair
    • Welding Services
    • Wig and Toupee Stores
    • Women’s Accessory and Speciality Shops
    • Women’s Ready-To-Wear Stores

    What Product or service keywords to select on PayPal for different purposes?

    The Product or service keywords may vary by category and niche of your business or service.

    Now, you want to set up a Product or service keywords option while setting up a Paypal business account.

    You can choose a category according to your business type and business niche. Maybe the following would be helpful for you.

    I. Product or service keyword on PayPal for a Freelancers

    Product or service keywords on PayPal for a Freelancer will be based on the Freelancer's Work.

    There are a lot of fields where we can do freelancing like Writing, Graphics and web design, SEO Services, Software development, etc.

    If the freelancer is providing Advertisements for companies or people, then they can choose Advertising Services.

    Choose Computer Programming, Data Processing, and Integrated Systems Design Services, if they are providing Computing and data processing services or related work.

    Here, we've written a complete guide on What product or service keyword to choose for freelancers while creating a PayPal Business account?

    II. Product or service keywords on PayPal for Dropshipping

    - Most of the Dropshipping service providers choose PayPal for Payments. If you are one of them, you need to set up a PayPal business account.

    While setting up the PayPal business account, you'll need to select a product or service keyword. You can select it according to your Dropshipping services.

    e.g. If your Dropshipping business is related to Sports equipment, select Sporting Goods Stores as Product or service keywords.

    Or simply choose any out of the below keywords

    • Buying and Shopping Services and Clubs
    • Public Warehousing and Storage-Farm Products, Refrigerated Goods, Household Goods, and Storage
    • Courier Services-Air and Ground, and Freight Forwarders

    These are some keywords that cover the entire area of work.

    III. Product or service keywords on Paypal for Twitch

    As per the report from Backlink, twitch is the 6th most loved game streaming platform among the gamer community. It is mostly used for Game Streaming.

    So, here we'll consider that you're a Twitch game streamer, and want to choose the proper Product keyword for your PayPal account.

    You'll need to Choose any one from the below keywords:

    • Digital Goods-Games
    • Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers
    • Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Athletic Fields, and Sports Promoters

    The list is provided as a top priority. 'Digital Goods-Games' is the best suited for Twitch gaming.

    Also, you choose the 'Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers' keyword. Because Game streaming comes under the Miscellaneous entertainers category.

    As a Game streamer, you're an e-sports promoter. So, 'Commercial Sports, Professional Sports Clubs, Athletic Fields, and Sports Promoters' is also the best option that you can choose.

    There is another category for Twitch streamers who are using the paypal only to accept payments for Selling merchandise. If you're one of them, use the 'Miscellaneous General Merchandise' keyword.

    IV. Product or service keywords on PayPal for Youtube

    - YouTube is a multi-niche category in the Digital entertainment industry. Let's consider that you're coming here to set up the PayPal for Your Youtube channel.

    So, the purpose of your YouTube video will be different.

    Also, Product or service keywords on PayPal are totally dependent on "What creator is presenting?".

    If you are a Gaming Streamer, then you should go with Video games and systems or Digital Goods-Games.

    But, if you are a normal streamer who is streaming any content related to information or entertainment purposes Digital Goods Media-Books, Movies, Music.

    Now, here's the catch if your YouTube channel is providing any kind of information to your audience who are not very attached to you.

    But, if you are providing them services or content and they are only coming for their needs then we need to choose Recreation Services.

    Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers are also the technically correct keywords for Online Streamers who entertain their audience.

    V. Product or service keywords on Paypal for Streaming

    Different types of streaming exist like Music Streaming, Video streaming (TV or VOD - video on demand), and our Game Streaming.

    A) So, if you're the owner of a Music Streaming company, then you can go for 

    • Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services
    • Digital Goods Media-Books, Movies, Music
    • Bands, Orchestras, and Miscellaneous Entertainers

    The first two are more relevant than 3rd one. But, you can choose any of the above keywords.

    B) For TV, VOD, or Video streaming services business owners, they can choose 

    • Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services
    • Digital Goods Media-Books, Movies, Music
    • Motion Picture and Video Tape Production and Distribution
    • Motion Picture Theatres

    'Cable, Satellite, and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services' will be the best choice for such business owners.

    You can choose others too, if your services are more inclined towards streaming of already-produced media like movies, vlogs, prerecorded media, etc.

    VI. Product or service keywords for Art

    - For selling digital Art. They can also choose anything from the following options as Product or Service keywords for art.

    • Art Dealers and Galleries
    • Commercial Photography, Art, and Graphics

    'Digital Goods Media - Books, Movies, Music' option for those sellers who sell Digital artworks in the form of Movies, short videos, Music, etc.

    For a more detailed guide on choosing the correct keyword, I would recommend you check the dedicated post - PayPal business account Product or service keywords for Artists!

    VII. Product or service keyword for Affiliate Marketing

    - PayPal Business is one of the best methods to accept payment from Affiliate programs which they release every month.

    Here, you are not receiving money from a particular customer. All money you'll be getting is from the Affiliate Program.

    VIII. Product or service keyword for Herbalife

    - For Herbalife-related works and services, you can Choose Medication and supplements as Product or service keywords.


    What Product or service keywords to choose for coaching?

    For any kind of coaching, Miscellaneous Personal Services can be used in that case. You can also use Counselling Services-Debt, Marriage, and Personal.

    What product or service keywords to choose for Psychics?

    Some sub-categories come under psychic business or services like Psychic reading, magic crystal ball, and other similar product selling.

    So, you can choose 'Miscellaneous Personal Services' because there is not any dedicated keyword available for Psychics.

    For selling Psychic-related products, you can choose 'Religious Goods Stores'. It's the perfect keyword for a psychic products seller.

    What type of products or services do you sell on Twitch?

    While streaming the Gaming, you can ask your audience to buy Print-on-demand merchandise of your branding like T-shirts, Caps, Mugs, etc.

    You can set up a PayPal Business account for that to accept the merch payments. For selling that Merchs, you can use 'Miscellaneous General Merchandise' as a PayPal Keyword.

    What Product or service keywords to choose for kitchen and home appliances?

    For kitchen, garden products, and home appliances, you can go for Household appliances stores or Kitchenware.

    Can I use the same Product or Service keywords for my PayPal account on different platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Art websites?

    Yes, you can use it. You can use Digital Goods Media-Books, Movies, Music as your keyword. That will be a suitable option for your case.

    But, why don't you use it, even though the Product or Service Keywords are available to select to specify the PayPal Category type of your Business.

    Also, you can refer to the Keywords from the given list of Keywords and Services!

    Are there any tools or resources available to help me find the best product or service keywords for my PayPal account on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Art websites?

    No. There are no such apps or tools available that will check and find the best product or service keywords for your PayPal account.

    You can use AI tools like Gemini or ChatGPT. But, don't rely on them only. They are not 100% correct. Use your wisdom to finalize the decision.

    But, you can use our resource which clearly explains how to use different keywords for different types of businesses.

    Our guide contains which Product or service keywords you can use on PayPal for Dropshipping, Twitch, YouTube, Art, Affiliate Marketing, Herbalife, Freelancing, etc.

    The above business streams mostly use PayPal business for the management of their payments.

    If your business is not from the above options, don't worry you can refer to the list of Product or service keywords that we've provided in this article.


    In the above article, we've provided a few options as Product or service keywords on Paypal for different platforms like Twitch, and YouTube, and areas like Art, Streaming, Freelancing, etc.

    Also, we've shared an entire list of PayPal Business account product or service keyword lists to choose from.

    If you face any issues while Choosing and Adding the product or service keywords to the PayPal Business account. We'll definitely help you!