PayPal - Product or service keywords for Twitch, Youtube, Art & others

Product or service keywords PayPal for Twitch, Youtube, Art & others

If you have started your Online business and searching for a Payment medium to accept payments from your Customers, followers, or any audience related to your Business, PayPal would be the best option for Online Business.

While setting up the PayPal business, The question comes here "What do I put for product or service keywords on PayPal?".

This guide is all about what you have to select under Product or service keywords on the PayPal Business account for your businesses like Twitch, Art, Youtube, Streaming, Dropshipping, freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, Herbalife, etc.

Also, we've shared the entire list of PayPal's Product or service keywords list which will be helpful for you to find your desired product or service keyword!

    What is the product or service keyword?

    The Product or service keyword is the Category available on the PayPal Business account to identify a business type. The business owner can provide the Specific MCC codes to differentiate their Business type.

    How to set up Product or service keywords on PayPal for different purposes?

    The Product or service keywords may vary by category and niche of your business or service.

    Now, you want to set up a Product or service keywords option while setting up a Paypal business account.

    You can choose a category according to your business type and business niche. Maybe the following would find helpful for you.

    I. Product or service keywords on PayPal for Streaming

    - Streaming is a multi-niche category in the Digital entertainment industry. Product or service keywords on PayPal are totally dependent on "What creator is Streaming?".

    If you are a Gaming Streamer then you should go with Video games and systems or Online Gaming.

    But, if you are a normal streamer who are streaming any content related to information or entertainment purpose Digital content.

    II. Product or service keywords on PayPal for Dropshipping

    - Most of the Dropshipping service providers choose PayPal for Payments. If you are one of them, you need to set up a PayPal business account.

    While setting up the PayPal business account, you'll need to select a product or service keyword. You can select it according to your Drop Shipping services.

    e.g. If your Dropshipping business is related to Sports equipment, select Sporting equipment as Product or service keywords.

    III. Product or service keywords on PayPal for YouTube

    - If you are YouTube Streamer then you should go with Digital content. 

    IV. Product or service keywords on PayPal for Twitch

    - For Twitch users, you'll need to select Digital Content as Product or service keywords.

    Or you can go with the Specific category if your Work/Content belongs to that domain.

    V. Product or service keyword on PayPal for a Freelancer

    - Product or service keywords on PayPal for a Freelancer will be based on the Freelancer's Work.

    If the freelancer is providing Online Services, then he can choose Computer and data processing services if he is providing Computing & Data processing services or related work.

    VI. Product or service keywords for Art

    - Digital Goods option should be used for Digital Art. They can choose anything from the following options as Product or Service keywords for art.

    • Art and craft supplies.
    • Art dealers and galleries.
    • Arts and crafts.

    VII. Product or service keyword for Affiliate Marketing

    - PayPal Business is one of the best methods to accept payment from Affiliate programs which they release every month.

    Here, you are not receiving money from a particular customer. All money you'll be getting is from Affiliate Program.

    VIII. Product or service keyword for Herbalife

    - For Herbalife related works and services, you can Choose Medication and supplements as Product or service keywords.

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    PayPal product or service keyword list

    If you are also a person who is searching for a PayPal product or service keyword list.

    There is a total of 259 Product or service keywords available for users to select while setting up a Paypal business account.

    Please find the following PayPal Business account Product or service keyword list:

    • Accessories
    • Accounting
    • Adult digital content
    • Advertising
    • Agricultural
    • Airline
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Antiques
    • Appliances
    • Architectural, engineering, and surveying services
    • Art and craft supplies
    • Art dealers and galleries
    • Arts and crafts
    • Athletic shoes
    • Audio and video
    • Audiobooks
    • Auto body repair and paint
    • Auto dealer – new and used
    • Auto dealer – used only
    • Auto rental
    • Auto service
    • Automotive tire supply and service
    • Aviation
    • Baby products (other)
    • Bath and Body
    • Bed and bath
    • Bicycle shop, service, and repair
    • Boat dealer
    • Boat rental and leases
    • Boating, sailing, and accessories
    • Bus line
    • Business and secretarial schools
    • Cable, satellite, and other pay - TV and radio.
    • Camera and photographic supplies
    • Cameras, camcorders, and equipment
    • Camping and outdoors
    • Car wash
    • Career Services
    • Carpentry
    • Catering services
    • Cell phones, PDAs, and pagers
    • Charity
    • Chemicals and allied products
    • Child care services
    • Child daycare services
    • Children’s Clothing
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Clothing
    • Coffee and tea
    • Collection agency
    • Colleges and universities
    • Commercial photography, art, and graphics
    • Commercial photography
    • Commodities and futures exchange
    • Computer and data processing services
    • Computer network services
    • Concert tickets
    • Construction material
    • Construction
    • Consulting services
    • Consumer credit reporting agencies
    • Counseling services
    • Courier services
    • Credit union
    • Cruises
    • Currency dealer and currency exchange
    • Dance halls, studios, and schools
    • Debt counseling service
    • Dental care
    • Department store
    • Desktops, laptops, and notebooks
    • Digital art
    • Digital content
    • Discount store
    • Drapery, window covering, and upholstery
    • Drugstore (excluding prescription drugs)
    • Drugstore (including prescription drugs)
    • Durable goods
    • eCommerce services
    • Educational and textbooks
    • Educational services
    • Educational
    • Electrical and small appliance repair
    • Elementary and secondary schools
    • Entertainers
    • Entertainment
    • Equipment rental and leasing services
    • Equipment repair services
    • Escrow
    • Event and wedding planning
    • Exercise and fitness
    • Exterminating and disinfecting services
    • Fan gear and memorabilia
    • Fashion Jewelry
    • Fiction and nonfiction
    • Finance company
    • Financial and investment advice
    • Firearm accessories
    • Firearms
    • Fireplace, and fireplace screens
    • Florist
    • Fragrances and perfumes
    • Furniture
    • Gambling
    • Garden supplies
    • General contractors
    • General electronic accessories
    • Gift, card, novelty, and souvenir shops
    • Glass, paint, and wallpaper
    • Gourmet foods
    • Government services (not elsewhere classified)
    • Graphic and commercial design
    • Hardware and tools
    • Health and beauty spas
    • Hiring services
    • Hobby, toy, and game shops
    • Home Audio
    • Home Decor
    • Home Electronics
    • Housewares
    • Hunting
    • IDs, licenses, and passports
    • Importing and exporting
    • Industrial and manufacturing supplies
    • Information retrieval services
    • Insurance – auto and home
    • Insurance – life and annuity
    • Insurance (auto and home)
    • Insurance (life and annuity)
    • Investments (general)
    • Kitchenware
    • Knives
    • Landscaping and horticultural
    • Landscaping
    • Legal services and attorneys
    • Local delivery service
    • Lodging and accommodations
    • Lottery and contests
    • Luggage and leather goods
    • Magazines
    • Mailing lists
    • Maintenance and repair services
    • Makeup and cosmetics
    • Marketing
    • Martial arts weapons
    • Medical care
    • Medical equipment and supplies
    • Medication and supplements
    • Membership clubs and organizations
    • Membership services
    • Memorabilia
    • Men’s Clothing
    • Merchandise
    • Military and civil service uniforms
    • Misc. publishing and printing
    • Mobile home dealer
    • Money service business
    • Monitors and projectors
    • Mortgage brokers or dealers
    • Motor home and recreational vehicle rental
    • Motorcycle dealer
    • Movie tickets
    • Movies (DVDs, videotapes)
    • Moving and Storage
    • Multi-level marketing
    • Music (CDs, cassettes, and albums)
    • Music store – instruments and sheet music
    • Music store (instruments and sheet music)
    • Networking
    • New parts and supplies – motor vehicle
    • Non-durable goods
    • Nursery plants and flowers
    • Office and commercial furniture
    • Office supplies and equipment
    • Online dating
    • Online games
    • Online gaming currency
    • Online gaming
    • Other
    • Parts and accessories
    • Party supplies
    • Paycheck lender or cash advance
    • Peripherals
    • Personal
    • Pet shops, pet food, and supplies
    • Photofinishing
    • Photographic studios – portraits
    • Political
    • Prepaid and stored value cards
    • Protective and security services
    • Publishing and printing
    • Quick copy and reproduction services
    • Radio, television, and stereo repair
    • Rare and used books
    • Real estate agent
    • Recreational and utility trailer dealer
    • Recreational services
    • Recreational vehicle dealer
    • Religious
    • Remittance
    • Rental property management
    • Restaurant
    • Retail (fine jewelry and watches)
    • Reupholstery and furniture repair
    • Rugs and carpets
    • Safety and health
    • Security and surveillance equipment
    • Security and surveillance
    • Security brokers and dealers
    • Services (not elsewhere classified)
    • Sewing, needlework, and fabrics
    • Shipping and packing
    • Shoes
    • Shopping services and buying clubs
    • Slot machines
    • Software
    • Specialty and miscellaneous food stores
    • Specialty or rare pets
    • Sports games and toys
    • Sporting and recreation camps
    • Sporting equipment
    • Stamp and coin
    • Stationary, printing, and writing paper
    • Stenographic and secretarial support services
    • Swimming pool services
    • Swimming pools and spas
    • Tailors and alterations
    • Taxicabs and limousines
    • Telecommunication equipment and sales
    • Telecommunication service
    • Telephone cards
    • Theater tickets
    • Timeshares
    • Tobacco
    • Tools and equipment
    • Tours
    • Towing service
    • Toys and games
    • Trailer parks or campgrounds
    • Training services
    • Transportation services – other
    • Travel agency
    • Truck and utility trailer rental
    • Used and secondhand store
    • Used parts – motor vehicle
    • Utilities
    • Variety store
    • Veterinary services
    • Video games and systems
    • Vintage and collectibles
    • Vision care
    • Vitamins and supplements
    • Vocational and trade schools
    • Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
    • Web hosting and design
    • Wholesale (precious stones and metals)
    • Wholesale
    • Wire transfer and money order
    • Women’s Clothing


    Can I use the same Product or Service keywords for my PayPal account on different platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Art websites?

    You can use it. But, why not you're using it, even though the Product or Service Keywords are available to select to specify the PayPal Category type of your Business.

    In such conditions, you'll need to choose according to your business type e.g. if you're a Gaming streamer who uses Twitch and YouTube, you can choose another keyword like Video Online Gaming.

    You can refer to the Keywords from the given list of Keywords and Services!

    Are there any tools or resources available to help me find the best product or service keywords for my PayPal account on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Art websites?

    No. There are no such apps or tools available which will check and find the best product or service keywords for your PayPal account.

    But, you can use our resource which clearly explains how to use different keywords for different types of businesses.

    Our guide contains which Product or service keywords you can use on PayPal for Streaming, Dropshipping, Twitch, Youtube, Art, Affiliate Marketing, Herbalife, Freelancing, etc.

    The above business streams mostly use PayPal business for the management of their payments. If your business is not from the above options, don't worry you can refer to the list of Product or service keywords that we've provided in this article.


    In the above article, we've provided a few options as Product or service keywords on Paypal for different platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and areas like Art, Streaming, Freelancing, etc.

    Also, we've shared an entire list of PayPal Business account product or service keyword lists to choose from.

    If you face any issues while Choosing and Adding the product or service keywords to the PayPal Business account. We'll defiantly help you!