5 Ways to Convert iTunes or Apple Gift card to Google Play, Bank, PayPal! 2024 Tutorial

Sometimes, you purchase an Apple/iTunes e-gift card or physical gift card mistakenly, OR let's consider that someone sent you an iTunes gift card and you are an Android user.

How will you redeem an Apple/iTunes gift card? You can't use or directly Convert iTunes or Apple Gift card money to Google Play.

Either convert it to Google Play directly/indirectly or use it on 3rd party app on Android.

In this article, we are going to see different ways to convert an iTunes gift card to Google Play/Cash/Bank by using the following methods:

  1. Request for Refund
  2. Sell iTunes gift cards or Trade iTunes gift cards
  3. Sell it on Reddit
  4. Buy Apple products or services for others
  5. Product or service Arbitrage

    How to Convert Apple/iTunes gift card money to Google Play on Android?

    Actually, converting or transferring iTunes gift card money to other platforms like Google Play Store or directly to Android isn't possible.

    But there are certain techniques by using which you can use to refund your iTunes card.

    Method 1: Request for Refund

    In most cases, Apple won't refund your iTunes or Apple gift cards or balances. But, you can try to get some help from Apple support.

    There are some people who have refunded their Gift cards.

    1. Login with your Apple ID and navigate to Apple support 

    2. Search the query 'Refund for Apple/iTunes gift card'

    3. Select the Request the Refund option from the results

    4. Provide your Details like Your Apple ID, Store Credit refund amount, and Current Shipping address

    They may accept or reject your refund request and you can use that money to spend on Google Play.

    To increase the refund chances, you can provide a reason like My son or brother accidentally applied to redeem this Gift card.

    Create a scenario that should look genuine to them and then apply for a refund accordingly.

    Method 2: Sell iTunes gift cards or Trade iTunes gift cards

    You can sell iTunes gift cards to any website or any individual person. There are a bunch of websites and apps that purchase unused iTunes gift cards and pay you in your local currencies like USD, CAD, Pound, EURO, AUD, NZD, INR, etc.

    Websites that accept Gift cards for Crypto - RemitanoPaxful, Binance, etc.

      We'll use the Remitano to convert Apple/iTunes Gift cards to Crypto or PayPal.

      Then, we can use that Crypto or PayPal money to buy a PlayStation Gift card or use it directly on the PlayStation store.

      Step 1: Convert Apple or iTunes gift card into Crypto using Remitano

      In this method, we'll use the Remitano. It allows us to buy cryptocurrency using Gift cards.

      1. Register with Remitano & navigate to the Buy Sell Crypto option from the top menu

      2. Select Crypto(I've chosen BTC), add the Amount(USD), anPayment method(iTunes/Apple Gift card)

      3. Press Buy Button

      Remitano - buy crypto from iTunes gift card

      4. Adjust the amount(BTC) and proceed

      5. Chat with a buyer and confirm the offer, then upload the Gift card

      6. After the transaction, you'll receive the Crypto in your Wallet

      Now, we'll convert the Crypto to a PlayStation gift card.

      After selling an iTunes gift card, you've received crypto in your wallet. You can use it directly to purchase a Google Play Gift card.

      Alternatively, you can receive money in your PayPal wallet instead of Crypto.

      Step 2: Buy a Google Play gift card using a Bitcoin

      buy google gift card from coingate
      Courtesy: Coingate.com

      Use Coingate to purchase the Google Play gift card. It's trusted, easy to purchase, low fee, and instantly delivers Gift card delivery.

      Or you can trade your iTunes Gift card with others who have Google Play gift cards and want an iTunes gift card.

      This [Remitano + Coingate] combination method will make your Trading iTunes gift card for a Google Play experience better and easier to do.

      Keep note that you'll not get all the money you spend to convert gift cards. Time decreases the value of the product.

      E.g., for every $50 iTunes gift card, you'll get $40-$42 approximately.

      Method 3: Sell it on Reddit

      If you are not getting many buying requests you wanted on Paxful or Gameflip, you can choose Reddit for that.

      Reddit has some subreddits created by users for special purposes.

      E. g. if you want to sell or exchange your Gift cards like Amazon Gift cards, iTunes Gift cards, or Google Play Gift cards for money or crypto.

      It's pretty easy to sell Gift cards on Reddit.

      1. Just join the subreddit, and put your Gift card sell or trade request in that subreddit Community feed

      2. I'll show a one sample request - 

      exchange gift card on Reddit

      Visit the Reddit GCX subreddit and post your Walmart gift card exchange request with the following message:

      • I've got an iTunes/Apple GC $<Your Walmart gift card balance>, and I'm ready to exchange with PayPal or Actual Cash, Visa Gift card, or Cash App.

      4. People will approach you to buy it

      5. You can connect with the buyer on Reddit

      Few other Gift card exchange/Sell subreddits that you can use - GCTrading, BarterBizarre Bazaaretc.

      Method 4: Buy Apple products or services for others

      If you have tried previous methods, didn't get what you wanted? Then try to purchase Apple products and services like Apps, Games, Subscriptions, and accessories(if you have an Apple gift card).

      Find someone from your Friend circle or family member who wants to buy Apps or Games, and try to get them for them.

      You can ask them to buy a Gift card from you. In exchange, you can request a Google Play gift card or simply cash.

      Either you simply buy the product using your Gift card or Purchase it for yourself and share it with them. The choice is yours.

      Process to share the purchased Apple products is as follows:

      If you want to share the Apple purchases with someone, you can ask someone from your friend circle, family, or neighbor.

      Share the iOS app purchases on a Parent device

      1. Find someone who wants to buy some apps from the iOS App store

      2. Redeem your Apple gift card if it's not redeemed and purchase the app that app on your end

      3. Open settings on any of your iOS devices and follow this path - Family > Your Apple ID Avatar/Character > Purchases, Toggle the Share My Purchases option

      Make sure that you've added the other person's Apple ID to your Family.

      You've shared the App with your family members. The next process is to download the app from Family on your friend's device.

      Download the shared iOS app purchases on the Child's device

      You can't download the app directly from the App Store and start using it to use the purchased version.

      You'll need to download the specific app from the purchases section of Family.

      1. App store Dashboard, follow this path - Profile > Purcahsed > Family purchases

      2. Search the app from the list and hit the Download button

      It will download the app from the purchased section and your friend can use it.

      Method 5: Product or service Arbitrage

      You can also try to buy Apple products or services using Apple or iTunes Gift cards and then list them on platforms like eBay, Best Buy, etc.

      You will get the original price of your service or product, but sometimes you may earn a profit on that.

      You can use that money to get your Google Play gift card!

      Can you really use iTunes on Android?

      The answer is No. If you are Talking about the iTunes app, you can't use iTunes on an Android device. iTunes app is designed to work only on macOS or iOS devices.

      If you're asking about the Apple/iTunes Gift card, still you can't use it directly on your Android device.

      But you can Buy an Apple Music/iTunes music app subscription through an iTunes gift card on iOS.

      Then log in and sync your Apple music/iTunes music on an Android device.

      It's that simple! And same goes for other iOS-based apps like Books, Apple TV, and other apps that work on both platforms, etc. 

      Till now this is the only way, how you can use an iTunes gift card on an Android device.

      How do I use iTunes/Apple Gift card on PlayStation?

      Buy a PlayStation PSN Card using Sold iTunes money after selling the iTunes gift card

      After you are done exchanging Apple or iTunes gift cards for Crypto as explained in method 2, you can either purchase a PlayStation PSN gift card from the same platform or any other place.

      We'll see the same & 3rd party platform, steps for Remitano as follows:

      1. Open the Remitano dashboard and then change the trade option to sell as shown in the picture

      2. Put the filters Amount(BTC), & Payment method(Playstation Gift card)

      NOTE: Select to Coin amount option to change the amount to BTC.

      Remitano - Sell the Crypto for Playstation gift card

      3. The rest of the process is the same as the buying guide

      Now, you can redeem the gift card to the PlayStation network and we can start using it.

      Buy a PlayStation Gift card from a 3rd-party platform

      There are so many platforms to Buy Gift cards using Cryptos like CoinBee, eGifter, CoinGate, etc.

      We'll be using CoinBee. The steps are as follows:

      1. Visit CoinBee & Provide your Region, and Amount

      Buy PlayStation gift card from CoinBee

      2. Add it to the cart and connect the Wallet with CoinBee

      Now, you can use PlayStation to buy anything from the PlayStation store.

      Our views

      From the above article, we have concluded that you convert or Trade iTunes gift cards for Google Play on Android.

      There are several methods available to do that which we discussed and explained in this post!

      From Selling or trading iTunes Gift cards to Converting them. You can do anything.

      If you have any issue regarding selling an iTunes gift card, transferring it to a Google Play card, or any other query related to iTunes, then feel free to ask us in the comment section.


      What to do with an iTunes Gift card on Android?

      You can't use an iTunes gift card on Android. But you can use it on the iOS platform and then sync it with your Android device. So you'll get benefits of out it.

      You can use an iTunes gift card to buy iOS games & apps, iTunes music/Apple Music purchases, Apple TV which is connected with Android, Arcade app, iTunes app, etc.

      Can you use an iTunes card for Apple Music on Android or iOS?

      As we already said, you can use an iTunes card to purchase anything on Apple Music. For Android, you will need to sync your iOS music app account with your Android one.

      How to use an Apple store gift card online?

      You can use an Apple Store gift card to purchase in-app game features, games, apps, Books, movies, music, etc. from the App Store, and iTunes.

      You can redeem an Apple gift card code on the App Store or iTunes.