How to add or remove picture from Music player on Android and iOS?

How to add or remove picture from Music player on Android and iOS

You're getting questions like how do I change the background picture on my Huawei music player, oppo, or Samsung?

No problem, whether you have a Huawei device, Oppo, Samsung, or any other device, you'll be able to add or remove the Background image from any music file.

In this tutorial, we'll be using 3rd party application which will allow you to add or remove any music picture or Album artwork.

    How to add and remove pictures from a music player on android?

    You can't really add or remove any picture from any android music player. You'll need to dig into the Music folder or use 3rd party apps to add or remove images.

    Add a background image to a music file on android

    Follow the given steps to install the app that we're using in this tutorial.

    1. Open Playstore and Download the app called Star Music Tag Editor
    2. Provide all required permissions like file folders and Storage
    3. Now, Open the app and select the song in which you want to add an Image
      edit song image By using the Music Tag editor app      edit song details By using the Music Tag editor app

    4. Select the option called Choose picture
    5. It will select the Image and update it in the music file(.mp3)

    This is how you can put a picture on a song on your Android phone

    Remove a picture from the music file on android

    Just like we've used the app for adding the image to a music file, we'll use the same app to remove it.

    Open the Star Music Tag Editor app and then open the music file(.mp3)

    Now, select the Remove Artwork option

    It will remove the background image from the selected music file.

    How do you add and remove pictures from a music player on your iPhone and iPad?

    In the previous method, we changed the image of the music file in an Android and we used 3rd app. Here also, we'll use the 3rd app called Evertag: Music Tag Editor to update the Music image.

    Install the given app from AppStore and open it

    Now, select the Music file and choose Edit Music Tags

    Then, you'll find the two options Change image and Delete image just below the Music Image

    Select the Change image for adding the background image and Delete image for removing the image

    This method will be helpful only for those who are going to edit .mp3 or any other Music file. It supports almost every music file type.

    If you're trying to edit artwork of another Music streaming app, it will not work.

    How do I remove an Album artwork or Album image from my Android?

    You can remove the Album artwork using 2 different methods - first by using the Music Tag editor and other by using the Folder edit method. 

    The second method doesn't always work and it doesn't work for all android devices. So we'll suggest going with the first one.

    By using the Music Tag editor app

    1. Open the app called Star Music Tag Editor and navigate to the Album tab
      edit album By using the Music Tag editor app

    2. Now, select any album and there you'll find the Choose picture option
    3. Select it and it will change the Music Album Artwork

    By using the File manager

    This method has a very low success rate, it sometimes doesn't work properly. 

    How to remove the music image from the lock screen on Spotify?

    You can remove the Spotify Music cover pic from your lock screen on your android device. Spotify doesn't have such an option to disable cover pic on lock screen.

    You will need to disable it from android settings. Follow the below path -

    For older android smartphones(below android 8.0 oreo)

    1. Open Android Settings > Sounds & notifications > App notifications, here select Spotify and disable its notification.

    Now, it will not show you any Music image on your Lock Screen anymore.

    For newer android smartphones(above android 8.0 oreo)

    1. Open Android Settings and select Display.
    2. Then, select the Lock Screen option under the Lock Display section
    3. Choose Don't show notifications at all under Notification on lock screen option

    It will remove all the notifications, Music art, and Music player controller from your Lock Screen.

    How do I get album artwork on my Android?

    If you liked any music or album artwork and want to download it. Normal music players don't have that option. You can't download it from default Music players on android devices.

    Then we need to do it using 3rd party apps. There are so many apps that can download any song or album artwork within seconds. We recommended using - Album Art Changer!

    Download the app and open it

    Now, choose the music file and select the Download option from 3 dots

    It will download the Music or album artwork into your android storage!


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can add, change or remove the Music and Album artwork with easy steps using the app called Star Album Art Changer.

    There is another method to change the Music artwork using File manager. This doesn't actually work well with all devices. We prefer to use the app method instead of the File manager.

    If you've any queries regarding this post, please let us know through the comment section or if you've any suggestions to improve this article, we'll be happy to add your points to this post.

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