American Express Gift card balance transfer to Steam and Bank account?

How to use an American Express gift card on steam

Does Steam accept American Express gift cards? American Express says that Amex gift cards can be used on a wide variety of platforms.

Still, Most people face issues like an American express gift card not working on Steam. But we have an alternative method.

So you can transfer American Express Gift card money to a Bank account to use it on Steam.

Let Dig-In and find out how can we use the Amex gift cards on steam!

    Does steam accept an American Express Gift card, Debit, or Credit card?

    Yeah! According to the Steam Payment methods, they accept all kinds of credit, debit, Gift cards, and other domestic cards.

    Steam accepts payments from American Express, and also supports other cards & platforms like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, etc.

    You will only get refunds of Payments only on Visa and MasterCard. For the rest of the payment methods, you'll not get refunds on any purchase of Steam games.

    How to use an American Express gift card on steam?

    Before adding an American Express gift card, activate and validate it from the American Express official Gift card activation page. You can add and manage it from their Activation page.

    Method 1:

    1. Open the Steam website and log in to your Steam account

    2. Now, open the My Account section

    American Express gift card on steam

    3. Select Add a payment method to this Account Under Account details

    4. Try to find American Express as the payment method. Some countries don't allow American Express cards

    If you find the American Express card payment option in the Payment method it means your Country allows you to add an American Express Gift card on Steam.

    If the American Express gift card not working on steam for your country. Don't worry we have a second option.

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    Method 2:

    There is another way to transfer the money from an Amex gift card to Steam. If Steam isn't accepting your Amex gift card for any reason, still you can sell them for Steam gift cards.

    Go to Walmart or Target retail store. Ask for Steam gift cards and pay the payment using your Amex Gift card. Walmart does accept Amex gift cards.

    Method 3:

    There are so many 3rd party Apps available in the Market by using which you can transfer American Express or any Gift card into your Bank account.

    use an American Express gift card on steam

    We would suggest an app called Prepaid2Cash. This app is available on iOS and Android platforms. They support a wide variety of cards like Visa, Target, Mastercard, Amex, Best buy, and 100+ other Card brands.

    1. You just need to download the app.

    2. Open it and scan the American Express gift card.

    3. Select Bank account as the Delivery option and Tomorrow as the Delivery time.

    Once you receive the money in your Bank account then you can add this money to Steam through Debit and Credit cards as payment methods.

    Note: They charge some amount as a transaction fee. They may deduct 30 to 70% of your total fee according to your location.

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    How to check your Amex Gift card Balance online?

    Before going to convert your American Express Gift card to a Steam wallet, Check your American Express gift card's enough balance to transfer.

    You can check your balance using the simple steps as follows:

    1. Open Amex Gift card - Balance check the website and log in with your Amex Gift card credentials

    2. You have successfully activated your Amex Gift card! Now, you can manage your American Express Gift cards from here

    If you want to check the balance along with the Transaction history, follow these steps.

    1. Open Amex Gift card - Balance and History check and Login using Amex Gift card details

    2. Here you can check your Gift card and Business gift card balance. Also, the Transaction history can be managed from here

    Final views

    From the above article, we've concluded that you can add an American Express gift card on Steam.

    Some people will still face problems while adding American Express as a payment option so they can use an alternative method.

    We've shared all the possible methods to transfer the American Express gift card to Bank to use it on steam. All methods are working fine as we've used all methods.

    If still, the American Express Gift card is not working on steam, Drop your query in the comment section. So, we can suggest a new and alternative method!

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