How to use Mastercard, Visa Gift cards on PlayStation Store? 2024 Guide

You have a Mastercard, Visa, or another prepaid Gift card and want to use it on the PlayStation store.

But, Can you really Use a Mastercard or Visa Gift card in a PlayStation store?

The answer is Yes, you can add a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other similar gift cards to use on the PlayStation Store.

This guide applies to all PlayStations like PS3, PS4, and the latest PS5!

Steps to add and use Mastercard or Visa debit Gift cards on the PlayStation store are as follows.

    What are PlayStation Store payment methods in 2024?

    PlayStation Store has a wide variety of payment options for Customers. You can add PayPal, Credit or Debit card, or Any Prepaid Card(including Gift cards).

    Also, they have their own PlayStation Wallet system which can be used to purchase at the PlayStation Store.

    There's a Playstation Gift card that can be used to make purchases in the Playstation Store.

    How to add and use a Mastercard, Visa, or any other Gift card on the PlayStation store?

    PlayStation store accepts all major Gift cards including Visa, MasterCard, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners, Discover, etc. to use as the Default payment methods while purchasing anything on the PlayStation store.

    1. Open the PlayStation Store website and sign up with your account

    2. Now, Choose the profile

    3. Here you will find the Payment management option under the Profile

    PlayStation store online - dashboard

    4. Now, select the Add Payment Method button and you'll be redirected to another page with the Add a Credit/Debit card button page

    5. Select it and Fill in the details like 16-digit Gift card number, Prepaid Gift card type, Card Holder's name(A Gift for you or anything whose letter is on your card), Expiration Date, and CVV

    add visa & mastercard gift card on playstation store

    6. Now, enter the Zip code of your Gift card and submit

      The message will pop up that you have successfully added a Credit/Debit card to the PlayStation store.

      Before adding the Gift card details, make sure that you have a Registered Zip Code On your Mastercard or Visa Gift Card.

      To register your Gift card Zip code, follow the given steps

      • Open the respective Gift card registration website(You'll find it backside of your Gift card)
      • Now you can register your Gift card zip code by using the Assign a Zip code option.

      Apart from Website-based registration, you can also use Mobile phone-based Zipcode registration. It works pretty well!

      If you're using Steam, then this is how you can use Visa Gift cards on that?

      How to use a PlayStation Store Gift card on PlayStation Store?

      Along with Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit cards and gift cards, you can also redeem PlayStation's store Gift card on the PlayStation online store.

      1. First of all, open the PlayStation Store website
      2. Select the Manage your account under the Account option at the bottom of the Website
      3. Choose Payment Management under the PlayStation Network section
      4. Now, Don't select Add a Credit/Debit card as shown in the previous method. Go for an option called Redeem a Pre-Paid card

      You can add a PlayStation store gift card on the PlayStation Store using the given steps.

      Additionally, they allow us to combine a Prepaid card or gift card with a Credit/Debit card.

      How to use a Vanilla Visa Gift card on PS4 & PS5?

      Vanilla Visa Gift Card can be used for purchasing games on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. You can add them just like any other Debit card on PS4 or PS5.

      Steps to Add Vanilla Visa gift card on PS 4:

      • Open PlayStation Store
      • Scroll to the bottom and select Payment Methods
      • Select the Credit/Debit cards option
      • Enter your Vanilla Visa Gift Card details and save the information

      Steps to Add Vanilla Visa gift card on PS 5:

      • Follow the path Settings > Users and Accounts
      • Now, Select Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Payment Methods
      • Select the Credit/Debit cards option
      • Enter your Visa Gift Card details and save it

      Adding Payment methods on PS4 & PS5 is a bit different from the Official Website.

      To use a Vanilla Visa gift card on Xbox, you can refer to this guide.

      How to remove the PlayStation Store payment method?

      Unlike adding the Payment method to the PlayStation Store, the PlayStation Store allows us to remove the default Payment method.

      1. Open the PlayStation Store website and sign up with your account
      2. Scroll to the bottom and select the Account option
      3. Now, follow the path Manage your account > Payment management
      4. Open the added Payment method and select the Remove option

      Once you remove the Payment from one device, it will remove a Payment method from other devices too.


      Can you use the Target, Vanilla, Walmart, or Apple gift card for the PlayStation store?

      You can use Target or Vanilla gift cards just make sure that they come with either MasterCard Visa or any other major gateway provider.

      The methods for Target and Vanilla Gift cards are the same as you add your Credit or Debit card to the PlayStation Store Payment method.

      You can use the Walmart Gift card at all Walmart online and offline stores, Walmart-owned retailers, and selected Fuel Stations only. Unfortunately, you Can't use them on PlayStation.

      Apple Gift Card is designed to buy Apple products and services like iTunes, iBooks, App Store, Podcasts, etc. So, you can use them to buy Books, Music, Apps, Podcasts, etc.

      Is it possible to use a Mastercard or Visa Gift card to purchase a DLC & PlayStation Plus subscription?

      Yes. You can add and use a Mastercard or Visa Gift card to purchase Downloaded Content and a PlayStation Plus subscription.

      Can I use a Virtual Visa & Mastercard credit card on the PlayStation Store?

      Just like normal Visa & Mastercard credit cards, you can use Virtual cards to use as Payment methods for Purchasing PS Games, DLC, & a PlayStation Plus subscription.

      Can you use a Mastercard gift card as a credit card?

      Technically, No. Because most of the Gift cards are labeled as Prepaid Debit cards. Except for some Visa gift cards.

      But, by chance, if you have a Gift card with a Credit card label on that. You can use it as a Credit card on the PlayStation Store or anywhere.

      Final verdict on the above guide!

      From the above article, we've concluded that Visa or Mastercard Gift cards are Normal Debit cards that you can use anywhere, which support Credit/Debit cards as a payment method.

      PlayStation Store is no exception to that. You can use a Mastercard or Visa Gift card on the PlayStation Store without any issue. PlayStation considers your Gift card as a Normal Debit card.

      If you have any queries regarding PlayStation Payment methods and which cards they accept, feel free to comment on your question. So, we can try to fix them as soon as possible.