How to use a Visa or any other gift card on Shein? 2023 Guide

How to use a visa or any other gift card on Shein?

Which Gift cards does shein accept? If you have a spare Visa Gift card and want to use it on Shein.

The answer is Yes! Shein accepts Visa and other gift cards like Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, etc.

You'll just need to add Visa debit gift card details like Card no, Expiry date, and CVV into the Debit card payment method.

For detailed steps, refer to the following detailed article. Also, we're covering Frequently asked questions related to using Visa gift cards to Shein.

If you came here to learn how to use a Walmart Gift card on Shein, we've written a detailed article on that.

    How to use a Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift card on Shein?

    Note:- We suggest you use the Shein website instead of the Shein mobile app for this tutorial.

    Shein supports Payment using Gift cards like Visa/MasterCard gift cards or Shein E-Gift cards.

    Both gift cards have different methods for adding payment. Refer to the following steps for a Visa gift card.

    Before getting started, make sure that you've Activated your Visa gift card before purchasing any product.

    1. Log in to your Shein account

    2. Choose the product that you want to buy

    3. Select the Size or any other metrics and Add it to the Bag

    4. Now open your Shopping Bag and click on Checkout Now button

    select credit and debit card option on shein

    5. Now, select Credit/Debit Card as a Payment Method(As shown in the picture)

    6. Confirm your order and select the Place Order button

    7. At the end, Provide your Visa Gift card details to complete your order.

    It will deduct the Gift card balance amount from the total amount. You'll receive an email from shein for order confirmation.

    Still, facing issues while adding Visa Gift cards?

    Go through the other guides given below, it may solve your issue. Also, refer to the FAQs below.

    Why is Shein not accepting my Visa gift card?

    There could be multiple reasons for shein not accepting Visa gift cards. We'll see each of them along with their resolution.

    1. Maybe you're adding the Wrong Gift card details
    2. Maybe you're putting Gift card details in the Wrong section
    3. Maybe your Visa Gift card balance is insufficient
    4. Maybe your Visa Gift card is Expired
    5. Maybe you haven't activated your Visa gift card

    The above conditions can be a reason for your issue, so make sure that you are doing the above things.

    Verify the gift card details twice before adding them to the Shein payment method.

    Also, make sure that you're adding the details in the correct section, Here you've to add Gift card details in the Debit/Credit card payment method.

    You can also select the Paypal method and then you can add a Gift card as a Debit card or Credit card into the Paypal system during the transaction.

    Please make sure that your Visa gift card contains enough balance to make purchases and that you're not using it after the expiration date.

    Refer article on 3 Different Ways to Check Shein Gift Card Balance!

    The final thing is to ensure that your Gift card is activated from Visa's official Gift card activation portal. Otherwise, it won't work anymore.

    How to use multiple Visa gift cards on shein?

    Shein doesn't allow us to use multiple Visa or any other gift cards at a time. They only offer this functionality to their own gift card. You can only use multiple Shein gift cards at a time.

    You've to combine your Visa gift card, then only you can add your Visa gift card details to the Credit/Debit card payment section.

    Or you can claim your Visa gift card money to PayPal and then use Paypal money along with PayPal Credit/debit options as your payment option.

    Otherwise, you can use Visa or other Gift cards with the Shein gift card simultaneously.

    How to Claim and Use a Shein E-Gift Card on the Shein platform?

    Just like other E-commerce sites, Shein also offers their own Gift card that you can Buy or use on the Shein platform.

    The method to claim the Shein E-Gift card is a bit different. We don't have to put the gift card details in the Credit/Debit card section.

    pay with shein gift card

    There will be an Input Box with the label - Gift Card, where you can add a unique E-gift card number that you've got in your Email.

    How to use a Visa gift card? Can you order online with a Visa gift card?

    You can use a Visa gift card on any platform that supports the use of a Gift card to purchase anything.

    It works just like a regular debit or credit card on shein.

    You can order online with a Visa gift card. A wide variety of E-commerce sites and shopping platforms supports Debit/Credit cards as a payment method.

    There you can add your Visa gift card details and make a payment using the Visa gift card.


    Does shein accept Vanilla Visa gift cards?

    Shein supports a wide variety of Gift cards, Credit and Debit cards. You can add any Visa gift card or any other gift card to Shein.

    The Shein payment system considers Visa or other gift cards that have a Card No expiry date and a CVV code as Debit cards.

    So you can use it just like a normal Debit card. It will work like a charm.

    Does shein accept MasterCard gift cards?

    Mastercard is one of the major Debit and credit card service providers similar to Visa. Just like Visa gift cards, shein supports Mastercard gift cards. 

    But you have to put the Gift card details in the Debit card details, not in the Gift card code.


    From the above article, we have concluded that you can use Visa or any other Gift card on Shein.

    Adding and using the Visa gift card on shein is similar to adding and using the Visa Debit or credit card. For using Shein's E-Gift card you'll need to put it in a specific box which we've described in the article.

    If you've faced any issues while adding and using a Visa gift card on Shein, please write this in the comment section below. So we can analyze the problem and provide you the correct solution.