Add or Update a Shipping address on PayPal?(As Seller or Buyer)

A shipping address is needed to be added to the Order when you're delivering physical goods. There are two different ways to add a Shipping address for a PayPal order.

As a Seller, you can create an Invoice and add a Shipping address or if you're a buyer you can also add it from your end.

We'll see both ways to add a Shipping address for your first PayPal order.

    What is the Difference between Shipping information and Billing information on PayPal?

    Shipping and Billing addresses are some of the confusing parts of Paypal or any other e-commerce payment system.

    The Shipping address is the address that the delivery team uses to deliver the items and the Billing address is the address from where the delivery guy will collect the money of the order.

    Nowadays, due to Digital payment billing addresses have become kind of obsolete and useless.

    Shipping and Billing addresses can be the same or different for specific accounts.

    It depends on the owner of the account where they want the order to be delivered and from where the payment should be collected.

    How to Add or Update the Shipping Address on PayPal?

    Manage Shipping Address as a Buyer

    In the first scenario, as a customer waiting for goods, I want to update the Shipping/Delivery address since I've shifted my home to another locality.

    You can change or update your Shipping address and other information from your Profile itself.

    Follow the below steps to update your Shipping information on the PayPal website

    PayPal Personal

    1. Select the Gear icon from the menu and select the Account option

    PayPal address addition as Shipping address

    2. Scroll down and you'll find the Addresses

    PayPal address addition as Shipping address

    3. Here you need to add your address and set it as Primary

    Once, it's updated as a Primary address, by default Paypal will consider this as your shipping address.

    PayPal Business

    1. Navigate to your Profile and select Account settings

    Shipping address update page paypal business

    2. Choose Account owner information under the Business profile section

    3. Select Update in front of your current address

    4. Add your new shipping address and tap on Save

    After that, your shipping address will be saved and other stakeholders will know about your delivery address.

    Update Shipping Address as a Seller

    There's another way to update the Shipping address during initial invoicing. The seller can add the Shipping address while creating an invoice.

    1. Open the Invoicing page or navigate to this path - Pay & Get Paid > Create & Manage Invoices

    2. Select the Create Invoice option

    3. Under the Invoice creation page, select the Bill to and click the + Add new customer

    add shipping address as seller invoicing

    4. Now, fill in all the details like Customer name, email, phone number, Billing Address, & Shipping address and save it

    It will create the invoice with all the given details and send it to that specific person.

    Now, we don't need to do anything anymore. Your customer will receive an invoice for payment.

    Once he completes the payments, his Shipping address will get updated on the transaction page for that specific order.

    Buyers can also able to see updated shipping addresses from the Activity page.

    How to Remove the shipping address from PayPal checkout?

    There's no difference in steps to add or remove the shipping address in Paypal.

    For a PayPal Personal account, navigate to this path - Settings > Account > Address.

    For a PayPal Business account, follow this path - Settings > Account settings > Account Owner Information > Address.

    Now, select the Remove button present in front of the Address.

    If you don't want to delete a shipping address, you can simply disable it for now. So, PayPal will not consider it as a Shipping address for any order.

    The only way to disable it is by setting the other address as the preferred address.

    How to update the preferred address on PayPal?

    How can I change the preferred home, shipping, or any other address on my PayPal account?

    Open the address section and you'll find that there is already an address set as Primary.

    That is the preferred address and Paypal considers it as the primary address for Shipping.

    There will be another address called billing address that gets added when we add Credit or debit card as payment method.

    FIX: Can't change the Billing address on PayPal!

    You can't change your Billing address from settings because it is linked to your Credit or Debit card.

    The only way to change it is you need to reenter all the credit card information. To update the Credit card, follow the method:

    1. Open the Wallet tab and select the Card for which you want to update the Billing address

    2. Select Update card and then choose the Billing Address under that card information page

    3. Now, just click on Update card button

    It will update your Billing address for all the transactions. You'll not face any issues in your orders and transactions.


    How do I confirm my shipping address on PayPal?

    To verify your shipping address, check it under the path - Settings > Account > Address.

    Check the address you wanted to set as the Shipping address is set as the preferred address.

    How to add a Shipping address of a different country on PayPal orders?

    You can't change the Shipping address from your account to add another country's address.

    But, you can ask your seller to add another country under the shipping address while creating an invoice.

    So while paying for the invoice, the billing address will be your address and shipping will be another country's address.