How to Check the Paypal Order status and Tracking number?(As a Buyer)

In this guide, we'll see how to see the Order status and tracking number that is updated by a seller on the PayPal order transaction page.

Keep note that this guide is only for those who are ordering Physical goods and products.

For Intangible and Virtual products or services, the Order will be directly moved to Order Processed in most of the cases.

Again, it depends on how your seller is updating the Order status on PayPal.

    How to Check the Order status and Tracking number on PayPal as a Buyer/Customer?

    How do I see the Tracking Number from the PayPal order page to track the actual order with carrier service?

    Once a Seller updates the Order status and tracking information, you can able to see the Order status, tracking number, updated date, and Carrier service name.

    To check those details, navigate to the Transactions page. For the Paypal personal account, the path is Activity > Your Transaction, and for the Paypal business account, the path is Activity > All Transactions > Your Transaction.

    paypal personal transaction updated order status and tracking info

    You'll find the Order status and tracking number under Have you received this order? section as shown in the Picture.

    So, you need to put that tracking number inside the Tracking page of the logistics company to confirm the order.

    How to check PayPal Order status & tracking number on the Mobile app?

    Just like the PayPal website, you can also check your order status and tracking information related to that order.

    Follow the below methodsĀ 

    1. Open the PayPal mobile app and look for the transaction/track option is there on the dashboard.

    2. If you didn't find it, just follow this path - Payment method Tab > Activity

    3. Now, select the filters, and put a Money outĀ filter option

    4. In the results, you'll see the transaction in which you've paid someone

    5. Open that transaction and scroll down till you see the Order status, tracking number, and other tracking details

    You've got the tracking numbers. Now, you can ahead and start tracking your order by yourself.

    How do I check my purchases on PayPal orders?

    Navigate back to the PayPal activity page. There you'll find the Transaction list with filter Archive, Transaction type, Date, Amount & Currency, etc.

    Now, adjust the date filter according to your choice

    paypal transaction list(activity)

    Set the Payment sent value under the Transaction type filter

    You'll get all the purchases that you've made through this account.


    Does PayPal require a tracking number?

    It again depends on your Order type. If the 3rd party courier service is not involved, then you don't need the Tracking number.

    For Physical goods that the seller is delivering through 3rd party logistics service, probably you'll need the tracking number.

    How do I confirm the tracking number that a seller shared with me on Paypal?

    The only way to confirm that tracking number is to check that tracking number on a specific carrier service website.

    Where is the Order status in the Paypal Invoice?

    Order status will not be present on the PayPal Invoice, because the purpose of the Invoice is to pay the Bill payments.

    Once you complete the payment, the Order will either be processed or shipped.

    You can check the Order status under transaction from the Activity page.

    Where to check the Payment status for PayPal Orders?

    Once you complete the Payment and the Seller accepts the payment, then the Payment status will get updated as Completed in a transaction.

    How to check the Invoice ID for my specific PayPal Orders?

    You can get the Invoice ID from the Transaction page, just right after the Net amount.