5 Ways to transfer Amazon Gift card balance to Visa, Cash & PayPal(With pictures)!

If you have an Amazon gift card and you want it to be transferred to your Bank account or any platform like PayPal, Visa cards, or instant Cash, we have got something for you.

We've written a couple of articles on transferring funds, and gift cards previously. Here, we're trying to solve your Amazon Gift card funds issue.

We conducted a comprehensive investigation of this issue and identified 5-functional strategies for our audience. So, please read every method carefully!

    Types of Amazon Gift cards

    How many Types of Gift cards does Amazon offer? What type of Gift card you can use to Transfer into a Bank account for Cash?

    There are two main types of Amazon Gift cards available to Buy - Physical Gift cards and eGift cards.

    Both Gift cards can be purchased through Amazon or any other 3rd party Gift card seller.

    There is another kind of Amazon Gift card called a Personalised or Printed Gift card.

    Now, here different Personalised Amazon Gift cards come in different themes or printings like

    • Amazon Prime Gift card
    • Amazon Fire Gift card
    • Amazon Music Gift card
    • Amazon Kindle Gift card
    • Any other personalized theme as per your request

    Above personalized Gift cards can be both Physical or Electronic.

    How to Transfer Amazon gift card money to a Bank, Cash, Visa card, or PayPal account?

    You can't directly transfer your Amazon Gift card money to a Bank account, Visa, or Paypal account.

    Also, you can't buy a Visa or any other Gift card on Amazon using an Amazon Gift card or Gift card balance.

    But, we've got a quick-fix solution for your questions, and it is very simple and straightforward.

    Method 1: Buying for others - Sell purchases to friends and others

    You can't sell the Amazon Gift card using this method. Even if someone is not buying Gift cards from you, you can find someone nearby you who wants to buy Kindle Books, Groceries, Amazon Prime, or Video subscriptions.

    It's a possibility that your friend will need an Amazon Prime Video Subscription. You can purchase it for your friend using your Amazon Gift card.

    Share the Amazon Prime subscription & purchases with others:

    There are two different ways to share your Prime subscription or Amazon purchases:

    On the Mobile app,

    1. Open your Amazon app and navigate to this path - Account > Manage Your Household > Share your Prime Benefits

    2. Then, put your friend's name and email of who do you want to sell your Amazon Prime subscription & purchases

    On Website,

    1. Select the Prime option from the Amazon account

    Amazon account - Prime

    2. There you'll find the Share Your Prime Benefits option

    Once he/she accepts your invitation, he'll be able to access your Amazon Prime subscription & purchases.

    He can able to access your Amazon music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, games, a Twitch channel subscription, Amazon Photos, Prime Books, etc.

    Request Cash in exchange for buying something for them using your Amazon gift card.

    Using this way, you can get some Bucks for your Amazon Gift card or Gift balance!

    Method 2: Selling a Gift balance – Paxful

    We can exchange that Amazon Gift card with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or Ethereum.

    Then, we can purchase anything using that Purchased Cryptocurrency just right after that, on the same platform.

    Step I - Convert Amazon Gift card for Crypto

    Paxful is one of the best platforms where you can sell or exchange your Gift cards with money or crypto.

      1. Visit Paxful and register with it

      2. Navigate to the Buy Bitcoin page

      3. Adjust the Filters according to your convenience and don't forget to add Pay via Amazon Cash or Amazon Gift card

      Paxful - Buy Bitcoin using Amazon gift card

      4. Choose the seller who is giving the best offer for Amazon cash or Gift card money to Bitcoin

      5. Once you send a Google Play gift card, you'll receive Bitcoin in Exchange from the Bitcoin seller!

      \After receiving Bitcoin, you can use it to purchase a Visa GC, Add to your PayPal wallet, purchase Gift cards, or convert it to Google Wallet!

      Step II - Sell Bitcoin for a Bank transfer, Visa cards, PayPal, and other platforms

      So we'll use the same platform to sell Bitcoin and get money into banks or wallets.

      1. Visit the Paxful Sell Bitcoin page

      2. Put filters like Bank transfer as a Payment Method, Country location, etc, and search using the Find offers option

      3. Enter the bitcoin amount(BTC) and provide the Bank/PayPal Details

      4. Connect with the dealer and the rest of the process is the same as Buying process

      Please beware of fake sellers, always read Seller Description and Reviews before sending any Gift card/Crypto to them!

        Then, Grab your cash, or account money and go do whatever you want to do.

        Method 3: Product resell

        Another effective way to earn money from your Amazon gift card is buying cheap and on-sale products from Amazon and resale them to other platforms like BestBuy and eBay.

        You can Buy any product that you find cheap and useful for others. Buy it from Amazon using your Amazon Gift card at the time of Sale(festive season or Black Friday) and sell it at a High price on other platforms later.

        For E.g. you can buy a Digital or household product or something that is not easily available anywhere especially from platforms like Alibaba.

        Then just stock it until prices for that product become high, and sell it on eBay.

        Not only you will recover your Amazon Gift card money, but also you will earn some profit from it.

        Don't forget to read the Conclusion. So, you can get an idea about the total money you may get at the end.

        Method 4: Buy Gold or Silver using your Amazon Gift card balance

        You can buy Gold or Silver using your Amazon Gift card. In India, there is Amazon sells Digital gold.

        That means you'll not physically buy gold, but you'll own the value of that gold. You can sell at any time if you feel it's a good time.

        For the rest of the Users especially in Western countries, you can buy the actual physical gold from Amazon.

        1. Open Amazon.com and Redeem your Gift card if you haven't

        2. Search with the term "Gold Bullion and Coins" as shown in Picture

        Amazon gift card - buy gold or silver

        3. Filter the amount according to your Amazon Gift card balance

        4. Select the Gold or Silver coin or any other ornament and simply purchase it using the Amazon gift balance

        Now, you can sell it to Goldsmiths, Gold and jewelry shops, pawn shops, or someone who wants to buy a Gold coin.

        In our opinion, this is the best way to convert the Amazon Gift card or balance to Quick Cash, or Paypal or you can buy Visa cards out of it.

        Method 5: Buying for yourself or your family

        We know that you'll not agree with us for this method. But, this is the last way to make proper use of your Amazon Gift card.

        Maybe you don't know that you can buy some things that exist on Amazon.

        You can buy the following things from all of the Amazon stores like Amazon.com, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire & others:

        • Daily Groceries
        • Beverages, & Snacks
        • Ebooks from Amazon Kindle
        • Gifts for your loved one
        • Amazon Fire products
        • Android Apps & Games(Amazon Store apps)
        • Amazon Music subscription
        • Amazon Drive & Photos subscription
        • Softwares & Games
        • Amazon Smart Home Devices
        • Amazon Luna(Cloud gaming service)
        • Amazon Halo devices(Smart fitness devices)

        If you want any of the above products or devices, you can buy them from different Amazon stores using an Amazon Gift card.

        Convert Amazon Gift card money to Visa Cards

        Once you get the money, you can use it to load it to Visa cards or simply to get a new one.

        We've explained several ways to use it or to convert it to a Bank account for cash.

        You can search for Visa Gift cards on Amazon or use the following links to purchase Different Visa cards.

        Keep in mind that you'll need to pay an extra amount to buy Visa cards.

        Convert Amazon Gift card to PayPal

        First of all, decide from which medium you want to transfer money - It can be through a Visa or Mastercard gift card or a direct Bank account!

        Once you've decided on the medium, you've to transfer the money to that medium and then use that platform to link with PayPal.

        I. Using Visa - If you've purchased a Visa or Mastercard gift card using an Amazon gift card balance, then you can link the Debit gift card to PayPal easily.

        II. Using BankYou can refer to the method we've given in the article, and after that, you can transfer your gift card balance to a bank. Then you can

        • Buy a Paypal Cash card and redeem it into a Paypal account or
        • Directly add money to your Paypal account


        From all the given methods, here is the summary. If you're converting $100 worth of an Amazon Gift card, you may end up with the following amount(Roughly calculated):

        • For the Crypto-exchange method, you may get between $55-150
        • For the Selling Gift card method, you'll get between $75-80
        • If you're buying something for others with your Gift card, you'll get all your money back.
        • In the Product resell method, you may earn a good amount of profit, or at least you'll cover your Amazon Gift card price. But, it also has some risks associated with it. You'll need to wait till the product is sold. It may or may not get sold
        • At last, you can use Amazon Gift balance for yourself or your loved ones. Amazon offers tonnes of useful products and services that you can buy.

        You can use any of the above methods, all will work for you! If you like our guide, please add your valuable comments.


        Can you transfer the Amazon gift card balance to your bank account as Cash?

        Yes. We can transfer the Amazon gift card to Cash. It is a tricky method.

        First, we'll redeem our Gift card money to Amazon gift balance. Then, we can purchase Visa gift cards and link them to a Bank account or PayPal for Cash.

        We've explained each and every step in this article.

        Can you cash out Amazon gift cards?

        Amazon Gift cards can be used to buy anything from the Amazon website or app.

        • We can sell them for cash
        • We can redeem them into the Amazon Gift card balance and use it for groceries and other things
        • There are so many 3rd party apps and websites that can convert your Amazon Gift cards into real cash

        For more detailed information, read the article from the top.

        Does Amazon charge Annual fees to their Gift card?

        Let's consider if you opted to sell your Amazon Gift card, and you'll use it later. What will be the annual charges for that Gift card?

        Please note that Amazon Doesn't take any annual fee from their Customer for Gift cards, unlike Prepaid Debit Gift cards. It's completely free to use for a specific period of that Gift card.