How to Redeem & Use an Amazon Gift card on Amazon payments?

How to Redeem & Use an Amazon Gift card

Amazon's Gift card is one of the best and most convenient payment methods. But, before using it, you'll need to redeem it first.

This guide is all about how to redeem and use your Amazon Gift card on Amazon payments. There are plenty of tutorials available that explain the redemption process for Amazon Gift cards.

But, this guide is written to cover all the topics that are closely related to the Redeeming Amazon Gift card.

    How to Redeem Amazon Gift cards on the Mobile app and Online?

    This method includes steps like redeeming a Gift card and using the Gift card balance to purchase Visa cards or other products.

    After, that you can convert those into real cash or can transfer it to Bank or PayPal as per your choice.

    Where is the claim code on an Amazon Gift card?

    There are two different types of Amazon Gift cards - Amazon e-gift cards and Amazon Physical Gift cards.

    If you have a Physical Gift card, then you'll need to scratch the Silver coating behind the Gift card.

    If you have an eGift card, then you'll get the Redeem code through Email.

    I. Redeem an Amazon Gift card on the app

    First, redeem your Amazon Gift card to your Amazon account. Then we'll use it at the time of checkout payment!

    1. Open the Amazon app and Select the Profile tab as shown in the Screenshot.

    Redeem an Amazon Gift card to your Amazon account

    2. Select Your accounts

    3. Now, Search for Manage Gift card balance or Add a Gift card to your balance option from the account settings

    Redeem an Amazon Gift card to your Amazon account

    4. Then, select Redeem Another Gift Card option

    5. Then enter the 16-digit Amazon Gift card redeem code that you've got in your Email or from your Amazon Gift card and Tap on Apply to your Balance.

    That's it! You have successfully redeemed your Amazon Gift card to your Amazon Gift card balance.

    II. Redeem an Amazon Gift card online

    If you're using a desktop to access the Amazon website, then just visit the given link to redeem your Gift card and enter your Gift card redemption code.

    1. Open your Amazon website and select the Account option.

    2. Now select the Your Account option from the Account menu.

    Amazon account menu

    3. After that, select the Your Payments option.

    4. Select the Amazon Gift card option and then tap the Redeem a gift card button as shown in the picture.

    Amazon gift card on Amazon website

    5. Now put in your Redeem code and hit Apply to your balance button. Later you can use this Balance at the time of Payment.

    III. Use an Amazon gift card on Payment methods at checkout

    By default, Amazon provides Pay with a Gift card option. You can use the Gift card while checking out the purchase also.

    You'll just need to add the product to your Cart and proceed to the Checkout page.

      1. Now, here you'll see the option called Add a Gift card promotion code or voucher

      2. Select that and add your Gift card redeem code there and select Apply

      3. Now, proceed with the checkout process and money will get debited from your Gift card

      Now, the Amazon system will deduct the Item's amount from your Gift card balance. The remaining balance will be added to your Amazon Gift balance.

      How to Redeem an Amazon Gift card with a Serial number?

      The serial number can be used to load the money into your Reloadable Amazon Gift card called Anytime Gift Card.

      Where you need to enter a 16 to 19-digit Serial number, which you'll find at the bottom of the Gift card. 

      • Open the¬†Activate Gift card page
      • Enter the Serial number and amount you want to load
      • then select the¬†Load¬†button.

      So, you can select the amount the money will get loaded onto the Gift card.

      If you're looking for how to redeem an Amazon Gift card using a Serial number. You can't do it directly.

      You'll need to Contact Amazon Customer Service either via Phone call or through Text Chat/Email.

      Explain your query to them. Provide them your Amazon account details and Gift card serial number. They will Add the money to your account for you!

      Redeem an Amazon Gift card in a Bank account for Cash?

      It is not possible to redeem an Amazon Gift card for Cash. According to Amazon's law on Gift card usage, you can't unredeem or convert an Amazon Gift card for Money.

      But, some techniques can be used to Redeem Amazon Gift cards for real cash.

      We've already written a few posts on that, please find the below list:

      FIX: Amazon Gift card not working!

      For some reason, your Amazon Gift car is not working. You're not able to redeem your Gift card to your account.

      You'll need to Get in contact with Amazon Customer Service. But, before heading towards them, try to troubleshoot at your end first.

      • Check the Redeem code first, make sure that you're entering the correct Redeem code
      • Make sure that you've not used it earlier in another account
      • Make sure that you're Amazon account is not blocked or limited by Amazon


      Where is the claim code on an Amazon gift card?

      As we said earlier, Amazon gift card has 2 types - Physical & electronic Gift card which is received through Email.

      If you have Email email-based Gift card, then you have to search for that Email which will include a Claim code that you can Redeem through the 'Redeem a gift card' section or the Amazon Payment method.

      For Physical Gift cards, you can see beside the physical Amazon gift card.

      Where can I use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon?

      According to the official statement from Amazon, you can use Amazon gift cards only on the Amazon app(Android/iOS platform) and the Official Amazon website.

      Apart from Amazon, you can't use it anywhere. It is not like other Gift cards, which can be used on multiple platforms.

      How to Check the balance of a Redeemed Amazon Gift card?

      Once you redeem your Gift card to your Amazon account, you can check the Gift card money in the Gift balance section.

      The available Gift card balance will be visible and you can also see the History of Redeemed Gift cards.

      How to redeem an Amazon eGift card?

      The process to redeem an eGift card on Amazon is exactly the same as we do for Physical Gift cards.

      You'll get the Redeem claim code via Email from where you have got the Gift card.

      How to redeem an Amazon Gift card on an iPhone?

      Just like Android, you can redeem your Amazon Gift card on your iPhone or iPad devices.

      Install the Amazon App and follow the same path. Then, enter the Redeem code and it will get added to your Gift balance.

      Alternatively, you can do it through the Website, just open on the Safari browser and follow the given steps.