3 ways to use a Visa Gift card on Genshin Impact? (with Bonus technique)

Can we use the Visa Gift card on Genshin Impact directly to purchase the subscriptions and Genesis Crystals? The answer is NO. You can't.

For some reason, Genshin Impact doesn't accept Visa Gift cards as a Payment method. Maybe they have blocked Visa Gift card usage on their platform.

But, there are many other ways to purchase the Genshin Impact stuff

First, Add your Visa Gift card to Google Play or AppStore and use it to purchase whatever you want.

Another one is you can link the Visa Gift card to PayPal and then use PayPal to pay in Genshin Impact.

We'll see both of them in detail in this Tutorial. Huh, we have a bonus technique to buy something on Genshin Impact using a Visa Gift card. So, let's get started with it!

    How to use a Visa Gift card on Genshin Impact in 2024?

    As we explained there are two ways to use Visa Gift card funds on your Genshin Impact account.

    You can use it in the Mobile game or else you can log in to the PC also. We've tried both techniques and they worked perfectly for us.

    Method 1: Using the Store purchase method

    To use the store purchase method, we'll need to add the Visa Debit Gift card to the App Store or Google Play store.

    You can link your Visa Gift card to your Apple ID or Google Play store.

    Open the Genshin Impact on your iOS or Android Smartphone

    Then Just like a Debit card, use that linked Visa Gift card money to buy Welkin Moon, Genesis Crystal, or whatever you want to buy from Genshin Impact.

    You can also use an Apple or iTunes Gift card to buy Genesis crystals.

    Method 2: Using the Razor Gold method

    Before getting started to buy Genshin impact points, set up the Razor Gold wallet for the payment.

    I. Set up Razor Gold wallet

    1. Open Razor Gold and select Create a new account
    2. Set up the 2-factor authentication and proceed with the verification process
    3. You'll need to install Google Authenticator for that and then it will ask to do a 2-Step authentication
    4. After setting up the Razor Gold wallet, navigate to the Gold Redeem page from the Profile dropdown
    5. Now, select the Visa as Payment method and add your Visa Gift card details
    6. Then, enter how much amount of Gold you want to add to the Razor gold wallet in order to buy Genshin Impact Welkin Moon or Genesis crystals
    7. It will ask you for the Authenticator code, you have to put the Generated Google Authenticator code here

    After that Gold points will be added to your Razor Gold Wallet.

    II. Purchase Genshin Impact In-game points

    Here we'll purchase Genshin Impact game points. You have to come back to the Genshin Impact Purchase page and proceed to Top up page

    Now, scroll down to the Payment method section and Choose Razor Gold Wallet as the Payment method.

    then, select Welkin moon or Genesis crystal

    It will redirect you to the Razor Gold Wallet payment page, where it will use Gold points to buy Genshin Impact In-game points

    Your Welkin moon or Genesis crystal you are trying to purchase will get added to your Genshin Impact account.

    Method 3: Using the PayPal method

    In this method, you'll need to link the Visa Gift card to PayPal and Pay the payments in your Genshin Impact account.

    Genshin Impact accepts PayPal as a Payment method. So, you will be able to use Paypal on Genshin Impact whether on a Smartphone or PC.

    For Smartphones,

    • Open Genshin Impact and try to purchase something from its tore within the game
    • then, it will ask you to select the Payment method
    • You've to select PayPal and it will open the PayPal app
    • Now, Proceed with payment and you've successfully purchased something on Genshin Impact using a Visa Gift card!

    For PC,

    Open Genshin Impact and try to purchase something from its store within the Game

    If it asks you to purchase, simply select PayPal as the Payment method.

    Bonus Method to Use Visa Gift Card to Buy Welkin Moon or Genesis Crystal on Genshin Impact!

    Genshin Impact Gift card purcahse from Coingate

    If you've tried all the above methods but didn't help you. You can use this trick to buy GenshinImpact Ingame coins.

    1. Open Coingate Genshin Impact Gift card purchase page
    2. Add it to Basket and proceed with payment
    3. Now add the Visa Gift card details to the Debit card section and save it

    Your Genshin Impact Gift card order will get placed, then you can redeem it to buy whatever you want in Genshin Impact!

    What Gift cards does Genshin Impact accept?

    It's obvious that you can use Genshin Impact Gift cards on your Genshin Impact account.

    You can redeem the money and Genesis Crystals from the Gift card to your Genshin Imaopct account.

    If you have a Prepaid Debit Gift card with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express as a Payment gateway on that Gift card, it is acceptable in Genshin Impact.

    You can use them as the Payment method while purchasing any Genshin Impact In-app purchases.

    FIX: Genshin Impact Visa Gift card Declined?

    While purchasing in Genshin Impact, you may face issues like a Visa Gift card getting declined and not working!

    It will get declined because it is not allowed to be used on the Genshin Impact shop. You'll need to use alternative methods for that like

    Using the Store purchase method - Link your Visa Gift Card with the AppStoree or Goole Play Store and use it to purchase GenshinImpactt In-game points like WelkinMoonn and Genesis crystals.

    Using the PayPal method - Add your Visa Gift Card to PayPal and try to purchase.

    Using the Razor Gold wallet method - Set up Razor Gold wallet with a Visa Gift card as a payment method and buy Genshin impact In-game points using it.

    Buy Genshin Impact Gift card using Visa Gift card - Buy a Genshin Impact Gift card from any platform using Visa Gift card funds and redeem that Genshin Impact Gift card to your Genshin Impact account. That it!


    Can you use a Steam Gift card on Genshin Impact?

    No. You can't use a Steam Gift card on Genshin Impact. It is not possible to use Steam Gift card codes in the Genshin Impact account.

    But, you can convert the Steam Gift card to money and then you can buy anything using that money in the Genshin Impact account.

    To convert the Steam Gift card into Cash, you can sell or Exchange it online or with your friends.

    Does Genshin Impact accept Google Play Gift cards?

    No, they don't. But, why do you want to use Google Play Gift cards on Genshin Impact when you can redeem your Google Play Gift cards to use for buying anything on Genshin Impact?

    You can simply redeem your Google Play Gift card and use Google Play Balance to purchase Genshin Impact Welkin Moon, Genesis Crystals, etc.