How good PayPal is for Artists?

Is PayPal really a good choice for you as an artist to accept art commissions? The answer is Yes, PayPal is one of the best platforms to accept Art commissions, for many reasons.

In this article, we'll see those all reasons in detail. How is PayPal beneficial for you in different scenarios?

    Why PayPal is the best option for accepting Art commissions?

    PayPal is One of the Best platforms if you're an art piece seller, but it's important to consider both the advantages and potential drawbacks.

    If you're ready to deal with those, then you can consider PayPal as your primary choice!

    Advantages of PayPal as a Payment method:

    1. Secure Transactions: PayPal is known for its secure payment system, which can provide a sense of security for both artists and buyers.

    Additionally, they provide 2-factor verification to lower the chance of account hacking.

    2. Global Reach: PayPal is widely accepted internationally in almost every country.

    That makes it possible for us to sell our art pieces to a global audience without any mediator party.

    3. Convenience: It's a convenient way for customers to pay for digital or physical artwork without needing a physical card swipe or check.

    Customers can make payments through Blog Integrated Buttons & Links,, invoices or estimates, or simply using Transfer features.

    4. Easy Integration: PayPal can be easily integrated into various online platforms & CMSs.

    So, we can sell our artwork through Blog websites, social media accounts, or other online marketplaces.

    5. Currency management: You can add and manage payments in Different major currencies like USD, CAD, AUD, EUR, GBP, INR, RMD, JPY, etc.

    You can receive money in USD and convert it into your native currency with ease and minimal steps.

    6. Seller/Buyer Protection: PayPal offers seller protection in certain cases, which can be beneficial for artists in case of disputes.

    Also, in case the buyer has not received his delivery then paypal will act as a mediator to resolve the issue.

    There are some Drawbacks to using PayPal as a Payment method to accept payments like Comparatively high fees for Transactions & Currency Conversion to its rivals.

    Benefits of PayPal for Artists

    We've seen features of PayPal as a paymenting system, now we'll explore some advantages of PayPal that you can take as an artist.

    1. Detailed Invoicing and Estimation -

    You can create Detailed Invoicing to share with your customer and manage the payments, and disputes, through the Invoice itself.

    You can do anything from printing invoices to sending reminders to buyers if they are not paying you or forgot to send you money.

    It provides almost every feature to manage the Invoices and estimates.

    2. Order management -

    PayPal makes it easy to track the Order status using PayPal Order Management. You can filter out the Transactions you've done earlier.

    You can update the Order status, Tracking number, and tracking courier service name, through PayPal transactions.

    As an artist, you can manage your Physical or digital artwork delivery through PayPal transaction sections.

    Please refer to our guides on the PayPal Ordering system.

    3. Dispute resolution of artwork delivery -

    While managing Art piece delivery orders, you might face so consequences like buyers will receive the delivery but they will say that they haven't received the art piece.

    PayPal support team will be introduced here to help you to resolve the issues. They will connect with a courier delivery agency to ensure that the artwork is correctly delivered to the customer.

    Dispute Resolution success rate is very high with PayPal.

    4. Integration -

    Easy Integration with Art related blogs, e-commerce stores & websites, Youtube or Twitch channels, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to sell Physical or digital artwork.

    You can host your content & artwork pics on any of the above mediums and then link it with PayPal through Integration options like Checkout Buttons, Payment Links, Profile links, etc.

    5. Fraud Support -

    PayPal provides end-to-end support for Sellers if the buyer is trying to trick the Seller. PayPal takes responsibility and investigates the case on behalf of the sellers.

    Also if someone hacks your paypal account and steals some amount, the PayPal support team will undo all the activities that are done by your account from the time your account was hacked.  

    What other Online Payment Options are available for Artists?

    Before going for the PayPal guide, let's see which other options you have to accept Art commissions.

    Stripe, Square, Google, and Apple Pay are considered top choices to set up payment-accepting systems.

    They have their own Pros and Cons when compared to PayPal. Some of them do not have any Seller or buyer protections which is a big no when you're doing business on a large scale.

    PayPal vs. Other Payment Platforms

    PayPal is considered the most advanced, secure, and mature payment system as compared to other options.

    It's the most popular payment platform among Artists to accept payment.

    Conclusion: PayPal for Artists!

    The first and most important tip for artists doing online sales is to prefer PayPal as your Online payment medium. 

    PayPal is the most secure & popular payment option that you can opt and almost everyone is familiar with PayPal all over the world.

    PayPal offers so many advantages like Secure TransactionsGlobal ReachConvenienceEasy-to-IntegrateCurrency management, and Seller Protection, etc.