PayPal Tracking Number - Add or Change Tracking Info on PayPal!

If you are a business owner who is using PayPal as a payment method for order management, then you should know about adding or updating the tracking info.

Otherwise, you'll need to chat with your customer every time and update him about the Order status and tracking details.

But first, let's understand what the tracking information is and how can we get that as a seller!

    What is the Tracking number, and how do we find that as a Seller?

    A Tracking number is simply a unique shipment identification number that we use to track our shipment.

    Tracking numbers are used to track your shipment and delivery of goods. It helps in resolving fake disputes raised by users.

    You'll get the Tracking information from the Courier facility where you've shipped the item for delivery.

    We need to put that Tracking number on the Track parcel page of the Carrier company's website to get shipment updates about our item.

    The tracking number also shows the genuine behavior of the seller. It tells PayPal that you're not doing any scam or fraudulent activity with customers and PayPal.

    As a seller, your next step is to make your customer aware of the tracking number and Order status. That we'll see in this tutorial.

    How do you Add or Change Tracking info like Tracking Number and Carrier service on PayPal?

    Tracking numbers are used to track your shipment and delivery of goods. It helps in resolving fake disputes raised by users.

    The tracking number also shows the genuine behavior of the seller. It tells PayPal that you're not doing any scam or fraudulent activity with customers and PayPal.

    To add or change the Tracking number and Courier service name on the PayPal website, you'll need to follow the given steps:

    PayPal Personal

    1. Open the Activity page as shown in the picture or you can directly access it from the Paypal dashboard, just look for the Recent Activity section

    paypal personal dashboard to open activity

    2. Choose the transaction/invoice for which you wanted to update the Tracking number

    transaction activity for tracking number update paypal personal

    3. Now, select Add tracking info(if you're adding Tracking details first time, otherwise you'll see Edit tracking info option)

    update tracking number paypal

    4. It will open the Tracking info page. There you can add or update the tracking details and submit it

    PayPal Business

    1. Open the Transactions details page from the Activity menu

    2. Now, Open the transaction and select Add tracking info under that specific transaction page

    add or change tracking number on paypal business

    3. It will open the tracking info page / Order status page and there you can add or update the tracking number and carrier service name

    After submitting tracking information, your customer will be notified about these through email. Also, buyers will be able to see tracking details through the transaction page.

    How to Remove the Tracking Number on Paypal?

    There are two ways to remove the tracking number for any paypal order.

    You can remove the tracking number by disabling the Tracking information not required or simply removing the Tracking number from the Add tracking information section.

    disable the tracking info

    What happens if you do not provide a PayPal Tracking number?

    Here are two scenarios, if you're selling any non-physical product or service, you don't need to provide any tracking number.

    But, if you are a seller who deals with delivering physical products and goods, then most probably you've to update the order status as Shipped and provide tracking details like a tracking number & courier service name.

    Another way is that you'll need to update the order status to the Order processed and manually send the tracking number and carrier service name through a message to your customer.

    Adding tracking information helps us to become eligible for seller protection which will be beneficial in the long run for your online business.

    If you do not add the Tracking number to your Order on Paypal, your customer will not get to know about the shipment status.

    If you're a new seller and haven't added tracking details, then surely you're funds will be on hold for 14 to 21 days.

    Also, it doesn't send a good message to Paypal and is not advisable.

    In the future, if any escalations come up for your transaction and order, you'll be in big trouble and you may face some difficulties in getting your money.


    Does PayPal require a tracking number?

    As a seller, you need to provide all the information that is required for Order processing.

    It is conditional, when your business is related to physical goods and you're using a courier service to deliver your products, then it's a must to provide the tracking number.

    But, for non-physical products like software distribution, freelancing, or any online service, you don't need to provide a tracking number.

    Does PayPal hold funds until I update the Tracking number?

    No. Paypal holds payment until you deliver the order and the buyer accepts the order as received.

    But for the smooth delivery process, you need to share tracking details with a customer so he can track the shipment by himself.

    Does PayPal send a Tracking number to the customer?

    Yes. We need to add the Tracking information on the Transaction page. Then, PayPal will update the tracking info on the transaction page and send the email to your customer.

    Also, you can send tracking numbers manually through chat & messaging, in case your customer didn't see the email or check the transaction page.

    Is PayPal transaction ID a Tracking number?

    In PayPal, the Transaction ID is a unique identification number to search specific transactions within the PayPal ecosystem.

    It has nothing to do with the Tracking number. The tracking number is provided by 3rd party courier service who are delivering a product to the customer.

    The seller collects the Tracking info like a tracking number and courier service provider name and updates in PayPal Transaction or Invoice.

    So, their customer can use the Tracking number to track their order independently without any interaction with the Seller.

    How long does it take to get money in my account after submitting the tracking number?

    Once you submit the shipping tracking details on your Paypal order, it updates the customer about it.

    Then customer uses that information to track shipment, and once the customer receives the order package, he/she will mark the order as received.

    After that, PayPal will investigate all the things and release funds that are on hold.

    All these activities take around a week to complete, and that depends on your order delivery time.

    How do I change the wrong tracking info on PayPal?

    You can change the wrong tracking information through the Transaction page which you'll find under the PayPal activity menu.

    There you'll find the Edit tracking info option. That'll take you to an Update tracking information page. there you can change the wrong Tracking information!