Are iTunes, Amazon & Google play gift cards available in Cuba in 2024?

If you are a fellow American who is using gift cards and moving to Havana or any other Cuban city, there are some things that you need to take care of.

A few services from the rest of the world don't work in Cuba, such as gift cards from different American companies.

You can't buy iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play gift cards in Cuba. as it's not available in any retail stores in Cuba.

Also, online Gift card sellers like Amazon, PayPal, and Bitrefill don't sell iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play Gift cards in Cuba.

Due to the tension between the US and Cuba from the Cold War in 1961, US-Cuba relations are not good. So, many US services and products are not available in Cuba.

But now, both countries restored diplomatic relations in 2015. After that, Google Play service is available to use, starting operating in 2017.

Apple services like the App Store and iTunes services are still banned in Cuba.

Third-party sellers sell Google Play & other gift cards, but still, you will not be able to use them straight away.

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Is Google Play available in Cuba?

Yes, After the establishment of diplomatic relations Cuba-US embassies, few American companies granted the use of their services and products in Cuba. 

Google Play is one of them. From 2017, people started using Google Play services in Cuba on their Android devices with restrictions like only access to free apps, and limited access to get the in-app features.

Which countries aren't allowed to make Google Play in-app purchases or buy Gift cards?

As of now in 2024, Cuba, China, Iran, and Sudan - these countries are not allowed to do any kind of transactions related to the Google Play Store.

Which card is available in Cuba?

You can use Visa, Mastercard, or any Banking gift card in Cuba.

You can utilize given Gift cards to pay payments for apps/games that you want to purchase(If they support other payment methods).

Where can I buy an iTunes card in Cuba?

Unfortunately, you can't buy Apple or iTunes gift cards in Cuba. You'll not find it anywhere. Even if you get it by any chance, it will not be going to work easily.

So, try to purchase all the required apps/games or Apple service outside Cuba, if you are outside.


As we see, because of the Cuban-American not-so-good relations, US Companies are not taking steps towards opening their services to Cuban people.

You'll be limited to the usage of the Google Play Store.

So, if you're planning to travel or move permanently to Cuba, then our advice is to purchase gift cards or apps and games before booking the tickets.

Or you can check the specific app that offers 3rd party payment methods or gift cards.

E.g., PUBG and Free Fire In-app purchases are disabled in Cuba. But, still, you can purchase a Gift card and refill your diamonds or UCs to continue your game.


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