How to Close or Reopen PayPal case/dispute? 2024 Guide

For any reason, you have raised one Case or dispute against the Seller in PayPal. The seller has resolved your issue and he wants you to close the Paypal dispute.

Now, you're stuck on how will you close the Case? how can we resolve that active dispute in Paypal?

In this article, we'll cover topics like how to close disputes, how much time it takes to close, how to close a case before a refund, reopen after a case is closed, generate a Closed case report, etc.

    How to close the PayPal case?

    If you want to close the pending Cases or disputes on the PayPal website, then refer following steps:

    PayPal Personal and business accounts both have the same process and we can't close the case in the PayPal Mobile app.

    PayPal Dispute page

    1. Log in to your PayPal account and navigate to the Activity > Resolution Centre > Open Cases or Simply click on this link PayPal dispute center
    2. Then, Open the Desired case from the case list
    3. You can filter the cases to fetch your case or simply search it
    4. Add your comments or reason for closing the dispute/case
    5. Select the Mask this problem as resolved or Close this dispute option to close the case

    Once you select the given option, it will close your case immediately and will let the seller know the status of the Case.

    Some cases are opened by PayPal, but they need to be closed by you. You can close such cases by providing the required information or refunds(if requested by the buyer).

    Close case opened by Paypal

    How long does it take for PayPal to close a dispute?

    If you close the case by yourself, then it will get closed immediately. But if the case is escalated to PayPal's Case resolution team, then it may take up to 30 Days to close it.

    In my case, the case was raised by my customer. He was not satisfied with my service. He was claiming a refund. 

    Then I just fixed that issue. He received my rework and closed the Case. This entire process took around 11 days to close.

    So, you don't need to wait for 30 days. You can close the case within 7 to 15 days if your seller is cooperative.

    For more complex cases, it may take more than 30 days. This process includes tasks like collecting data from customers, contacting the seller, communicating with them to get their money back, etc.

    How to download your Closed case history or reports?

    Once you close the case in the dispute center, you want some details of that case. You can save it to your local through the Download Dispute Reports link.

    You can find that option on the right side of the cases table as shown in the picture.

    download paypal case history
    1. Once you click the option, it will redirect you to the reports page

    2. Now, click the add a favourite option to add a new report

    3. Select Risks under the Report category and Disputes report under the Report type

    4. Add it and it will create a Dispute report card under the PayPal reports page

    5. Now tap the Download report button under the Dispute report card that we recently generated

    generate dispute report in paypal

    6. select the Create report button to generate a Dispute report

    It will save the CSV/XLS file in your local system with Dispute case details!

    How to handle a situation like 'PayPal Closed the dispute before my refund!'?

    The seller wants you to close the dispute before he refunds your money. What do in such a situation?

    You don't need to follow the seller's instructions. Because, once you close the case, then you can't reopen or escalate the case to PayPal.

    A seller might not send you your money back to your account.

    You've to wait for your money to get refunded to your PayPal or Bank account. Then, you can close the dispute case.

    How do I reopen the closed case on PayPal?

    The seller contacted you to close the dispute before actually resolving your issue like he agreed to pay you back after closing the case.

    Now, you closed the case without receiving your payment and a seller is refusing to pay you back.

    If such a situation happened then how to approach the PayPal support team to reopen or claim the disputed money?

    You can contact the PayPal support team through PayPal Support. You'll find the Support button with the text 'Report a problem'.

    Raise the support incident and elaborate on your query to them. Ask them to reopen the case and claim your money back to your account.

    The paypal support team will contact the respective seller and verify his/her receipts, and payment history.

    They will ask the seller to release your payment if he has not paid you after closing the case.

    FIX - Can't close PayPal Case!

    If you're not able to close the PayPal case through the Resolution Center for any reason, then you can try to close it through PayPal's Contact Us page or by sending the Email directly to their Support team.

    They will definitely investigate the case and will close your case after you get a refund to your account.


    What happens when a PayPal case is closed?

    Once the Case/dispute gets closed in the PayPal Resolution Center, you can't open it. You can access the cases under the Closed Cases tab in the Disputes Center.

    If you want to open the dispute, you'll need to contact Paypal support. They rarely reopen the Cases, mostly in genuine and critical cases.

    You can try to raise a new dispute if you didn't get a resolution in the previous case.

    How to escalate a paypal case?

    The only way to Escalate a PayPal Case is through contacting the PayPal support team. You can contact them by reporting a problem within the Resolution Center.

    Ask them to reopen the dispute and explain your issue. Tell them that you need either a proper service/goods/product or a refund from the seller.

    Provide all the required details and complete all the required formalities. Wait for PayPal support response. The entire process may take 30 days.

    Our views

    From the above article, we've concluded that you can close your disputed payment case through PayPal's Resolution Center.

    If you've escalated the case to PayPal, then they will close it within 30 business days.

    If you are not able to close the case, then you can approach the PayPal Support team. They will investigate the reason and will close it from their end.

    If you have any concerns or queries regarding the article on how to close the PayPal case, then please comment down and let us know through the comment section.