3 methods to use a Walmart Gift card on shein?

Can you use a Walmart gift card on shein as a payment method? The answer is No. But, We have got some alternative to use it on Shein.

According to Walmart gift card terms & conditions, Basic Walmart gift cards can be used to make purchases only at Online or offline Walmart stores and other franchises like Sam's Club.

You can 

  • Get a Walmart Visa gift card instead of using a Walmart gift card
  • Exchange a Walmart gift card for Shein, a Visa Gift card, or Simply cash

Yes, some people may exchange your Walmart Gift card for their Shein gift card.

In this post, we'll see how we can achieve that using different platforms. We invent such methods to make your purchase easy. You'll not see any other such methods anywhere else.

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How to make Walmart gift cards useful in Shein?

As we already mentioned we need to convert a Walmart gift card into any other form that is compatible with Shein. You can follow 

Methods 1: Get a Walmart Visa Gift card from Walmart

First, grab your Walmart gift card, visit the Walmart store or website, and purchase a Walmart Visa Gift card.

Buy walmart visa gift card with Walmart gift card

Here's the catch, Some stores doesn't allow you to buy gift card using Walmart gift card. So, try to buy it from different locations if it doesn't work online.

Please note that they will charge some amount as a fee while purchasing a Visa Gift card at Walmart.

Methods 2: Exchange Walmart Gift card

Now, if you didn't get a Walmart Visa gift card for any reason. Still, we have another method.

Here, we'll need to exchange our Walmart gift card on various platforms. On Reddit, you can sell or exchange your Gift cards.

1. Visit the Reddit GCX subreddit and post your Walmart gift card exchange request

exchange gift card on Reddit

2. Create a post with the following message and post it

I've got a WALMART GC $<Your Walmart gift card balance>, and I'm ready to exchange with PayPal or Actual Cash, Visa Gift card, or Cash App.

Methods 3: Sell Walmart Gift card

Another way is you can sell your Walmart Visa gift card to get some bucks. There are so many trustworthy sites that are tried and tested.

I. Gameflip

Gameflip is one of the best places to sell not only Walmart but any other gift cards like Amazon, Google, Apple gift cards, etc.

1. Open Gameflip and choose the Start Selling option

2. Select Walmart as shown in the Screenshot

Walmart on Gameflip

3. Put personal details and complete your profile

4. Now, enter your Walmart gift card details

Then your ad post will be live and if someone sees this, they'll reach out to you to buy a Gift card.

II. eBay

eBay is another best place to sell Gift cards for direct cash or money into a Bank. 

1. Open the eBay selling page and select the List an Item option

choose walmart gift card for resaling on ebay

2. Search for a Walmart gift card to list it

3. Now, either you can select with matched results or simply proceed without a match

4. Then you'll see a page with a Gift card item listing, You need to fill in all the details like Gift card pic, value, name, etc.

After the process, it will be live on eBay and you can get some bucks for your card to use on Shein.

III. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is also a place to sell unused Gift cards. Here, you'll get money immediately but they charge a little more than others as a fee.

For a 50 $US Walmart gift card, you can get around 37.50 $US. Still, you can also consider BuyBackWorld for selling Gift cards.

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Once you obtain your money, Visa Gift card, or any other form of money, you can simply use that to make purchases in Shein.


Why shein is not accepting my Walmart Gift card?

Not all Walmart Gift cards are accepted in Shein. A regular Walmart gift card is not acceptable, but you can use a Walmart Visa Gift card.

Can you use a gift card on Shein?

Not all Gift cards are allowed to be used as payment methods to buy anything on Shein.

You can use Shein's official Gift cards and Visa/Mastercard/Amex Gift cards on Shein.

Can I use an Amazon gift card for Shein?

No. You can't use an Amazon gift card on the Shein app or website.

What cards does Shein accept?

Accepted cards are as below:

Gift cards - Shein Gift card, Visa/Mastercard/Amex Gift cards

Debit and Credit cards - Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Maestro/Discover cards