How to use a Visa & MasterCard other Gift card on Etsy? 2024 Guide

Can we use the Visa or any other gift cards on the Etsy account online?

Yes. We can use Visa and other prepaid gift cards like Mastercard, & AMEX, on the Etsy account.

You need to provide Prepaid Gift card details like Name, Card number, Expiry date, and Security code in the Payment method during the checkout process.

Didn't find the option to add the payments to your Etsy account? Follow the below step-by-step guide to add your prepaid gift card to Etsy online.

    What Payment options does Etsy accept?

    What payment methods can you use to pay the bill payments for Etsy items? Debit and Credit cards are accepted which use Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and Discover payment gateway.

    Etsy accepts Wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, etc. You can use Klarna for payments in installments or EMI.

    You can also use the Etsy Gift card or credit money for payments.

    How to use Visa or other prepaid Gift cards on Etsy?

    In order to add and use Prepaid gif cards as a Payment Method on Etsy online, follow the below steps:

    1. Login to your Etsy account and add the Item to your cart or buy it now

    add shipping address to etsy

    2. Now, Select Add a new address to provide the Shipping Address if you haven't added the address any

    3. You will end up on the Payment Methods page

    etsy payment methods

    4. Add your Full Name, Gift card Card number, Expiry date, and Security code to Payment methods

    5. Select Review your order option

    Money will get deducted from your Visa Gift card. You will move to the Purchase Done page.

    Still not able to add the Prepaid gift card on the Payment section? Don't worry, refer to the following guide on fixing the Visa gift card not working issue!

    Fix: Visa gift card not working on Etsy!

    If you're facing any issues while adding the Details on the Etsy website, then the following can be the reasons:

    1. You've added Wrong Gift card details
    2. You've put Gift card details in the Wrong section
    3. Your Visa Gift card balance is insufficient
    4. Your Visa Gift card is Expired
    5. You've not activated your Visa gift card

    Mostly above 5 will be the root cause of the issues. Identify the reason and try to resolve the issues accordingly.

    How do I pay with a gift card on Etsy?

    There are two ways to use Etsy Gift card money for Online Purchase - 

    1. Redeem to Etsy wallet
    2. Redeem while Checkout

    We'll see both ways here in this tutorial.

    1. Redeem Etsy Gift card to Etsy wallet

    In the Etsy account dashboard,

    1. select the My Profile option

    etsy my profile to gift balance

    2. From the dropdown, choose the Gift card balance option

    3. Now, add the Gift card redemption code and hit the Apply Now button

    Gift card money will be added to your Etsy Wallet. You can use them while checking out.

    2. Use an Etsy Gift card during Checkout

    In this way, you don't need to redeem gift cards in Wallet. You've to redeem it on the Payment Methods page.

    1. Add something to your cart and proceed to the payment

    2. After providing the Shipping address, add the Etsy gift card redemption code in the Gift Cards & Etsy Credit section of the Payment method page

    Redeem the Etsy gift card at checkout payment page

    3. Gift cards will get applied to your account and you can use them or combine them with other payment methods like Credit/Debit cards or prepaid Gift cards to complete the purchase

    These are the two different ways to use an Etsy gift card you can follow them at your convenience to redeem your Gift card.

    Final Wrapup

    So in summary, we want to say that you can use popular prepaid gift cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc.

    You will need to add Prepaid Gift cards just like normal Credit or Debit cards. You can also use the Prepaid Gift cards along with Etsy Gift cards or credit balance.


    Does Etsy accept Vanilla Visa Gift cards?

    Yes. Vanilla Visa cards can be added to Etsy Payment methods as they are considered regular Prepaid gift cards.

    Just make sure it's activated before the use and not expired. Go to Etsy Payment methods and add it like regular Debit cards.

    For detailed steps, refer to this Tutorial.

    Can we pay with different gift cards on Etsy at the same time?

    Yes, but the gift card combination should not be of the same type. For example, you can't use two prepaid gift cards like Visa or MasterCard gift cards.

    But you can use it with an Etsy Gift card to complete the payments.

    Can you use a gift card and debit card on Etsy?

    You can use an Etsy Gift card with a Debit card, but you can't use a Debit card with a Visa Gift card.

    How do I use a Visa gift card for online shopping?

    You can use Visa gift cards for Online shopping. Almost all major e-commerce websites accept Visa Gift cards as a valid payment method.

    So far we've tried using it on Amazon, Shein, CHANEL, eBay, Mcdonald's, Google Play store, Playstation, XBOX & Steam online store, etc.

    It works as same as your Debit or credit card.