Track PayPal orders manually with Transaction ID & Tracking number?(Buyer guide)

If you've got the tracking number on email or from the transaction page, or you only have the transaction ID.

We'll go through the entire process to track orders in Paypal transactions first then with carrier service. This guide is all about tracking paypal orders.

    What is the difference between PayPal Order ID and Transaction ID?

    Actually, both the terms are the same with different names given by users. Transaction ID is a superset of Order ID.

    Transactions can be of multiple types and order is one of the types of transaction in PayPal.

    Before, getting started with tracking orders, please get your basics clear about PayPal Transaction ID & how to get a transaction ID?

    How to Track PayPal orders in different ways?

    We'll see how can we track Paypal orders with a tracking number and only with the transaction ID.

    Track PayPal orders with a Transaction ID

    If you don't have a tracking number, get the transaction ID from your seller for your order and search it on an all transactions page.

    Open the transaction and look for the Shipping status and Shipping info labels. These details are enough to track your PayPal Order.

    If the Order/Shipping status is updated as Shipped by the seller, then copy the Tracking number from the shipping info section and check the status respective courier facility website.

    Track a PayPal order with a Tracking number

    Once you get the Tracking Number from the Paypal transaction page, you can use that for tracking in 3rd party package carrier facility.

    Please go through the next guide below for detailed steps.

    Track the PayPal Orders with Carrier services like UPS, USPS, DHL & FedEx!

    We've got the Tracking number from PayPal Transaction. Now, we need to Track a PayPal order with that Tracking Number.

    We'll go through the process of tracking PayPal orders through the US's 4 Major logistics carrier services UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS.

    We'll see points like how to track PayPal orders with the above carrier services, what Tracking number formats they use, etc.

    I. Tracking PayPal orders on UPS

    UPS tracking number contains 18-digit alphanumeric characters that always start with 1Z and are followed by 16-digit character combinations of alphabetic letters and numbers.

    Sample format of UPS Tracking number - 1Z99XC995699ID9909

    1. Open the UPS Order Tracking page

    PayPal order tracking UPS

    2. Enter the 18-digit tracking number and click on the Track button

    II. Track
    ing PayPal orders on USPS

    USPS has a 20-digit numeric tracking number format. The sample USPS Tracking number looks like 921-9967802-8199257.

    1. Open the USPS Order Tracking and enter the 20-digit USPS Tracking Number

    2. Select the Tracking icon

    III. Track
    ing PayPal orders on DHL

    There are 2 different types of services DHL provides - DHL Express(which is for Express delivery) and DHL Parcel(Standard Parcel delivery service).

    DHL Express uses a 10-digit Only-number Tracking number format for Package tracking.

    While DHL Parcel uses a 14-digit Alphanumeric Tracking number(10-digit numerical + 4 Characters).

    1. Copy the Tracking number from the PayPal Transaction page and put it on the DHL Tracking and Trace page.

    PayPal order tracking DHL

    2. Hit the Track button and you'll get the details of your PayPal order

    IV. Track
    ing PayPal orders on FedEx

    There are a variety of FedEx services available like FedEx Express and FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, etc.

    These different services have different tracking number formats. Mostly you'll find 12, 14, and 15 digit tracking IDs.

    But the FedEx tracking number can also be lower to 10 digits long and the highest upto 20 and 22 digits.

    1. Open the FedEx tracking page and add your 10/12/14/15/20/22 digit Tracking number

    2. Hit the Track button

    You'll see the Tracking page for your Paypal orders with details like Tracking ID, Expected delivery date, Current order status, Shipment location, etc.

    How to Track a Paypal Order without an Account?

    Once your seller updates the Order status and Tracking info, PayPal triggers a notification and sends an Email with all the details to your Email address.

    Now, you just have to check that email containing all shipping, tracking, and other order details.

    Get the required tracking information from that email and enter those details into a specific courier service website.

    It's that simple. You don't actually need a PayPal account to Track your Order.


    Can I track PayPal orders using transaction ID?

    Transaction ID is just a reference number for your Paypal order. It can be used to track orders at the PayPal level.

    If you want to track an order(physical goods) that is being shipped by your seller, then you'll need the Tracking number that you can get using the Transaction ID.

    How do I track paypal orders as a guest?

    If you want to track your Paypal orders as a guest, you need to connect with your seller and ask him to provide the Tracking number.

    So, we can track our order with other carrier services. Otherwise, there's no way to track Paypal orders.