How to Check Transactions on PayPal Personal & Business accounts?

Are you looking for PayPal Transactions that you did just now, either as a Seller or Buyer? You're at the right place.

In this guide, we've explained each and every aspect which is related to PayPal Transaction.

But before checking the transaction page path, first get the basics clear about PayPal Transactions what it is, and how it works!

    What is a PayPal Transaction ID?

    Right now, PayPal performs the 3 main types of transactions:

    • Currency conversion
    • Bank withdrawal
    • Payments

    Currency conversion transactions happen when we transfer money from our PayPal wallet to our bank account.

    It only applies to Non-US paypal account holders, if they have set USD as a primary currency.

    Bank withdrawals are our regular PayPal Wallet to Bank transfers.

    Payments from Customers/to sellers are also can be managed through the PayPal Transaction page.

    There are other transactions like Refunds from the seller, Money addition to the wallet, Billing agreements & profiles, Subscriptions, Reversals, eCheck, etc.

    PayPal assigns a certain ID to each of these transactions. So, we can search and identify the different Transactions.

    The purpose of transaction IDs is only to serialize the list of transactions. So, it'll become easy to manage and get details in case of disputes.

    PayPal Transaction ID format

    PayPal transaction ID contains 17 Alphanumeric characters. As per our observation, for regular transactions transaction ID starts with a numeric value and is followed by 1 alphabetic character.

    e.g. 9EN906083M694693S, 2S468220JL305533Y.

    For donation transactions, the numbering starts with a numeric letter for the first few characters.

    example - 11310301G5850611J

    How to Check Transactions on a PayPal account?

    Before looking for any transaction, first, confirm what type of PayPal account you're using. Is it Personal(i.e. regular PayPal) or Business?

    To see all transactions in your PayPal Personal account, follow this Path - Dashboard > Activity.

    For the PayPal Business account, the path is Dashboard > Activity > All Transactions(Under Transactions).

    Now choose any one transaction and open it.

    paypal personal - transaction
    PayPal Personal - Order Transaction

    paypal business - transaction
    PayPal Business - Order Transaction

    The order Transaction page has a lot of details helpful for order tracking like Tracking number, Shipping address, Transaction ID, Order status, Payment status, Paid by, Paid to, Amount, etc.

    For simple transaction like Donation which doesn't need more details like tracking and shipping details.

    PayPal transaction - donation
    PayPal transaction - donation

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    Why the Transaction IDs for Seller and Buyers are different for the same transaction?

    If you're trying to search the specific transaction with the transaction ID that you got from the seller, then you'll find that the Seller's transaction ID and your transaction ID are different.

    This is because Paypal needs to manage transactions differently for both stakeholders.

    In a case in future any concerns are raised, it becomes easy to differentiate and investigate two different transactions(at seller-end and buyer-end).

    But as a Buyer, you can search your transactions with the seller's transaction ID. In this way, you can also verify the Transaction ID.

    How do I find a PayPal Transaction ID?

    If you're looking for the transaction ID of any specific Paypal order, then follow the path - Activity(from a menu) > All transactions.

    Open the specific transaction, and you'll find the label Transaction ID(Refer above transaction page screenshots).

    Is Paypal Transaction ID Safe to Share?

    Yes. PayPal Transaction ID is Safe to share with anyone. No one can do anything by using your transaction ID.

    PayPal transaction ID is mostly used to identify and search transactions. It's nothing but a numbering system in PayPal transactions.

    As a seller, you can share the transaction ID with your buyer for tracking purposes.

    If you're a buyer, then also you can share your Paypal transaction ID with the seller or any other stakeholder. There is no issue in sharing transaction ID.


    Can you see PayPal transactions on your bank account?

    Yes. You can see the transaction details if you've used your bank account to send or receive money.

    Check your Bank Statement or if you're using a mobile app. You can check those transactions are made.

    How to check PayPal transaction history?

    Navigate to the Activity menu and you'll see all of your transactions. You can also filter those transactions by type, date, amount currency, etc.

    How can I check if my transaction ID is real or fake?

    The only way to validate transaction ID is genuine or a scam is by searching it in the PayPal transaction list.

    Just navigate to the PayPal transaction list page and search with that transaction ID. If it is a valid ID, then you'll see a transaction in search results.