How to claim unclaimed money on PayPal personal & business?

Do you have Unclaimed or Pending money in your PayPal wallet? How can we claim that money on PayPal?

You can claim the money from the Pending section on the Summary page for the PayPal Personal account.

For a PayPal Business account, you can get under All transactions on the Activity page.

In this article, we've written the below tutorial on claiming money on PayPal for various reasons.

    How to Claim Money on PayPal?

    What is the unclaimed money situation? It simply means that when you receive money in the email, if

    • You don't have an account
    • You may have yet to accept the payment from your client
    • You haven't added and confirmed your Bank account

    There is another case where your money will be with unclaimed status if your customer has sent you money in a currency that you haven't added to your account.

    In my case, I'm getting money from my Ukrainian client in Ukrainian hryvnia. But I wanted it in USD. Because my account's default currency is US Dollars.

    So, I got an unclaimed money notification in my PayPal Business account, this is how I claimed my money.

    Claim money on the PayPal website

    Based on the Version(Normal or Business) you're using, you can check your Unclaimed money and withdraw it into your account. Both versions have different methods.

    If you are using a PayPal Personal account, follow the below steps

    1. Open and log in to the PayPal website
    2. Navigate to the Transaction page(activity) Or Scroll down to the bottom of the Summary page
    3. Open that transaction and Scroll down a little bit
    4. You will find the unclaimed money message with Approve or Deny options
    5. Click Approve

    If you're using a PayPal Business account, you'll need to follow a few more steps

    claim unclaimed money under Payment
    PayPal unclaimed Payment Invoice

    1. Open the Paypal website and log in to your PayPal account
    2. Select All transactions under the Activity page
    3. Now, choose any Transaction from the list
    4. You will find that Unclaimed payment status under that transaction invoice
    5. Scroll until you'll find Accept | Deny options
    6. Select Accept to claim your unclaimed money

    After that, the accept deny confirmation page will pop up and you can select any one option from below as per your choice -

    Accept this payment and convert it to $** USD.

    Accept this payment in <Currency name in which you've received the money> and Create a balance in this Currency.

    2nd option means that it will create a new currency in which you've received the money from your customer and money will get added to your Paupal balance under that currency.

    In my case, it was Ukrainian hryvnia. So, I just selected USD to claim my money.

    Claim money on the PayPal app

    PayPal website and mobile app have a similar path in their User Interface. But, the path for claiming money on the PayPal app is a bit different compared to the website.

    1. Open the PayPal mobile app and navigate to the Payments Method tab
    2. 3 options will be there - Manage, Rewards, and Activity
    3. Now, select the transaction activity that is in the Unclaimed payment status
    4. Slide to the bottom and you'll find the Claim Money option

    How to claim money from PayPal without a bank account?

    If you want to claim money on PayPal without a bank account, you can use previous methods.

    That will definitely help because Unclaimed money doesn't require any bank account.

    Your Unclaimed money will be getting into the PayPal balance. After that, you can use or transfer them to wherever you want.

    How to claim money on PayPal from eBay and Depop?

    The process is similar to the method we've explained in this guide. You can choose any platform to accept and receive money from your customers.

    Customers will purchase anything from eCommerce sites like eBay and Depop. You receive money in your PayPal account.

    If it is stuck with Unclaimed payment status due to some reason, you need to check it under the Activity page.

    How to cancel unclaimed PayPal payments?

    For some reason, you don't want to process the money which is in unclaimed status. You'll get an option to deny the money claim for an unclaimed money transaction on Paypal.

    This is a merchant guide. So, the process is a little bit different for Sellers.

    Just open the unclaimed money notification under the notification section.

    Now under that transaction, just scroll/swipe down and then choose the Deny option.

    It will cancel the PayPal transaction from your end and the money will be sent back to your Customer.

    If you're a Customer/Consumer of the service provided by Seller, follow this path - Activity > Payments. Now, select the payment and click the Cancel link.

    for mobile app users, you'll the option under Wallet > Activity > Payment(that you've done). Select the Cancel button there.


    How do I get a Notice of unclaimed PayPal funds?

    You will get a Notice of unclaimed PayPal funds through the notifications or by checking them manually.

    Open the PayPal website on the desktop site and scroll till you find the Notifications section. Under notifications, you can find a Notice of unclaimed PayPal funds.

    Notification will be visible with Unclaimed payment status, so you can differentiate between unclaimed and other payment transactions.

    How to transfer unclaimed money that is loaded using PayPal cash load service/stores?

    If you're loading cash to Paypal from any PayPal-authorised retailer, sometimes you might get an unclaimed money notification in your PayPal account.

    The process to claim the money is simple! Just go to your Notifications tab and select the unclaimed money notification or you can open the link in the email that you received from Paypal. 

    Now, Just approve it using the Approve option!

    How to claim money on a PayPal invoice?

    If you have received money on the PayPal invoice, you can still claim your money from the invoice.

    Open the invoice that you sent to your customer, and check for Accept/Deny option. Select Accept and you will claim that money to your PayPal account.

    How to claim money on PayPal without an SSN?

    According to the tab-tv report, You can't hold your money on PayPal without a Social Security Number(SSN).

    As you can't add money to PayPal, you can not claim money on your PayPal account without an SSN.


    From the above post, we concluded that you can claim the money from PayPal. You have to access it from the activity page. There you'll find reactions and invoices where you can accept the unclaimed money.

    You can also access the claim option from notifications through Transactions and activities. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with a PayPal Account without an SSN.

    If you have any concerns regarding this tutorial, feel free to ask. We're here to solve your problem. Just put your queries in the comment section.