All about Visa Gift card! Best place to buy a Visa Gift card!

Visa Gift card! What are Visa Gift cards? It's a Prepaid Debit Gift card that can be used anywhere where Visa Cards are accepted.

In simple words, it's a Preloaded Debit card that contains some amount of money that can be used to purchase anything Online or Offline.

Visa Gift cards are more secure, as it comes with security and the trust of Visa. So, you don't need to worry about security while doing transactions.

    How does a Visa Gift card work?

    A Visa is a simple Prepaid Debit card that you can gift to someone, so they can use it to buy something. It will work only where the Visa is accepted.

    There are two types of Visa Gift cards - Physical or Plastic Visa Gift cards and Electronic or Virtual Visa Gift cards.

    Physical Visa Gift cards can be used Online and In-store. While Virtual Visa Gift cards can be only used Online.

    First, you need to buy it from a local gift card retailer or order it online. It may come activated or you'll need to manually activate it.

    Once, activated then it's ready to use. You can use it for Online transactions or In-store purchases.

    Usage of Visa Gift card

    You can pay using it for daily transactions like Groceries at a Supermarket, Retail shops, Barbershops, Restaurants, etc.

    You can also use a Visa Gift card to pay for Online payments. It is accepted on all major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

    You can't use Visa Gift cards in Payment apps like Venmo, Chime, PayPal, Cash App, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. You can't withdraw the money from your Visa Debit Gift card.

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    How to order or buy a Visa Gift card

    Whether you want to buy a Physical Visa Gift card or a Virtual Visa Gift card. You can buy it from Visa-suggested websites like Vanilla, Commerce Bank, etc. 

    You can visit Visa's official website for Gift cards in case you want to know more about it.

    Visa Gift cards Providers - Where to buy Visa Gift cards online?

    There are so many Visa Gift card providers like Vanilla, Commerce Bank, Navy Federal, etc. But, you can also get a Plain or custom Visa Gift card of your choice.

    Visa Gift card is available at a wide variety of Offline, Online stores & Platforms. But, few of them are authorized and suggested by Visa are as follows:

    • Vanilla
    • The Gift Card Shop
    • Gift Card Mall
    • Commerce Bank
    • Navy Federal Credit Union

    You can buy also buy it from other popular platforms Walmart, Amazon, etc. Again there are small Gift card sellers who also keep Visa Gift cards. You can try those also.

    If you want to buy a Visa Gift card from the Amazon store, please consider our links:

    Keep in mind that you'll need to pay an extra amount(As a fee) to buy Visa cards. Even though you're buying it from any other store apart from Amazon, you'll need to pay some amount as a Fee to that seller.

    Additional fees would be applied around 3 to 7 US$ per card(Prices may vary by type and features like customization).

    What are the Fees taken by Different Visa Gift card sellers?

    If you're buying a Visa Gift card from Giftcardmall, you'll be charged $5.95 per card.

    For the Vanilla Visa Gift card, the fees taken are as follows:

    • $10 to 75 Visa Gift card - $2.95 Fee
    • $76 to 250 Visa Gift card - $3.95 Fee
    • $251 to 500 Visa Gift card - $5.95 Fee

    For Commerce Bank Visa Gift cards, they charge $4.99 per card and $3.00 per card delivery as a fee.

    For PerfectGiftcards, the extra fee is as follows:

    • $10.00 - $74.99¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$2.95¬†Fee
    • $75.00 - $149.99¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$3.95¬†Fee
    • $150.00 - $249.99¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$4.95¬†Fee
    • $250.00 - $349.99¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$5.95¬†Fee
    • $350.00 - $500.00¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$6.95¬†Fee

    There is one of the few Sellers who doesn't take any fees on purchases on Gift cards is Navy federal, it will be the best option for you if you want to save money.

    For Amazon, the fee structure is like this:

    • $25.00 Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$3.95¬†Fee
    • $50.00¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$4.95¬†Fee
    • $100.00¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$5.95¬†Fee
    • $200.00¬†Visa Gift card¬†-¬†$6.95¬†Fee

    All the above fee amount only applies to per card purchase(One-time). An additional Fee will be applied for customization, delivery, and recovery.

    How to register & activate a Visa Gift card online?

    If the Visa Gift card is purchased from the Offline store, then mostly they will be already activated.

    If you've purchased it from Online stores like,, and, then you'll need to activate it before use.

    There are 2 ways to activate the Visa Gift card - Through phone or Online.

    I. Through Phone

    If you want to activate your Newly purchased Visa Gift card, you can do it through the Toll-free Phone number present behind the Gift card.

    Call that phone number and tell Visa Gift Card details like Gift card name, Number, CVV, and Expiry date to the Gift card company agent.

    Wait for some time, they will do some backend processes like manually registering the Gift card details. It will get activated within a few minutes.

    II. Activate it Online

    Another way to activate the Gift card is by using the Gift card seller's website. Open the website.

    You can find the Visa gift card activation link from the Backside of the Gift card or simply visit the Gift card issuer's official website and navigate to the Gift card activation section.

    Now, enter the Visa Gift card details like 16 Digit Gift card number and Security code. It will get registered at their end and your Visa Gift card will get activated to do transactions.

    The process to Activate the Visa Gift card is slightly different. If you want to activate Brand specific Visa Gift card, please refer to our Guide on how to activate the different Visa Gift cards:

    How to activate and register a Target Visa debit gift card?

    How to check the balance of a Visa Gift card?

    There are different ways to check other Visa Gift cards. For example, if you're using a Vanilla Visa Gift card. You'll need to visit the Vanilla Visa Gift card balance check website.

    Some so many websites and retailers that sell Visa Gift cards. You'll need to visit the respective seller's website and check the balance.

    Else, you can visit the nearest Gift card retail shop like Walmart, Target, BestBuy, etc., and ask them to check the balance on your Visa Gift card.

    They will provide you the receipt that includes the left balance you have on your Gift card.

    How to check Visa Gift card transactions & statements?

    The best way to check the Visa Gift card transactions & Statements is by contacting the Gift card issuer's Customer support or visiting the Website.

    It's the same process as you checked the balance of your Visa Gift card. Under the balance summary, you'll find the transaction & Statement details about your Visa Gift card.

    Read also If you are facing issues while using a Visa Gift card, please refer to our guide on How to fix a declined visa or any other gift card?


    Can I use my Visa gift card anywhere?

    Yes. You can use a Visa Gift card almost everywhere where the Visa is accepted in the US, Canada, or the country where you reside.

    There are very few exceptions that do accept Visa Debit/Credit cards, but not Gift cards.

    Can I convert a Visa gift card to Cash?

    You can't directly convert Visa Gift card money to Cash through an ATM.

    But in other ways, You can convert your Visa Gift card money into cash or transfer the money back to your Bank account for sure.

    Where can I buy a $1000 Visa Gift card?

    There is only one option from where you can buy a $1000 Visa Gift card - Simon. Simon mall brand offers a $1000 Visa Gift card for their customers.

    If you want that, you can get one by contacting their customer support team. Their support phone number is - 00 1 317-636-1600.

    How much money is needed to buy a Visa Gift card?

    Visa Gift card starts from 10 USD and you can purchase Visa gift card up to $1000(only SIMON Mall offers that Gift card).