3 Unique Ways to use Amazon Gift card to buy steam games!

Steam is so much popular in the Gaming community. You wanted to purchase Steam Games. but, you've got an Amazon Gift card or Amazon Gift balance only.

Now, you want to use that Amazon Gift card or balance to buy Steam games! How can we do that? Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible. You can buy Steam games using an Amazon Gift card in 3 different ways, which we'll see in this Tutorial.

    How to use an Amazon Gift card to buy Steam games?

    There are three methods to use an Amazon Gift card to buy Steam Games.

    Method 1: Direct way to purchase Steam Games

    The first step of this method is to Redeem an Amazon Gift card. After redeeming, We've to use that Gift balance to purchase Steam Games on Amazon.com.

    Amazon offers plenty of Steam games which we can purchase using Cash, Credit/Debit card, Gift balance, etc.

    Note: You can skip this method if you want to redeem the Gift card at the time of Checkout.

    Step I: Buy Steam Games from Amazon

    1. Open Amazon.com and search for your desired Steam Game. For E.g, We've chosen Dota 2 from Amazon in the below Screenshot

    Buy Steam Games from Amazon

    2. Then, Add it to the Cart and select Proceed to checkout

    3. Choose the Amazon Gift balance option and Tap the Use this as the Payment method button

    4. Proceed with the Purchase

    Once you receive Steam Game either By courier or email, use that code to redeem to your Steam account.

    Step II: Get a Steam Game Redeem code from your Amazon Account

    If you have purchased a Digital Steam game, then you'll need to get the Digital Redeem code from your Amazon account orders.

    1. Open the Orders section of the Amazon account
    2. Look for the Purchased Steam game and open it
    3. After, that you'll find the Redeem your item option to get the Redeem code
    Once you get the Code, you can redeem it anywhere(Desktop & Mobile app/Website/Console) the Steam account is logged in.

    Step III: Redeem Steam Games Code on the Steam account

    Now, we've got Redeem code either from the Email or the Digital order section of amazon.

    Code could be in any format from the below examples


    The below process is the same for Desktop or Mobile if you are using a Web browser.

    1. Open the Steam website or Desktop/Mobile app
    2. Choose the Activate a product on Steam option under the Games menu
    3. Now, Proceed with the Agreement and enter your Steam Game code

    After all the processes, it will add the Steam Game which we purchased to the Steam account. Enjoy your Game!

    Method 2: Using a Steam Gift card

    The Steam Gift card method is a little bit different. Here, we'll buy a Steam Gift card from Amazon. Then, we'll redeem the Gift card to our Steam account.

    So, by using Wallet money we can purchase anything from the Steam store.

    As we said, redeem your Amazon Gift card into your Amazon Account

    Search for any Steam Gift card on Amazon and purchase it using the Gift Balance

    Once your Steam Gift card will arrive at your home, you can redeem it to your Steam account.

    Later, you know how to purchase Steam games using Steam Balance!

    Method 3: Using Gift card Exchange

    This method is a little bit different from the above two methods. Here, we'll exchange our Amazon Gift card with Cryptocurrency.

    Then we'll sell that Cryptocurrency for Cash or Bank transfer. Later, we can use the money to buy the Steam Game.

    There are some Platforms that allow us to sell or exchange our Gift cards like BitValve, Paxful, Buybackworld, etc. We can use any of the above platforms.

    The process is very simple, you just have to select the Amazon Gift card as a payment method and then have to choose Seller.

    Then they will send the cryptocurrency to your Crypto wallet for an Amazon Gift card.

    For more detailed steps and other methods, please refer to our guide on How to transfer an Amazon Gift card to Cash?


    Why are Steam Gift cards so expensive on Amazon?

    After Buying a Steam Gift card from Amazon.com, the question that comes to mind is why Steam Gift cards are expensive on Amazon.

    Where to buy a Steam Gift card?

    You can Buy it from anywhere - Offline and Online. All major Retailers like Best buy, Walmart, and Target sells Steam Gift cards. You can buy it from Amazon.com also.

    How do I buy Steam games with Amazon pay?

    It's very simple, Add Steam Games to your Cart, and while checkout Select Amazon Pay as the Payment method.