How to update billing address on Steam?

People find it difficult to add or update the Billing address on Steam. Because Steam doesn't have any option to edit it directly.

It is straightforward to update the billing address on Steam. You can do it using Payment methods.

Just try to update the Payment method with the new address and it will get updated.

What is a billing address on steam? What should I put for the billing address?

The billing address is your Owner's home address which is associated with the owner's Bank account or Payment card. It is being used for billing purposes.

On your Steam account, you'll need to provide the billing address. So, Steam can keep the track of the purchases & payments you'll be making from your Steam account.

It is a mandatory thing. You have to enter your permanent residential address, so authorities can approach you if any disputes happen.

How to update the billing address on Steam?

There are two different ways to update the billing address from your Steam account - from PayPal & from Payment cards.

Change the billing address on the Steam account of Payment cards

If you want to download the Billing Address of Payment cards on your Steam account, please follow the below steps:

1. Open the Steam website and log in to your Steam account

2. Select the Profile dropdown and Choose the Account details option

If you've reached here, now you'll need to remove the billing address on Steam

Remove the billing address from your Steam account

3. On the accounts details page, you'll find the already added Payment methods like Debit, Credit card, or Prepaid Gift cards

4. Remove it using the Delete option

Now, Add the New Card or use the same card again. But, don't forget to add your new Billing address. That is what we're aiming to do here!

Change the billing address on Steam of PayPal

For PayPal, the steps are as follows. before adding the Billings address for PayPal, please add or update a Billing address in PayPal.

1. Open the Steam website and navigate to the Account Details page

2. Select Add funds to your Steam Wallet option

3. Now, choose the PayPal option as a Payment Method

We've successfully updated the Billing address on our Steam account!

How to update the Billing address on a Credit card to use it for Steam?

The Process to update the Billing address on Steam is the same for all payments like Debit, Credit, or Prepaid Gift cards. You can refer to the above steps to update your Billing address.

Or you can update your Billing address through various methods like Through Website/Mobile app, Customer support, or Visiting the Credit card issuer's Bank or Office.

Once it will get updated, then you can use it on your Steam account.

How to update a Shipping address on Steam?

You can update the Steam Shipping address after you ordered something from the Steam store. 

Just go to that order, and under Order details, you'll find the Shipping address section where you can update the Shipping address.

The method to update the Shipping address for Steam deck games is the same as other ordered services/products.


Can we update the Billing address using Visa or Mastercard Gift card?

Yes, we can. Just remove the existing Visa or Mastercard Gift card and add it with the new Billing address.

Can you put a fake billing address on Steam?

As per Steam's policies, you can't add fake billing addresses or any other information to your Steam account. It is strictly against their policy.

Steam verifies billings, shipping addresses, and other details with credit card companies.