2 different Ways to use Venmo on Shein! How to use Venmo cards on Shein!

2 different Ways to use Venmo on Shein! How to use Venmo cards on Shein!

Can you use Venmo on Shein? Is payment through Venmo possible? Yes, it is possible to add Venmo to the Shein Payment method and use it for Bill payments on Shein.

Grab your Venmo Debit or Credit card and put the details under the Debit/Credit card section in the Shein Payment method.

You're ready to use Venmo on Shein. So, let's get started with the tutorial!

    What Payment methods does Shein accept?

    First, learn about which payment methods shein accept. So, you'll get an idea about the Payment modes available. What Payment methods are accepted in Shein?

    Shein accepts Credit/Debit cards, Some Gift cards which have Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, etc.

    Read the article on How to use Visa or other Gift cards on Shein?

    You can use Digital Wallets like PayPal or Venmo. While checkouts you can select Pay with PayPal and Venmo. Now, you can also Pay with Google Pay.

    There are some EMI payment options like Afterpay, Klarna, & ZiP available, where you can pay the payment in Installments. All options offer payment in 4 Installments.

    Coupon Code, Bonus Points & Shein Gift card can be used to pay with the above payment methods.

    How to use Venmo as a payment method on Shein?

    There are two methods to use Venmo for purchases on Shein. Either by using an Official Venmo payment method or by using a Venmo Credit/Debit card.

    Method 1: Using a Venmo payment method

    There is a direct option to use Venmo as a payment method while checking out the product.

    1. Open the Shein website(Yes, we always suggest using the Shein website over the Mobile app as it gives more control and features)

    2. Add the items to the Shopping bag

    3. Search for Venmo in Payment methods or select the PayPal option(payment position varies by country)

    Shein Payment methods

    4. then, it will redirect to the PayPal website and there you'll find the Pay with Venmo option

    Pay with Venmo and PayPal

    5. Now, use that option to pay the payments!

    Now, money will get deducted through Venmo. If still not able to find the option or are not able to pay using Venmo, use the next method.

    Method 2: Using a Credit/Debit card method

    There are some prerequisites for this method, you'll need 2 things - Enough balance in Venmo balance and another is Debit/Credit card.

    A Venmo debit card uses the Mastercard network and a Credit card uses the Visa network for transactions.

    We suggest getting a Debit card as the process is easier to do as compared to a Credit card.

    If you want to pay money in installments through Venmo, please go with a Credit card.

    1. Open the Shein website

    2. Now, add the Apparel/product to the Shopping cart

    3. Select the Credit/Debit card payment method

    4. Now, fill in the Venmo Debit card details like Card number, Expiry date, and Security code inside the form

    5. Pay using the above payment method. That it!

    Money will get debited from your Venmo account balance if you've used a Venmo Debit card.

    How to use the "Shein - buy now and pay later" feature with Venmo?

    Officially, it's not possible. You'll not find any such option to pay. But, you can do it using a Venmo Credit card or any ordinary Credit card on Venmo.

    Either you can add your Credit card to Venmo and select Venmo as the payment method or get a Venmo Credit card and use it as the payment method.

    In this way, you can use schemes like Shop now and pay later in Shein. Otherwise, you have other options like Afterpay, Klarna, and ZiP.

    How to add or change the payment method on Shein?

    Adding or changing the default payment methods in Shein is quite easy to do. Just add the item to your Shopping bag and proceed to checkout.

    There you can select any or update the existing Payment method.


    Does Shein accept a Venmo Credit or Debit card on Shein?

    Venmo Credit or Debit cards are ordinary cards that are provided by Venmo incorporated Banks.

    So, you can use Venmo Credit or Debit cards as payment methods on Shein.

    Can I pay in Shein using PayPal?

    Venmo and PayPal are subsidiaries of PayPal Inc. Both work the same. Just like we paid using Venmo, we can pay using PayPal also.

    Does Shein have a Credit card?

    No. Shein does not have any Credit cards for their customers. But, we can purchase their Gift cards.

    Can I use Venmo for any online purchases?

    Technically, it's not possible. But, it can be possible to pay using Venmo as a payment method.

    Some platforms support direct payment using Venmo, and Some don't!

    How do I use the Venmo payment method?

    There are two different ways to use Venmo as a payment method - You can directly use Venmo or add Venmo cards to the Credit/Debit section.

    Can you pay using Venmo app on Shein?

    Yes, just select the Pay with Venmo option and follow the given instructions. It will redirect you to the Venmo payment webpage or Venmo app(If you have the Venmo app installed on your device).