What is a PayPal Cash card?

What is a PayPal Cash card?

You are wondering what the PayPal Cash card is! Nowhere, mentioned in the PayPal's website that what is the PayPal Cash card exactly?

Some people says, it is Debit card and some says it's different kind of Card that PayPal offers. Both terms are correct.

But, the term PayPal cash card is covers different Cards that PayPal issue for their Account users.

Any card which is labeled as & owned by PayPal, is PayPal Cash card!

    What is a Paypal cash card?

    What is a PayPal Cash card? PayPal cash card is PayPal owned Debit card or Prepaid Gift card which uses MasterCard as a payment gateway to use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard cards.

    PayPal Debit card

    PayPal Debit card works like ordinary Debit card. But the only difference is it uses PayPal available balance for the payments.

    By using PayPal Debit card, you can get amazing cashback on Paying bills of Gas, Groceries, Clothing, and anywhere you want!

    It has no monthly fees for transactions within a country. You can use it in ATMs, NFC Enabled payment systems, and online.

    You can add the money from Paypal balance directly and from 90,000+ retail locations.

    PayPal Debit card fees for each foreign transactions, you'll be charges 2.5% of total transaction amount.

    There are other PayPal Cards like Extras Mastercard and Cashback Mastercard which offers bunch of rewards and cashback for PayPal users.

    PayPal Prepaid card

    PayPal Prepaid card is the Mastercard Prepaid debit card which you need to refill before using it anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

    It is very similar to Reloadable Mastercard Gift card. You can refill it from retail stores and online through PayPal app or website.

    You may get some Cashback and rewards for each transaction on eligible stores and websites.

    PayPal Credit

    There is another service that PayPal offer similar to Virtual Credit card service is PayPal Credit. 

    This service works differently than others. It uses PayPal feature called Buy now, Pay Later.

    So, you can buy anything using PayPal and pay the bill later and it will get deducted from your PayPal Balance.

    PayPal doesn't takes any annual fee on Credit service. So, you can enjoy the No Interest fee on PayPal Credit service, if you pay PayPal Credit bill within 6 months of purchase date.

    It is easy to use and manage your PayPal Credit service through PayPal Mobile app.

    PayPal Business Cards

    PayPal also offers Business version of Credit & Debit cards. There is no much difference between normal and Business cards.

    You can now get upto 20% rebates with PayPal Busienss Mastercard credit card payments.

    How to Get PayPal Cash cards?

    You can apply for different cash cards and services using following links. We're listing all the links below to apply:

    PayPal debit card

    PayPal Credit

    PayPal Prepaid mastercard

    Choose the respective link of cards and sign in with your PayPal account and follow the instructions.

    Guidelines to use PayPal Cash card on ATM

    You can withdraw the money from any ATM using PayPal Cash card(Debit card only). You can't withdraw money from PayPal prepaid card.

    It offers free withdrawals from MoneyPass ATMs anywhere in the US. For withdrawals at Non-MoneyPass ATMs, it charges $2.50 per transaction.

    Get support from Customer service for PayPal Cash card

    If you're facing any issue regarding Cards, you can connect with Customer support and get it resolved. Please follow the given instructions to fix it:

    1. Open the PayPal Customer Support page

    2. Now, select PayPal Cards option

    PayPal Support

    3. Choose PayPal Cash Card (Debit Mastercard) option

    PayPal Support - Cards

    4. then, you'll get some Issue description options, Choose any one as per your problem

    5. After that, you'll get short Issue guide article. along with Chat, Call and Ask the community option there

    Now, choose the option you want to use. You can get your issue resolved.

    Benefits of different PayPal cards

    PayPal cards offers flexibility in payments that means you can pay as you want. You can directly use your card to pay on store or at online store.

    PayPal cards uses Mastercard as payment gateway for its transactions. So, you can pay without any hesitation.

    Benefits of PayPal Debit & prepaid cards - You can get Cashbacks and rewards while using PayPal Debit card for transactions in eligible stores.

    You can use it anywhere which accepts MasterCard Debit/Credit cards, even though the PayPal is not accepted as Payment method.

    For example, Target platform doesn't support PayPal as their Payment method. But, you can add the PayPal Cash card to Target app and website.


    How to get PayPal Cash card Number?

    PayPal Cash card is just ordinary Debit card, so you can get the Cash card number on the Cash card.

    If you're Cash card is virtual, hen the number will be visible on Cash card image itself inside the PayPal app.

    How to check your PayPal Cash card Balance?

    You can check your PayPal Cash card Balance by using PayPal Mobile app on your Phone.

    Under PayPal Credit & Cards, you'll find wallet

    Select Wallet tab and there you'll find different cards

    If the cards are added, then the balance will be visible. If not, you can add the Cash card on Wallet.