2 ways to Check Starbucks Gift card balance without security code or PIN?

2 ways to Check Starbucks Gift card balance without security code or PIN?

Starbucks allows us to check our Starbucks Gift card balance through the Mobile app and website. But you'll need a Gift card number and Security code.

For checking the Starbucks Gift card balance without a security code, we can do it in two ways - By using Starbucks Support and By visiting the local Starbucks.

Here in this tutorial, we're going to see how to check your Starbucks Gift card balance without a security code or PIN.

    How to Check a Starbucks Gift card balance without the security code?

    There are two different ways to check the Starbucks Gift card balance without entering the Security code or PIN.

    You'll need to contact Starbucks Support or you can visit the local Starbucks.

    Contact Starbucks support

    Visit our Customer Service page or call us at 1-800-782-7282.

    Provide the Starbucks Gift card number, your Email address, and your Mobile number. Customer care executive and ask the Customer care person to check the Gift card balance.

    Don't forget to tell them that you don't have a Security code/PIN.

    Visit the local Starbucks Cashier

    There is another way to check the Gift card balance without a PIN, checking it with a Starbucks cashier. 

    Go to your nearest Starbucks and ask them to check the balance without CSC.

    They will ask for some personal information and tell you the remaining balance of your Starbucks Gift card.

    How to Check a Starbucks Gift card balance with a Security code or PIN?

    Before checking the Starbucks Gift card balance, first, add it to your Starbucks account.

    1. Open the Starbucks Gift card page

    2. Now, select Check balance button

    3. Enter the Gift card number & Security code/PIN on the Gift card page

    Now, you will get to see the available Starbucks gift card balance.

    How to find the Starbucks card security code on the app?

    Where is the Security code on the Starbucks Gift card? How do I find out my Starbucks gift card number? 

    You can find the security code or PIN from the Starbucks Gift card backside by sketching the silver coating.

    You'll get an 8-digit number which you've to use as a Security code to add the gift card or to check its balance.

    For eGift cards, you'll get them through Email or on the bottom of the eGift card.

    How to register a Starbucks card online?

    You can add and register a Starbucks Gift card online with very simple steps. You can use the Starbucks app or website to add register a Starbucks card online.

    • Open the¬†Starbucks app or website
    • Navigate to Card management
    • Select Add card options and enter Card details

    Once all details get added to your Starbucks account, your Starbucks card will get registered.

    For more details, please refer to the article - How to Register & Activate a Starbucks Gift card?


    How to use a Starbucks card without a Security code?

    You can use a Starbucks card without a security code on the Store, but not in the Mobile app or Website.

    To use a Starbucks card on the Mobile app or website, you'll need a Security code or PIN.

    Still, if you want to add a Starbucks card to the Starbucks Mobile app or website without a security code, contact Starbucks support. 

    They will add a Starbucks card to your online account without a Security code.

    Does the Starbuck Gift card expire?

    No. Starbucks Gift card doesn't get expired. But, it can get deactivated after no any transaction activity for 12 months.

    You can reactivate it by contacting Customer support or the Starbucks store.