How to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account?

How to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account

PlayStation allows us to add money to its platform for purchasing games. Earlier, you had some funds in your PlayStation account and you don't want them anymore.

Now, you want to transfer that money to another account from your current account!

Technically, you can't do that. But, there is an exception! If that other account where you're transferring your money is a Child or Sub account, then you could do that!

In this article, we've explained how we can transfer money from the Parent account to the Child account.

    How to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account?

    As we already said transferring the money isn't possible, so we'll add the Child account under family management and transfer the money to it.

    Add funds to a child account from the Parent account on ps4

    1. Login to your PS4 Parent account and navigate to your PS4 Settings page
    2. Choose Parental Controls/Family Management
    3. Then, Select Family Management
    4. Under Family management, you'll find an option to add Family Member
    5. Once a family member will get added to Family Management, you can choose the account and adjust the Monthly Spending limit of that account
    6. Select the Applications/Devices/Network features option to adjust the Monthly Spending Limit

    Once you set up your Child account Spending Limit, you can log in to your Child account and use the money to Buy Paid games and game points on PS4.

    How to add and use funds on my PS4 wallet?

    PlayStation account allows us to add money to our PSN wallet and we can use that money to buy anything on the Playstation market or we can also send the money to Child accounts using Parental controls and Family management.

    Add funds to PS4 wallet

    You can add funds using PayPal, Credit/Debit card, PSN Gift card, and redeem codes.

    1. Login to your PS4 account and navigate to your PS4 Settings page
    2. Select Account management and choose Account information under that page
    3. Now, select the Wallet option and then choose Add Funds to add the money to your PS4 account

    You'll have payment options like PayPal, Credit/Debit card, and PSN Gift card. You can choose any of the options to add money to your account.

    Use wallet funds on PS4

    Once you add the money to your account, you can spend them on buying Games and game points. Else you can share them with others by creating a Family group on PlayStation.

    If you want to buy a Game, 

    • then simply go to PSN Store and search for the Game name.
    • Now, open the game and add it to the cart
    • Then, select Proceed to checkout¬†
    • Money will get debited from your account and the game will get added to your Dashboard

    If you want to buy game points,

    • then open that game and select the game points that you want
    • proceed with game points purchase and money will be debited from your PSN account
    • Now, you'll have Game points added to your Game

    FIX: Added funds to the wrong PSN account!

    If you've added the Funds to the wrong PSN account. Don't worry, you can recover it from that account within 14 days.

    You can claim a refund. PlayStation will refund your money within 14 days from the purchase date.

    FIX: Can't add funds to my PlayStation wallet!

    Reason can be anything like:

    • A Payment method you are trying isn't supported by PSN
    • Some internal server issues in PlayStation Server
    • If you're trying to add Redeem code or Gift card, which is Expired

    Potential fixes for that are you can try other payment options. You can try to add funds later, once the issues get fixed, or Make sure the Redeem code and a Gift card aren't expired, before adding it to PlayStation.


    Can you transfer PSN wallet funds to the bank account or paypal?

    Unfortunately, you can't! As we already said, if it's not been more than 14 days. Still, you can withdraw the funds to your Bank account or PayPal account from where you have added the money.

    Wrap up

    From the above article, we've concluded that you can't really transfer money from one account to another account. But, you can transfer the money from one account to another through Family Management.

    Add the Child or Sub account to your Parent account under Parental Control/Family Management. Then you can allow the Child account use to use the Parent account's money to purchase anything on PS4.

    If you find this guide helpful, then please don't forget to share it with your friends and family members. So, they can also be able to transfer money from their PlayStation wallet to another account.

    If you face any issues please comment it down and we'll try to fix them asap!