2 Secret ways to use Klarna with PayPal

2 Secret ways to use Klarna with Paypal

Can we really use Klarna with PayPal? You can't directly use it with PayPal. But, we can use an alternative method for that which we're going to see in this Tutorial.

In this tutorial, we're using PayPal and Klarna payment cards to make payments using these platforms.

Before getting started, we want to make it clear that this guide is exclusively for the United States. It may work in other countries too.

    How to use Klarna with Paypal?

    There are two different ways to use Klarna with PayPal. Either you can add the Klarna Ghost card to PayPal or you can add a PayPal debit card to Klarna. 

    You can't directly integrate both platforms with each other. But, they have the option to add any Payment cards like Debit and Credit cards that use Visa, or Mastercard as payment gateway.

    So, we tried to integrate each other's payment cards on each other's platforms and that's pretty much working!

    I. Use Klarna One-time or Ghost card on PayPal

    This method will work for those who are looking to make bill payments with PayPal.

    Use PayPal as our Payment method, but Klarna Ghost card is added to Paypal's payment method.

    But first, we'll need to create a Klarna Ghost card.

    Create a Klarna Ghost card

    If you have already created a Klarna ghost card, then you can skip this part. Klarna Ghost card or One-time card is used to make payments online just for now and then pay the money later to Klarna.

    1. Open the Klarna app and navigate to your Profile
    2. Select the One-time card option
    3. Now, select Create a new one-time card and then hit Continue to proceed

    Once it will get created, you can able to see a Virtual card is created which contains the Card number, CVV, and Expiry date. It will be valid for 24 hours.

    Add One-time card details to PayPal

    PayPal accepts any Visa card as a payment method. You can add Klarna One-time card to PayPal payment methods

    • Open the PayPal app and head toward the settings page
    • Now select Cards and Bank

    Here, you can add your Klarna virtual card and use PayPal as a payment method to pay anywhere.

    Money will get deducted from Klarna's One-time card and you can pay later in installments.

    II. Use a PayPal Debit card on Klarna

    You've seen how we have added the Klarna One-time card on PayPal, in the same way, we can add a PayPal Debit card on Klarna and use it to pay through the PayPal account balance.

    PayPal offers MasterCard debit cards. You should have a PayPal Debit card for this method to work. To get a PayPal Debit card. For more details, please refer to this.

    1. Open a Klarna app and select the Profile section
    2. Then, select Payments
    3. choose Add card option
    4. Now, enter your PayPal Debit card details and save the Debit card

    And the Paypal card will get added to your Klarna account. Now, you can use your PayPal balance to pay through Klarna in installments or directly.

    How to get cash from Klarna?

    There are so many ways to get cash off from Klarna. But, those methods are time-consuming and take so much effort.

    But here, we'll see 2 easiest methods out of those. The first one is using Pay wallets and another is you can use Klarna virtual card to buy Prepaid gift cards.

    Using Google Pay or Apple pay

    You can add Klarna virtual card to Google Pay or Apple pay and use it to withdraw Cash.

    When you open the Klarna One-time card page, you'll see the link to connect it to Google Pay or Apple pay.

    Then, send money to your friend's account and ask him to give you some cash for that.

    Using Klarna virtual card to buy Prepaid payment cards

    Connect your Klarna virtual card with PayPal as we've explained in this guide. Then, you can use PayPal to purchase any Prepaid gift card from Online and Retail stores.

    You can buy any popular Prepaid card like Visa or MasterCard. Then, we'll use that Gift card to withdraw the money.

    You can withdraw the money using ATM or transfer it to your PayPal account balance.

    We've written a detailed article on how to transfer money from a Visa gift card balance to PayPal?

    You can refer to that too if you want the money in your PayPal account.


    Can I use Klarna to send money on paypal?

    You can't send the money from Klarna to PayPal. But, you can use the Klarna platform to pay the money through PayPal. 

    Generate a Klarna Ghost card AKA a One-time card on the Klarna movie app and add it to PayPal as a Payment method.

    Now, pay you can pay using a Klarna One-time card through PayPal.

    Can I use Klarna one time card on paypal?

    Yes, you can use the Klarna One-Time card on PayPal.

    Can I pay Klarna with paypal?

    You can also pay Klarna using PayPal. Get a PayPal debit card and the Card to Klarna payment method. Now you can pay through Klarna using PayPal.

    Can I use Klarna on Venmo and Cash app?

    Just like PayPal, Klarna also supports Venmo and a Cash app. You can add Klarna Ghost card to Venmo and Cash app as a payment method and use it to pay bill payments.


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can use Klarna with PayPal by using the Klarna One-time card ot Ghost card on PayPal.

    Alternatively, we can also add a PayPal debit card to Klarna as a Payment method and use it to make payments.

    If you find any difficulties in the given article, please comment on it down and let us know about it. We'll try to solve your queries.

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