3 Different ways to check Shein Gift card balance!

Shein offers their own version of a Gift card to redeem on its website.

When we get a Shein Gift card from someone, first we try to check its Available balance.

We've written a complete tutorial on how you can check shein gift card balance in 3 different ways!

    How to check a Shein Gift card balance?

    There are 3 different ways to check your Shein gift card balance. You can check your Shein Gift card balance Online and Offline.

    I. Check Shein Gift card balance Online

    There are two different ways to check a Shein Gift card balance online. One is you can directly check it directly from the Gift card section and another is through your Shein profile page.

    To check your Gift card balance directly,

    1. You can go to the Shein Gift card page & scroll down a little bit
    2. Enter your Shein Gift card 16-20 digit code and PIN

    It will show the money balance on your Gift card without logging into the Shein!

    To check it from the Shein profile page, go to a shein profile page. Now, select the Gift card section, and you can check it from here.

    II. Check Shein Gift card balance Offline

    For any reason, if the previous balance check method isn't working for you, then you can check it through Shein Authorised Stores.

    There are some Shein stores available in the United States. Ask them to check the available balance on your Gift card.

    You can try to visit the following Shein stores:

    • Watts St & Broome St,¬†South Village,¬†New York, NY 10012

    How to redeem a Shein gift card?

    The simplest way to redeem a Shein gift card is by adding it while checking it out.

    • Go to the shein website and add the product to your cart
    • Now, add the Gift card details like Card number and PIN at the right side of the Checkout page.

    It will deduct the amount of the Product from the Gift card balance.

    Why is shein not accepting my gift card for redemption and balance check?

    If you are not able to redeem or check your Shein Gift card balance. Then there can be any reason for that. We'll see each of them one by one.

    1. Entered wrong Gift card details - If shein isn't accepting your Gift card, it is a possibility that you have entered the wrong details like the wrong Gift card number or PIN.

    Check the count of the Gift card numbers whether it is Either 16-digit or 20-digit. Add the correct Gift card number and verify it again and again.

    2. Gift card is expired - If you're using a Gift card which is purchased from Store or got from someone who purchased it from the website or app, then it will not going for expiring, at least 120 months.

    But if you have a free Gift card, then it will be going to expire anytime within 1 to 3 months. In such scenarios, a Gift card will not be usable in Shein.

    3. Issues in Shein server - If you have checked the first 2 scenarios, still your card is able to use your card in shein, then there is a small possibility that the Shein internal system is not working properly or having some issues there.

    Please reach out to Shein customer support and elaborate on your query and ask them to check your Gift card balance, in case the balance check service isn't working.


    How to check the balance of a Shein e-gift card?

    Shein e-gift cards are just like a normal physical gift card. As you check the balance for the Shein Physical gift card. In the same way, check the balance for your e-gift card.

    Put the e-gift card details that you have got in the Email. Enter the details under the Gift Card Balance check page or you can check it from the profile page.

    We've explained each step in this article, please refer to that if you didn't find the path.

    How to refund a Shein gift card?

    As per shein's official website, you can't refund a Shein gift card. But, there are some websites and resale stores that accept Gift cards at the same price or a little lower price than the original price of the gift cards.

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    What we think about the above article is that it is easy to check the Shein gift card balance. Also, Shein offers multiple ways to check your Git card balance.

    You can either use the online way or offline way. Online, you can check it without login into shein and another way is by logging o your Shein profile.

    For Offline way, you can visit their Official authorized store and ask the respective person to check the balance for you.

    We've also discussed how to resolve the issues related to Shein gift card use and balance checkup!

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