How to add Enderman language to keyboard on Android and iOS?

How to add Enderman language to keyboard on Android and iOS?

Some Minecraft gamers are familiar with Enderman Language. Endermen knows Enderma Language and he speaks in their own language Enderian or Enderman.

Sometimes, we need to learn its language to see communicate with them. So, some people start using it in day-2-day use.

You can also start using it daily just by adding it to your Android or iOS devices.

This guide is all about how to add Enderman language to the keyboard for Android and iPhone!

    How to add Enderman language to the keyboard on Android and iPhone?

    So, how can we add it to our devices, and what will be the steps to include that in your device. You can refer to the following steps:

    Download the Enderman language font

    We have created this simple English-to-Enderman language translator tool. You can use our tool to generate Enderman language by yourself.

    How to use the Tool? - First of all, you have to put your English Character, Word, or Sentence inside the First textbox and hit Generate.

    The special feature of this tool is that it supports English to Enderman translation of Characters, Words, and Sentence.

    While others lack this functionality, they only support either Character translation, not the entire word translation.

    It will generate the Enderman language character, or word for what you have entered. You can copy it from the Textarea box!

    Add Enderman language on the Android keyboard

    Enderman language keyboard language is not there in any of the Keyboards like Gboard, Samsung keyboard, or any other popular Keyboard.

    So, we can't add the Enderman language keyboard to Android. The only way to use Enderman language is to add each word one by one to the Existing English keyboard as a Suggestion for Each English letter.

    Please follow the below path:

    1. Open Settings on your Android device

    2. Now, search for Language & Input

    Select Language & input

    3. Choose the keyboard of your choice and open its settings

    4. Under that Keyboard, you'll find either a Personal dictionary or a Text Shortcut option

    5. Now, Select + icon from top right corner

    Add English Character to Enderman Language

    6. Add an English character as Word and add an Enderman character as Shortcut for an English word

    Added Enderman characters in Keyboard personal dictionary or Text shortcut

    Now, you can start using Enderman language characters from your device!

    Add Enderman language on the iOS keyboard

    As we use android devices, most people use iOS devices as their daily drivers. especially, iPhone for day-to-day tasks and the iPad for playing games and consuming multimedia.

    But do you know the process to add Enderman language to the keyboard on iPhone or iPad?

    Just like android, we can't add the Enderman language keyboard to iOS. In iOS also, we'll need to add each word manually.

    Generate the Enderman characters from our Enderman translation tool and keep it in Notes on your device.

    1. Open iOS Settings
    2. Navigate to the path - General > Keyboard
    3. Now, Select Text replacement
    4. Add the Enderman replacement character for each English Character

    You have successfully added the Enderman Language to your iOS keyboard. This guide will work for both Android and iOS!

    How to add a new language to the keyboard android?

    To add any new language to your Keyboard, you just need to follow the below path

    1. Select Settings > Language & input
    2. Now, choose the On-screen keyboard or keyboard option under Keyboards
    3. then, select Google keyboard or Gboard
    4. There you'll find the Languages option
    5. Select Add keyboard to add a new language to your existing keyboard

    You can add the new language keyboard you want!

    FIX: Why I didn't find the Added Enderman characters on my Keyboard?

    For this issue, we'll suggest you use a new keyboard language e.g. if you are using English(US) as your daily use, then add the Enderman language to another language keyboard like English(UK) or English(Ca).

    Use Enderman suggestion on English keyboard

    Then, you'll find the Enderman character in Suggestions(as shown in Screenshot), after you enter any English character.


    How to add Enderman language to the keyboard on Huawei and Samsung devices?

    The method to add Enderman language to the Keybaord app in Huawei or Samsung devices is as same as we did in this tutorial.

    You just need to check whether the default keyboard app on your device support a feature called Text shortcut.

    Is there any Keyboard app for Enderman language font?

    No, there is no Keyboard app present which supports the Enderman language officially.

    You can't install it to your Existing Keybaord app. But, still, you can add Enderman characters to any Keyboard app.

    Just make sure that the keyboard app has a Text shortcut or personal library options which we'll use to add Enderman to our Keyboard.

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