How to Register & Activate a Starbucks Gift card?

How to Register & Activate a Starbucks Gift card?

Gift cards are one of the convenient ways to Pay Bills & Payments Online, at Restaurants, In stores, etc.

By using a Starbucks Gift card, you can buy Coffee, Food, Beverages, and almost all the Food and drink items from the Starbucks menu.

You've purchased or Got a Starbucks Gift AKA e-Gift card from someone. Now, want to use it either at Starbucks online or in Starbucks cafe.

But first, you'll need to Activate it at Starbucks, either on the Mobile app or Online.

So, let's dive in on a detailed Starbucks Gift card activation guide!

    How to Register & Activate a Starbucks Gift card on Mobile app & Online?

    You can Register & Activate a Starbucks Gift card online and Mobile app. In 2 different ways, you can activate your Starbucks Gift card.

    Add a Starbucks Gift card Online

    In two different ways, you can Register your Starbucks Gift card online.

    I. If you don't have a Starbucks account, you can add & register the Gift card while creating a new Starbucks account.

    Add Starbucks Gift card while creating account Online

    Select Already have a Starbucks gift card? option as shown in the screenshot and put your Starbucks card number & 8-digit Security code

    Once the account is created, your Starbucks Gift card will get added to your Starbucks account.

    II. If you've already created an account, you can follow the below steps to add a Gift card.

    1. Sign in to your Starbucks account online
    2. Select the Account menu at the top right corner
    3. Choose the Card management option from the list
    4. Now, select + Add card
    5. then, you've to enter the Starbucks card details like a 16-Digit Card number & 8-digit CSC(Card Security Code)

    After all the processes, select Add card button and you've successfully registered and activated your Starbucks Gift card online!

    Add a Starbucks Gift card to the Mobile app

    The process to activate a Starbucks Gift card on the Mobile app is the same as registering a Gift card online. There are some changes in a few steps.

    1. Open the Starbucks mobile app

    2. Navigate to the Scan tab

    3. If you have not signed up and applied for Starbucks rewards, please select the Join button and fill in all the details - Email, Password, Name, Birthdate, mobile no, PIN Code, and Referral code(If any exists).

    4. Now, Submit the entered details

    Add and activate Starbucks gift card

    5. after that, the + Add a card window will get available for you

    6. Enter your Gift card details(16-Digit Card number & 8-digit CSC)

    Now, you've successfully added and activated the Starbucks Gift card on the Mobile app too!

    If you didn't find the CSC security code in your Starbucks Gift card, then you can scroll down and refer to the next section on the No security code on the Starbucks card issue!

    How to Check the balance of an Activated Starbucks Gift card?

    Now, you've added the Gift card to your Starbucks account. You want to check the Activated Gift card balance. Or you have already added the Gift card to your Starbucks account, and want to check its balance.

    1. Open the Starbucks Gift card page

    Starbucks Gift card page

    2. Select the Check balance option

    3. Now, enter your Card number and 8-digit CSC from your Gift card

    4. then, the Available Gift card balance will be visible

    You can use the Starbucks mobile app also, you'll need to visit the Pay section, and there you can see your Activated Gift card balance!

    Check a Starbucks Gift card balance without the security code

    To check the Starbucks Gift card balance without a security code, you'll need to contact Starbucks Support or you can visit the local Starbucks.

    Then, ask them to check the balance without CSC. They will tell you the remaining balance of your Starbucks Gift card.

    For detailed guide, please read article on how to Check Starbucks Gift card balance without security code or PIN?

    FIX: Starbucks Gift card not activated!

    Starbucks Gift card comes activated as you purchase it. But, when someone sent it to you, it can be inactivated.

    Because as per the Starbucks official website, the newly purchased Gift card which is inactive for more than 12 months.

    It gets the status as a Dormant Gift card means a Gift card which doesn't have any financial activity for the last 12 months.

    So in such conditions, we need to contact Starbucks support to make it active and usable.

    You'll get the customer service number from the back side of the Gift card. 

    Once they activate it again, you just need to add it to your Starbucks and it will be usable anywhere(Online and in Starbucks cafe).

    FIX: Getting "No security code on the Starbucks card" issue to activate the Gift card!

    If your Starbucks Gift card doesn't have any Security code on it, probably you'll not be able to add and use the Starbucks Gift card on the Mobile App or Online.

    The only way to use it is to Go to Starbucks and ask the cashier to use the Gift card as a payment method.

    They will put the Gift card into the Payment machine and the machine will read the Barcode which stores the Gift card holder's personal information

    After that, they will ask you for your Name, Email, and Mobile number for verification purposes.


    Do I need to Activate a Starbucks Gift card from Walmart?

    Even though you've purchased a Starbucks Gift card from Walmart or any other retailer, you don't need to activate it.

    You can go to the nearest Starbucks cafe and ask the Cashier to use it as a Payment method for Coffee, beverages, or whatever you want.

    Or else Go to the Starbucks app or Website and register a card from the Pay section. Add card details to it will get activated to use online.

    How many gift cards I can add to my Starbucks account?

    There is no limit to Adding Gift cards and regular Starbucks cards to a Starbucks account.

    You can add as many as Gift cards you want to activate and use them on Starbucks.

    Can I order Starbucks online with a Gift card?

    You can order anything you want from Starbucks online or with the Starbucks mobile app with your Gift card balance. 

    But, first, you'll need to add and activate it online to make any purchase.

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