How to use iTunes or Apple Gift card on ps4?

How to use iTunes or Apple gift card on PS4

Can I use an iTunes or Apple gift card for apple pay? The answer is No. You can't use an iTunes or Apple Gift card on PS4. PlayStation doesn't accept Gift cards except for PlayStation PSN cards.

Then, how can we use an iTunes or Apple gift card on ps4? We have got a solution for that.

First, we'll Sell an Apple Gift card and then we'll use the money to buy a PlayStation PSN card or we can directly deposit the money to PlayStation.

Here, this article explains how we can sell iTunes or Apple gift cards to use on PS4 or any other PlayStation platform. So, be with us and follow every step we've explained.

    How to use an Apple gift card on ps4?

    First, we'll get started with selling apple gift cards. We'll use 3rd party platform named Gameflip to sell iTunes, Apple store, or Apple Gift cards.

    This platform allows us to buy or sell most of the popular Gift cards like Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, and tonnes of others.

    The steps are as follows:

    I. Open the Gameflip Gift card selling page

    II. It will ask you to sign up if you are a new user

    iTunes and apple gift card selected in Gameflip

    III. then, select Apple and iTunes gift card options and hit Next

    IV. Put the Quantity and then select Next to proceed

    V. Enter the Description of the Gift card, Delivery method, Price, and other details

    Vi. You can compare the price of others who are also selling Apple or iTunes gift cards and adjust your price accordingly

    VII. After you filled in all the details about your gift card, just Tap Done.

    It will get listed in the Gameflip Gift card listings. Once it got successfully sold, money will get deposited into your Gameflip account.

    You can withdraw the money to your PayPal or Bitcoin.

    They will charge around 10% of the total amount as a fee, so set the price according to your need.

    Buy PlayStation PSN Card

    Once you are done selling your Apple or iTunes gift card, now you can either purchase a PlayStation PSN gift card from the same platform itself or you can buy it from any other place.

    1. Open the Gameflip PlayStation gift card purchase page
    2. Find the PlayStation gift card which will support PS4
    3. Add it to a bucket and select checkout
    4. Pay using the accepted payment method and it's done!

    Now, you can redeem the gift card to PlayStation 4 and we can start using it.

    How to use a Playstation gift card on PS4?

    This method is for those who have purchased a Playstation Gift card instead of adding money directly to Playstation.

    • Open your Playstation 4
    • Navigate to the PlayStation store menu
    • Scroll down till the Redeem code¬†option appears
    • Now, put your 12-digit PS Gift card code in the given redeem code box with your controller and hit Done

    Money will get added to your PlayStation store account and you can use it to purchase anything you want.


    Can You Use An Apple Gift Card On Playstation 4 or on their Platform?

    The simple answer is no. You can't use an Apple gift card or any other gift cards from apple like iTunes or apple store gift cards on any of the Play stations.

    Where can I buy an Apple gift card?

    Officially, you can buy Apple gift cards from Apple's website or Apple stores. But, there are so many retailers like Amazon, and BestBuy that also keeps Apple gift card and other gift cards.

    You can also buy it from platforms like egifter or Gameflip. Here, you'll get some discounts on Gift cards.

    How to use an Apple store gift card online?

    You can use an Apple store gift card to purchase in-app game features, games, apps, Books, movies, music, etc. from the App store, and iTunes.

    You can redeem an Apple gift card code on the App store or iTunes.

    How to use an Apple gift card online?

    You can use an Apple gift card only to purchase Apple physical products like iPhones, iPad, Macbooks, Apple Accessories, etc.

    Go to Apple's official website and redeem the Card and purchase anything from Apple online store.

    How to use Google Gift cards on ps4?

    As you did for iTunes or Apple gift cards, you can sell any other Gift card through Gameflip. 

    Instead of an Apple gift card, select Google plays gift card and then money will get deposited into your account

    We've explained every possible step. Read it carefully.

    Our views on the usage of Gift cards from Apple on PS4

    No doubt, you can't use iTunes, apple, or any of the Gift cards on the PlayStation platform. But, there is another way for us to use Apple guft card to do purchases on PlayStation 4.

    To a summary of the Guide, we'll convert the Apple or iTunes gift card to Money and then we'll use the money to either a PlayStation gift card which is redeemable in PlayStation 4 or we'll directly load that money into PlayStation.

    If you find this tutorial helpful, please share it with your friend and add your valuable comment that will motivate us to make more and more tutorial articles on issue fixing and how-to guides!