5 Ways to use Chime Temporary card in Store or anywhere

5 ways to use chime temporary card in store or anywhere

As we know, Chime is one of the largest free platforms for online and mobile banking in the US market. They offer free banking services, Debit & Credit cards for every account holder which are provided by different banks.

If you're also a Chime user, then most probably you'll also have a question like how to use Chime's Temporary and virtual cards in the Store or anywhere you want?

There are so many methods to use a Chime Temporary card in the Store. We're going to see all those methods and answers to important questions related to using the Chime temporary cards in this article.

    What is a Chime Temporary card?

    A chime temporary card is a Virtual credit card that is provided by Chime inc. through their partnership banks - Bancorp Bank, N.A. or Stride Bank to every chime account holder.

    As you apply for a Chime debit card, it takes a few weeks to deliver the Debit or Credit card.

    Meanwhile, they provide us a Temporary virtual card to do the daily transactions. You can find it under the debit section of the settings page of your Chime account.

    There is another Chime temporary card, the Chime debit card which you can use anywhere like Chime virtual credit card.

    How to use a Chime virtual card?

    You can use Chime virtual card just like Chime actual card. You can use it for online purchases, to pay using 3rd party apps, etc.

    I. Use Chime virtual card from the Chime app

    You can use Chime virtual card from the Chime app directly. There are two different virtual cards, credit and debit cards. We'll see both of them here.

    a) Just navigate to the Settings page

    b) Select View your card option under the Debit card section

    c) there, you'll find a Temporary Virtual debit card with all card details

    If you have a Virtual Credit card instead of a Virtual Debit card, the steps are a bit different.

    a) Open the Settings page

    b) Select Credit Builder Card and then choose a View your card option

    c) there you'll find your Temporary Virtual Credit card

    Now, you can use the Virtual Debit or Credit card details to do any online transaction.

    II. Add a temporary Chime card to a Wallets and payment apps

    You can use Chime's temporary card by adding it to any wallet app. Following apps where you can use Chime virtual cards to do transactions.

    Apple pay

    To use apple pay in your temporary Chime card to Apple Pay under apple wallet. 

    Before adding Chime virtual card to Apple Pay, make sure that your iPhone or iPad region is set to the United States. Otherwise, it will not let you add a Credit/Debit card to your Apple wallet.

    1. Open Apple pay and navigate to Apple Wallet
    2. Here, you'll find + sign to add a Credit or Debit card to your Wallet
    3. Tap on that and select Debit or Credit card

    Now, enter your Chime Temporary card details.


    You can add a Chime Temporary Virtual card to Apple Pay directly through Chime temporary debit or credit card page.

    Google Pay

    Apple and Google pay are wallet-based payment apps that can be used to add Chime debit cards and temporary virtual cards.

    Adding a Chime temporary card is pretty straightforward.

    1. Open Google pay and then select add to wallet
    2. after that, choose the Payment card option
    3. Now, add your Chime Temporary card details


    Venmo works differently than Apple pay and Google pay. Here, you'll not get any Wallet feature to add money from using a Credit or Debit card.

    You can directly add money to your Venmo account without any Wallet from your Chime card.

    1. Open the Venmo app and navigate to the Me tab
    2. tap Payment methods
    3. then select Add bank or card
    4. and choose Card option
    5. Now, put your chime card details in and save it.

    Once it will get added to your Venmo account, you can add money to your Venmo account from the Chime Temporary card.


    You can add Chime Temporary account on the Mobile app or website. We'll see both ways.

    For Paypal Website,

    • Open the PayPal app and Navigate to the Settings page
    • Here, you'll find the Banks and Cards option
    • Now, Add a Debit or Credit card under a card section by adding the Chime Card details

    For Paypal Website, 

    • Open the PayPal website and login into your PayPal account
    • Tap the Pay & get Paid option
    • Now, select Banks & cards under Payment method
    • Enter your CHime card details under the form and save it

    Cash App

    If you don't have any of the other payment apps or don't want to use them, you can try the Cash app. 

    It works pretty good with Chime temporary and Physical Debit and credit cards.

    1. Open the Cash app and then open your profile page
    2. here, under the linked Banks option you'll find so many payment options you've previously added
    3. Now tap on the Debit card or Credit card option as per the Chime card
    4. Enter the CHime card details and save it
    5. Now, you can use the Cash app to receive and pay using Chime temporary card

    These are some of the apps which you can use to pay using a Chime temporary card to Store or anywhere you want to pay.

    How to use a Chime temporary card in the Store?

    Try to ask them whether they have a Website based payment method. Most of them will not have. So, you can try 3rd party app method to pay using a Chime card.

    There are plenty of ways available to use a Chime Temporary card in the Store. Just make sure that the shop accepts any one method of payment below.

    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Venmo
    • PayPal
    • Cash App

    We've explained complete steps on how to add a Chime temporary card to each of the Payment apps and wallets.

    How to get a Chime temporary card?

    First, choose what type of Temporary card you want from Chime - Debit or Credit?

    Then, apply for that Chime card and navigate to the respective card's page.

    Unser settings page, you'll find both cards section where you can check your Temporary virtual card.

    Open the Credit builder for a Temporary Credit card and Debit card for a Temporary debit card. Now, you can start using it immediately.


    Can we use a Chime temporary card at ATM?

    You can't. You'll need a Chime physical card to use at ATM. Chime temporary or Virtual card is only used to pay online.

    But, we've got a workaround for that. We can add a Chime temporary card to any of the payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Cash App.

    Then, transfer the fund to another person's account and use his Card to withdraw the money.


    You can withdraw money from the Cash app if you have a cash app debit card.

    How to get cash off the Chime temporary card?

    First of all, get an ATM that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay NFC money withdrawal.

    Then, link your Chime temporary card with your Google pay or Apple app and Use Apple pay or Google pay to withdraw the money from ATM.

    Alternatively, you can add the Chime temporary card to the Cash app and use the Cash app or Cash app debit card to withdraw money from Chime temporary account.

    Can we get a Cashback with Chime temporary card?

    No, you can't get any Cashback with Chime temporary card. You'll probably need Chime physical Debit/Credit card to get a Cashback.

    How to get a Chime temporary card PIN?

    You can get Chime temporary card details from their respective pages, whether it is a Credit card or Debit card.

    Under Temporary debit card, you can see Chime card with a Card number, expiry date, and CVV or security code. Note down the Card details.

    Now, Call 1-844-244-6363 number and ask the customer executive about your PIN Chime temporary card.

    Can we use Chime temporary card online?

    Yes, you can use Chime temporary card for online transactions. Just check your Virtual temporary gift card details under the Debit card section in Settings.


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can't directly use the Chime temporary card in Stores until they accept an online mode of Payment.

    We've to use an indirect way of payment using a Chime temporary card to pay in Stores.

    We've to add the Chime temporary card to any of popular and convenient wallet or online payment app.

    Now, by using that payment app or wallet app, you can pay to any store which accepts payment through online payment apps.

    If you've any doubts' regarding this article, we're her to help you! Please drop your queries and suggestions there so we can review them and provide you a better solution to fix your issue.

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