How to unlink PayPal from Nintendo Switch?

How to unlink PayPal from Nintendo Switch?

In our Blog, we've provided a ton of How-to and issue-fixing guides related to Gift cards, Bank transfers, Money transfers, Payment methods, Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, and Android & iOS Devices.

But this time, we're going to resolve the Issue related to the PayPal payment method for the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Few people find it challenging to remove PayPal from Nintendo Switch account Payment methods.

We're going to make it happen with easy steps in this guide. So, let's get started without a tutorial!

    How to unlink PayPal from the Switch?

    How to unlink PayPal from Switch? You can achieve it either by using the Switch account web version or directly through the Switch device. We'll see both methods.

    Unlink PayPal from switch using Web version

    You can remove PayPal from a switch payment methods directly using the given online eShop link

    1. Open Switch eShop web version
    2. Select the Profile option on your profile page
    3. There you'll find the PayPal account linked to your account
    4. Click on Unlink and it will be removed from your Switch account(In Switch gaming console)

    Unlink PayPal directly from Switch

    The steps are given below:

    1. Open the Nintendo Switch eShop
    2. After that, select your Profile from the eShop page
    3. Scroll the page down and there you'll find a PayPal account linked to your Switch account
    4. Tap on the Unlink button to unlink your PayPal account from Switch

    Now, you've successfully removed PayPal from Switch. Keep in mind that once you unlink PayPal from Switch, you can add the same PayPal account to Switch.

    How to unlink a Nintendo Account from the Switch?

    If still you are not able to remove the PayPal account from Switch or you want to relink the same account.

    You can try to remove the Nintendo account from Switch with which the PayPal account is linked.

    If will remove the Nintendo account as well as the PayPal account from Switch. So, you can create a new Nintendo account and add a New PayPal ID or existing one.

    How to remove a Credit or Debit card from the Switch?

    As you can do that just like we removed PayPal from Switch, we can remove the Credit or Debit card from the Switch account.

    1. Open Switch and select the eShop option
    2. Navigate to the Switch Nintendo account
    3. Scroll down a little bit and you'll find the Credit/Debit card info
    4. Tap Delete and it will get removed from your Nintendo Switch account!

    PayPal - What is Unprocessable_entity and how to fix it?

    Unprocessable_entity error while paying for any specific game through PayPal in Switch eShop is quite a common error that happens in Nintendo switches.

    It means you have issues with your PayPal account. That's why Nintendo Switch eShop is not processing your payment.

    The solution is to check whether you have any pending issues in your PayPal account.

    I. Try to update your Email address and Credit card details. Try to close all limitations applied to your account if exists.

    II. Add another Payment method in PayPal, e.g. if you've added a Credit card, try to add a Debit card or vice versa.


    From the above guide, we have concluded that we can unlink a PayPal from Switch within a few minutes.

    You can either remove it from the Nintendo Switch eShop web version or directly from a Switch gaming console.

    Under the switch account page, you'll find the Unlink button to delete PayPal from the Nintendo switch account.

    If you have any concerns regarding this article, please let us know through the given comment section. Also, if you've any suggestions to make this blog better and useful for other readers, please add them to the comment section.

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