2 Different Ways to add PayPal to Target mobile app?

2 Different Ways to add PayPal to Target mobile app

Are you struggling while adding PayPal as your payment method in the Target mobile app? Here, we've got a solution for your issue.

As per Target's official statement on payment methods, the Target platform allows us to pay using PayPal while checkout.

But, when you are purchasing anything from Target Plus™ Partners, then in such conditions, Target doesn't accept payments being done using PayPal.

Even though they do not accept PayPal, we can make it possible. That is what we're going to see in this tutorial!

    Target payment options - Which payment options Target supports?

    There are plenty of payment options you can use to pay on Target. You can use any one of the following payment methods to pay on Target.

    Target EBT - Target is SNAP authorized retail store. That means they accept Electronic balance transfers using EBT.

    Installments - You can pay in Installments like Pay in 4, 6, 9, or 12, etc.

    RedCard - Target offers a special card other than their Gift cards which you can use at Target stores, online, and on other platforms also.

    RedCard offers dozens of benefits when you opt for this payment method to buy at Target.

    Target Wallet - You can add the money to your Target wallet and use it at the time of checkout. You can also add your RedCard or Target gift cards to your Target wallet.

    Credit and Debit cards - Credit cards and debit cards are accepted almost on all platforms. Target is not an exception to that!

    You can add credit and debit cards from all major payment gateway cards like VISA, Mastercard, etc.

    Apple Pay - You can use Apple Pay to Pay at Target stores and online.

    PayPal -  In Target, you can use PayPal as a payment method in 2 different ways - Direct use while checking out the product and by adding the PayPal cash card.

    PayPal doesn't work for Target Plus™ Partners products. In this article, we're going to see the alternative way to add PayPal to Target.

    How to add PayPal to the Target app or website?

    First of all, you can give it a try by using the normal way to purchase using PayPal.

    1. Open the Target app or website
    2. Add the product you want to purchase
    3. Proceed with checkout and use PayPal as a payment method

    You can also add PayPal to the Target app by using a PayPal Debit card. You can get it from the PayPal Debit card page. The card is supported by all platform that accepts MasterCard as a payment gateway.

    PayPal has its own debit card called PayPal Cash card which we can use as a Payment method.

    1. Open the Target app and navigate to the Profile tab
    2. Scroll down and you'll find Payment cards
    3. Open the Payment cards
    4. Now, enter your PayPal Cash card details like Card number, Expiry date, and Cardholder name and save it

    Once, it will get added to your Payment options, then we can officially able to use PayPal as a Payment method.

    You can able to purchase anything from Target products on App and web versions.

    How to add EBT to target online?

    You can add the EBT card to Target as a payment method to use online. Please refer to the given steps to add EBT to target payment methods:

    1. Open the Target website or Mobile app
    2. Select the Profile section
    3. then select Payment methods and choose EBT as a payment method
    4. Now, enter all the EBT Card details

    You're ready to use EBT as a Payment method in Target online or on the Mobile app.

    FIX: Target paypal not working!

    If you are getting issues while buying anything with the PayPal payment method, then most probably you're trying to buy Target Plus™ Partners products.

    You can use a PayPal Debit card to purchase Target Plus™ Partners products from the Target app.


    Does Target accept PayPal QR codes?

    Yes. Target accepts PayPal to pay through QR codes.

    Along with other payment options like NFC, and PayPal Card payment, You can use a QR Code scanner in the Target store using the PayPal QR Code payment method.

    Does target take paypal online?

    Target accepts PayPal as their payment method. Also, you can do like add a PayPal card to the Target credit/debit payment method and use it to purchase anything you want online.

    Does target accept PayPal pay in 4?

    As per Target's official website, you can use Klarna, Sezzle, and PayPal to pay in 4(Pay in 4 installments).


    For this guide, we summarise that we can use PayPal for purchasing goods on the Target app directly. Alternatively, we can add a PayPal debit card to the Target Payment method.

    But for some products, Target doesn't accept PayPal as a payment method. So, for that, you'll need an alternative medium of payment.

    If you've any suggestions or concerns about the above article, you can add them to the comment section. We'll consider those while updating this post.

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