Transfer money from Facebook/Meta pay to Cash app with alternatives?

Transfer money from Facebook/Meta pay to Cash app

Facebook has added a native feature for money transfer in its apps like Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Now, you can transfer money within your Facebook profile and chats using Meta pay.

Most people find difficulty in sending money from Facebook/Meta Pay to Cash app. This guide is for those people.

At the end of this article, you can able to transfer money from Facebook(Meta) and Messenger pay to the Cash app.

    How to transfer money from Facebook pay to the Cash app?

    First, ask your friend to add the Cash app debit card to his account. Then we'll send the Money from Facebook or Meta pay to the Cash app.

    Before getting started with the tutorial, you'll need a Cash app virtual Debit card which you can create from the Cash app itself!

    Link Cash app with Facebook Pay

    I. Open the Facebook/Meta/Messenger pay

    II. Select the profile and choose Payment methods

    III. Then, select Add Credit or Debit card

    IV. Add the Cash app Virtual debit card details like Card number, Expiry date, Security code, Cardholder name, ZIP Code, Country, etc.

    The given video is a bit old but you'll get an idea about the path from this video

    Send money to Cash app through Facebook pay

    Once the receiver is done with adding the Cash app virtual debit card to Facebook/Meta pay account, you can proceed to send money to another Facebook pay account with a Cash app debit card.

    I. First, make sure that you've added the Payment method to your account

    II. Search and Choose the receiver's contact from the send list

    III. Now enter the amount you wanted to transfer

    IV. Once the transfer is been done, the receiver will get money deposited into their Cash app account

    You can send the money by telling the receiver to request money on Facebook or Meta Pay.

    This is how you can send money from your Paypal/Bank account to your Cash app account through Facebook/Meta pay.

    Transfer the money from Messenger and Instagram pay to the Cash app

    If you're looking to send money using Messenger and Instagram pay then you can refer to the following steps:

    Transfer money from Messenger Pay to Cash app

    I. Open messenger and open the receiver's chat

    II. then, open their profile icon and you'll find the option called Send or request a payment

    III. Then you can add the amount you want to transfer and hit send

    Transfer money from Instagram Pay to Cash app

    I. Open your Instagram account

    II. Now select the Settings option from your Profile

    III. then choose the Payments option from the list

    IV. Under the Payments option, you'll find Payment methods

    V. Here you can set Instagram Pay payment methods

    VI. Once you are done with adding the payment option, then go to Donate page created by the receiver or the Buy now button to pay

    You have sent the money to Messenger pay which is linked with the Cash app debit card.

    How do I get money from Facebook and pay to my bank account?

    You don't need to take off any money from Facebook, Meta pay will accept money on your behalf and add it to your bank account you linked with Meta pay!

    How to send & receive money on Facebook pay?

    We don't have any specific app to use facebook pay. We need to use the money transfer feature intended for the Facebook or messenger app.

    Send the money on Facebook pay

    • Make sure that you've added the Payment options to Facebook pay.
    • If you are using Facebook or messenger to send money, then go to the receiver's profile page,
    • There you'll find the dollar icon from where you can send the money.

    Once you are done sending, confirm with a receiver whether he/she received money or not?

    Receive the money on Facebook pay

    • Make sure that you have at least one Payment method added to your account
    • Now, open the payment method and select/Search for the contact from whom you want to request money
    • Add the amount and select the request button

    After the transaction is done, you'll receive the money in the Payment method you've added

    Why is Facebook Pay charging me a fee?

    Facebook is charging fees while doing transactions using facebook pay? No, Facebook doesn't charge any fee while sending or receiving money. 

    But, if you're using a credit card while sending the money, then credit card service may charge 3-5% according to them.

    Can You Use Facebook Pay Without a Card?

    Can I use Facebook pay without any banking Card like Debit or credit? Yes, even if you don't have a Banking card, you can still use Facebook pay.

    You have another payment option PayPal. You can connect your paypal account to Facebook/meta pay and use that for your daily transactions.

    What if when I want to send money from Facebook Pay to my Cash app account?

    You can do that also. Try to add your Cash app debit card to your relative's Facebook account and Send the money to them using Facebook pay. It will get deposited to your cash app account.

    Or you can create a new Facebook pay with a different device and add the Cash app there, so you'll receive the money in the Cash app.

    Can't add Cash app Debit card in Facebook Pay!

    You can add the Money to the Debit card into the cash app. But sometimes we can't add the virtual debit card to Facebook pay using the 16-digit Debit card number.

    In such conditions, you can try to add the Cash app debit card to Facebook pay using a Desktop instead of the mobile app. This may help you to resolve the issue.

    You can also contact Cash app support or mail them your query that you are not able to add the debit card to Facebook pay if the previous solution doesn't work.

    Summary on above article

    Our views on the above article are that you can send the money to the Cash app from your Bank or Paypal account indirectly using Facebook Pay.

    But for that, you'll need the Cash app virtual debit card. By using this, you can link the Cash app to your Facebook/Messenger/Instagram/Meta pay.

    Then, you can send the money to that account then it will get deposited to the Cash app directly.

    If you have any suggestions or improvement scope for this article. Please let us know through the comment section, so we can incorporate that into this article.

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