Buy any Gift card with Google Play Credit/Gift card!

Buy any Gift card with Google Play Credit/Gift card!

Wait! Are you tired of searching guides to using google play credit to buy a gift card?

You have seen plenty of articles that haven't helped you on how to use Google Play credit or gift card to buy Any gift card. Now you want the solution, Right?

At the end of the tutorial, you will able to transfer your Google play gift card to a bank account, or you can directly purchase Another gift card!

Disclaimer: This guide is to educate people on how they can convert their Google play gift card into any other gift card!

    How to use Google Play credit to buy a gift card?

    This tutorial is divided into 3 different steps and those steps are as follows.

    I. Unredeem Google Play Gift card

    The first step is to unredeem the Gift card from your Google play store account. If you have not redeemed the Gift card, you can skip this step.

    You can't actually unredeem the Google Play Gift card, the only way is to request Google support for money back into your Google Play Gift card.

    a) Open the Google play store and open the accounts page

    b) Check the available balance. It should be at least $10, otherwise, the method will not work

    c) Open the Google support contact form

    d) Now fill out the contact form and Select Contact options.

    e) Here, you can chat with them or Email them your query - Want to Unredeem Google play gift credit!

    Once all the processes will be done, money credit will get refunded to your Google play gift card.

    II. Convert Google Play credit into Crypto money

    Once you've done adding money to your Google Play balance, you'll need to follow this step. 

    Here we'll convert the credit to Crypto and then we'll use that Crypto to buy anything.

    For this step, we'll suggest you use to exchange the Google play gift card.

    a) Open the Paxful website Google play gift card to the crypto exchange page

    b) Set the filters - AmountOffer location and Pay via as Google Play gift card and hit Find offers button

    c) After, you will see offers from different crypto sellers. You can choose any one and proceed with the purchase

    Google play gift card to crypto - Paxful
    Credit: Paxful

    d) Enter the transaction amount and tap the Sign up to buy button

    e) At last, once you'll send Google to play gift card then you'll receive crypto(Bitcoin) from the seller.

    Note: We're not responsible for any Fraud/Scam. There are so many genuine dealers. So, choose your Dealer/Seller wisely.

    III. Buy the Gift card

    Now in this step, you can buy any Gift card with Cryptocurrency that you converted from a Google Play gift card. 

    a) Open Egifter and Select the Gift card that you want to buy

    b) Now, add it to the card and select the amount

    c) While purchasing, check whether the Bitcoin is acceptable or not

    Purchasing gift card with Crypto
    Credit: Egifter

    d) If not, then convert Bitcoin into any other available cryptocurrency

    Once all done, check out the gift card and you've successfully converted your Google Play Gift card/Credit into the Gift card you wanted!

    How to buy google play credit online?

    After the official site of Google, one of the best platforms to purchase a Google play gift card/Credit online is

    They provide a variety of Gift cards like Apple, Amazon, Nike, Google play gift cards and others gift cards.

    If you don't want to buy it from the Google play store, you can choose this platform. 

    Where can I spend a google play gift card?

    You can buy Google books, movies, and subscriptions. You can do in-app purchases like any game points, or an app's locked feature. These are the Best things to buy with google play credit!

    If you don't want Google play gift card money, just convert it into the Crypto you want.

    How to get 10 google play gift cards free?

    There is no proper way to get Google to play gift cards for free, But there are so many surveys available on the internet which will give you a Gift card.

    Even google itself gives free google play credit for free just by completing simple surveys.

    How to redeem a Google Play Gift card?

    If you want to redeem the Gift card in your Google play store account, please follow the given steps.

    a. Open the Google play store and open the accounts page

    b. Choose the Google account, where you wanted to deposit the Google Play credit

    c. Select Redeem code under the Payment and subscriptions option

    d. Now, enter the Redeem code here and hit Redeem button OR you can Scan the gift card directly

    Once all the processes will be done, money credit will get deposited into your Google account. You can check it from the Payment methods option.


    How to spend a Google play credit on Amazon?

    We've already written another article on how to convert a Google play gift card to Amazon.

    Else you can convert Google play gift cards into Cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then, you can sell those Cryptos for money or an Amazon gift card to purchase anything on Amazon.

    How to convert Google play credit to paypal?

    Just like Amazon, you can convert Google play credit into PayPal using the same method. Just convert the Google play gift card into Crypto and then purchase the Paypal gift card or add the money into payapl using Crypto.


    From the above article, we've concluded that you can exchange your unused Google play gift card with any other gift card.

    It's a 3-way process - Unredeem the google play gift card(optional), Buy crypto with Google play gift card and purchase the gift card using that Crypto.

    Cons of using this method are the Gift card amount ot the Crypto exchange rate being very low. You'll get 6-7 USD cost of crypto for a 10 USD Google play gift card.

    If you have any queries regarding the article, you can ask them in the comment section. We'll try to help you out!

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