How to unlink my bank account from PayPal - 2023 method?

How to unlink bank account from PayPal - 2022 method

Your bank account is linked to another Paypal account, and now you want to remove it from that account.

But, don't know how to unlink it from PayPal? Then this guide is for you! This tutorial is for both PayPal account types - Personal and Business accounts.

    How to unlink my bank account from PayPal?

    There are two ways to unlink or remove your current bank account from your PayPal account.

    First, through the PayPal payment method, and second by using the Customer support. Here we'll explore both of these.

    Method 1: Using Payment method

    1. Log in to Paypal using the link - PayPal login

    2. Select the Pay & Get paid option from the menubar

    3. Now, select either Money or Banks & cards option under the Payment method section

    Banks and cards in Paypal

    4. If you have more than one bank added in the Banks sections, then select the bank which you want to remove

    Remove the bank from Paypal

    5. Scroll down to the end of the Bank page and select the Remove bank option

    6. It will remove the current bank and will make another bank as default bank for payment and other transactions

    Method 2: Using Customer support

    If the previous method didn't work for you, still you can remove the Bank account from PayPal.

    Open their Customer support and explain your query like "why do you want to remove the bank account?".

    If they accept your request then provide them your bank account details to get it removed from your PayPal account.

    How to remove a bank account from PayPal when an account is limited?

    You can't unlink the Bank from a limited PayPal account. You'll need to wait until the limitations and restrictions have been put in by PayPal.

    Still, if you want to remove the Bank account from the PayPal account which is limited, then you can try this method.

    Just try to contact PayPal customer support. Explain to them your query, That's it.

    Does PayPal automatically take money from your bank account?

    If you have linked your bank account with PayPal, then Paypal will deduct the money automatically from your account when you are doing transactions.

    How to fix the "Sorry that the bank is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts" error message on the PayPal account?

    If you are getting an error message like "Sorry that the bank is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts", then most probably the reason is you have added the same Bank account to multiple PayPal accounts.

    To fix this issue, you'll need to remove the same bank account from other Paypal accounts or just remove the other PayPal account which has this bank account.

    But, how can we remove the PayPal account? Refer to the below method.

    Delete a PayPal account

    To delete the PayPal account, please follow the following steps:

    Close paypal account

    • Login to the Paypal account which you want to delete
    • Now, select the Account settings
    • Under account preferences, choose the Close account option

    Now, follow the instructions and your PayPal account will get closed!

    FIX - Internal error when linking a bank account on PayPal!

    If there is an Internal error when linking a bank account on PayPal, probably the issue is with the Server not with your account.

    You can try the following steps to fix the Internal error

    • Restart the WiFi from the device settings
    • Change the Internet source
    • Change Web browser

    This will fix the issue in most of the scenarios. If still the issue exists, then try to log a PayPal Case against the error message.

    FIX - Can't remove my bank account from PayPal?

    Sometimes people face issues like "Can't remove a bank account from PayPal". It is just because some transactions are pending for your PayPal account.

    You'll need to clear them first, from your bank account and at your receiver end also. Then try to remove the Bank account from PayPal.

    If still not works, then you'll need to contact Paypal support, they will close your case within 1-2 weeks.


    From the above article, we've concluded that we can unlink the Bank account from the Paypal account.

    Before removing the bank from the PayPal account, make sure that there are no pending transactions for your account. Otherwise, you'll not be able to unlink your bank account from PayPal.

    If you've any queries regarding this post, please let us know through the comment section or have suggestions, we appreciate you and we'll be happy to add your opinion to this post.

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